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  1. Hi I now have my new 200l tank and decided to cycle it before putting my fish in. I have been adding biomature for 2 days and last night the ammonia was at 2ppm and nitrite was 0ppm. My question is that the water has now gone cloudy, is that a normal part of the process? I dont have any gravel or ornaments or anything in, just the water. I'm told that once the ammonia or nitite reach 5-10ppm i should start adding Bacterlife to speed up the process of turning ammonia into nitrites and then into nitrates, is this a good idea? Thanks!
  2. I am returning to Koko's and goldfish keeping after a six year break. Here is a little of my fish keeping background: My dad kept fish off and on when I was a kid- once we kept goldfish for a whew years until a lengthy power outage required we return them to the LFS, and later the kept tropical fish after I foolishly tried to keep a tropical tank in my dorm room in college. My first experience with keeping my own goldfish started while I was nearing the end of college. I started with a ten gallon tankwhim under gravel filter, and a tiny black moor named Lucien. When Lucien got sick for the first time I stumbled onto Koko's and gained a wealth of info that led me directly down the path toward goldfish obsession. I quickly began accruing more tanks, I had a grand total of three when I gave up my fish habit- one 29 gallon with three goldfish (black moor, fantail, calico fantail), one 20 gallon with three lion heads, and one ten gallon QT tank. At some point I started having severe allergy problems-I assumed it was from a fine film of mold under the hood of my tank, and after a devastating loss of a few fry I had painstakingly kept alive,and since my husband and I were about to move into our first apartment together, I decided to sell my tank and fish, and give up the fish keeping habit. Skip ahead approximately six or seven years. Since then I have graduated from college, completed my Masters degree, and I am in my fifth year of teaching art in elementary school to kindergarteners through sixth graders. I have been engaged, married (5 year anniversary next weekend!),and had my son who will turn four this year. I also have gone through elaborate allergy tests confirming that I am not allergic to ANY molds or mildews, (only dust mites- guess I should've vacuumed more often:() and my best friend decided after three years of fish woes to get rid of her tank, so here I am again. I am currently in the process of setting up and cycling my new-to-me 29 gallon bow front tank. From the moment we brought the tank into the house I have been completely fish obsessed, worse than ever before. I quit my fish habit cold turkey six years ago and now it's almost like my past addiction is trying to make up for lost time. I plan to use this blog to post updates as I go through the process of fishless cycling and adding fish to my tank. Hoping that the blogging outlet will stop me from going completely fish crazy.
  3. This is gonna sound ridiculous, but is there a way to cycle a tank in a couple hours? a day? 2 days? i know there's probably not, but i guess there's just a little shred of hope within me that there's a way to quickly cycle my 10 gallon tank. i will be cycling with a winnow and a live plant, if that helps at all, and i might leave my 6 ghost shrimp in there too. I was told to do either a large water change, or completely re-cycle my tank after my two 1" goldfish died of mysterious diseases. My minnow was fine though, and so were all my shrimp. should i just do a massive water change and add my fish today ( ), or should i re-start my nitrogen cycle? i won't be cycling for more than 2 weeks. last time i didn't and my water parameters were always perfect:). besides, i don't think I'm patient enough to wait that long to add my goldies!! Please Note** i will only be keeping my goldfish in the 10 gallon while they are young. once they reach 2 inches or so, i will put them in a 30 gallon. so please don't lecture me about my tank size:)
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