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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! Exciting to be back! Okay, so I need some advice from the more tropical savvy of you! I am upgrading my 30 Gal tank because the stand is about to fall apart (seems that making those stands waterproof didn't dawn on most manufacturers - one filter leak totally killed it). SOOOOO. I got this brilliant cube shaped 53Gal that I LOVE. Okay enough. My current 30Gal is the happy home of: 8 Dalmatian mollies (2 males - one particularly dominant) 1 black molly (mom to my one fry Goliath!) 1 white molly (also female) 6 fun kuhli loaches (now THOSE are super entertaining guys! They do aerobics on my anubias) 6 albino cory cats 6 sterbai cory cats 1 awesome looking pleco which I do not know the type of tho! He is brown with black spots. Fish that I think would be cool in the tank. 1 angel 1 german blue ram (or do they need to be in groups? Saw them yesterday and they are just super cute!) Some smaller schooling fish? Ideas? I wanted a few large fish to be the 'gems' of the tank. And I want to keep it a very peaceful community. In terms of water, I have a pH of 7.2 and hardness of level 10 (which seems to be the beginning of hard water). Apparently this is perfect for the mollies but less for the cory cats? Don't fancy changing the water parameters a lot however. I just obviously cannot get fish which require very soft water. I will be adding quite a bit of driftwood however. Thanks!
  2. After a month of quarantine, the six girls moved into the community tank today and I am actually very pleased with how well behaved they are so far. I have witnessed only one (rather harmless) fight so far, everything else was just flaring, posing and threatening. The other members of the community are helping keeping them under control. They keep checking the girls out which distracts them from each other, and the one fight that I mentioned above was actually started with a bloodfin tetra that decided to pick on one of the smaller girls while she and another one had a competition in flaring. First they fought him off and then they fought each other for about 30 seconds before going separate ways They seem to have slight trouble with the filters since they probably never experienced any. My smallest, yellow girl got herself stuck to the Penguin intake within 15 minutes. I covered the intake with stocking and now everything is fine. The whisper EX filter, although stronger in rate, is not a problem since the intake basket is much larger than the one on the Penguin, and so the suction isn't as bad. Anyway, here a few pics. Some of the fish you guys do not even know yet, so I'll be commenting a lot of these photos The "rainbow" colored girl can finally show off her full beauty. Her body got a lot more blue during QT. To the right my mother-of-pearl colored new girl. I was originally looking for a deep red one when I saw this little beauty. The rainbow and the mother-of-pearl pick on each other the most, but so far without violence. In the foreground my blue girl and a olive/red girl that I still need to introduce. Mother of pearl and the yellow baby. I hadn't realized just HOW small the yellow girl is. She is quite docile so far. Teal and olive/red posing in the floating jungle The platy boys were very interested in the betta girls. This is my only "normal" girl, all the others are crown tails. She too is rather peaceful. To the right is my olive/red girl. When she does not have stress stripes, her body is a greenish-brown olive with burgundy fins. On the fin base and along her back she has a beautiful pale purple shimmer when the light hits her right The teal girl kept flaring at all the plants at first, in particular my dwarf lily. This is the third fish you guys do not know yet. Little yellow girl checking out the tank, while Cid is being suspicious of these new crazy chicks in his tank LOL This photo shows the pale purple shimmer on olive/red girl to the right. Rainbow is not amused. This here I loved. They remembered quickly that I am the one with the food. They came up to the feeding hole soon after I stood up. General feeding frenzy
  3. I can't find much info on this. I know a "normal" sorority in a 20g tank needs 5-6 females. But what if it is a well planted 55g with non-betta tank mates? How many females are needed? I currently got 4 in QT and wonder if I should get more now? I would kind of like to NOT, but to wait until I see a couple females that really strike me time in the future. This tank has peppered cories, otos, black neons, bloodfin tetras, a pleco, an angelfish and two platies. Aside from the platies (marigold and orange tuxedo) none of them is very colorful. My thought is that with the size of the tank (almost 3 times "your average" sorority tank), lots of plants (you saw my cabomba wonder topic, right?) and non-betta tank mates as distraction, four should be fine... or not? I just want an honest and sincere answer. If more than four will be better, I will just go out and get a couple at the LFS tomorrow. Also, don't get me wrong: If it will make the "community" "easier" with more than four right now, I am absolutely willing to get some more tomorrow, even if I'd love to wait for "that special" fish in the future. The well being of these girls and the community inhabitants means more to me than me wanting a certain color fish.
  4. I've got a healthy 29 gal tank mixed with swordtails, neons, rasboras, frogs, snails, and my new little additions 3 bettas. One male named King Tutu and 2 females. At first they did display some fighting but after the initial battle, all other arguments are only over territory and it's pretty mellow. They were all introduced to the tank the same day, all very healthy and skinny. There are LOTS of areas for them to hide and keep peaceful. The problem now is they're all so FAT! Since it's a community tank with lots of little baby swordtails and other fish I haven't found a good method of feeding them all without the bettas overeating. They have nearly doubled in girth. Beyond setting up a whole new tank, what are some feeding options I can do to put the bettas on a diet but keep the babies properly fed?
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