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  1. Sunshine

    Meet Mufasa :)

    Last night I bought this adorable little fella from Petco. My friend pointed out that he looks like he has a large lion's mane, hence his name, Mufasa! He looks a little bit bloated, so I'm treating it as constipation for now and seeing how that goes. He is in a 2.5 gallon for now, and I have a heater to add later. The one positive thing about living in 125 degree summer weather is that room temp. water stays between 78-79 degrees! I love him, so I just had to share.
  2. In a 10 gallon tank with a divider are 2 male bettas! One of them (the red and green) is a agile little guy and manages to somehow get over/under/around his barrier to chill on the other side of the tank! They have not actually "met" though (thank goodness!) Here they are: Right now the names I'm stuck on are "boring" and "more boring". :lmao:
  3. Can I keep a male and female Betta together? I have enough room in a lightly filtered tank for them both but I don't know if they would fight or not! Don't they have to be together sometimes at least to breed? I'm soo confused! Thanks! -Elaine
  4. So, I went out last night with the intent of buying some shrimp and maybe a snail for my betta tank (it's been about a week since I euthanized captain sparkles). I hadn't intended to get another betta for a few months, but of course I had to just look, and you know what happens when you look..... They had a really good selection of beautiful bettas, but this one caught my eye. The pictures don't do him justice but he is this very light lavendar/cornflower blue color with white edging around his tail. And the thing that really got me is this beautiful pattern on his fins, it's like rows of dots, hard to capture but this first picture shows it pretty well. He has been super shy and hides every time I come near the tank, so these pics took me all of today to gather up. Also including some tank shots bc I changed things around a bit once again! Hiding lol Video: <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/IZ19WzecGAY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Tank: took out the baby tears... they were still growing and healthy, but were not rooting and every time I did anything in the tank the mat would begin to float up, I just got fed up with it. Also took out the moss wall... it was actually doing well, but proved to be a bit of a death trap. I found my snail trapped behind it (hadn't seen him in days, he had somehow wedged himself between the moss wall and aquarium wall very tightly. dwarf sag: dwarf hairgrass (hoping this will fill in) flame moss has been looking awesome lately! floating baby tears baby tears bottom view and italian val Thanks for looking!
  5. bodoba

    Rupert's Tank

    Since my daughter has been very diligent in her new betta care duties, I nicely cleaned the tank for her. Here is Rupert my betta enjoy all the space. JUST KIDDING!!! (this is about as clean as it gets, I need to put actual substrate instead of weighing plants down with rocks
  6. Well i started my new job about a month ago its a little hard for me to get use to but it could be worse. so to make things a little more soothing and calming for me i bought a betta i think the right name is a elephant ear betta not to sure help me out on what breed he is still dont have a name but i love it. the one thing about fish is that they are addictive. Here are some pictures ill get better ones later on today. Here is a blurry one
  7. KingKong

    Bleu Mask

    So I was picking up some aquarium supplies at Petsmart and found him! He was a blue mask dragnscale crowntail - and for a $10 price tag it was worth it. There was alot of dragonscale plakats there, from mustard gaz to blue/white marbles - didn't know why I choose a crowntail instead. Anyways, here you go! He also has slight dumbo ears, which is a bonus. The tank: Curently his name is Bleu; cause he's blue...there ya go. -KK
  8. Test Results for the Following: Currently unable to get accurate measurements due to Fungus Cure treatment. Will list previous numbers. * Ammonia Level (tank): 0 * Nitrite Level (tank) 0 * Nitrate level (Tank) 0 * Ammonia Level (Tap): 0 * Nitrite Level (Tap) 0 * Nitrate level (Tap) 0 * Ph Level, (Tank) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) ~7.2 * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.0 Tank information: * Brand of test kit (drops or strips): API drops * Filter name and size (GPH/LPH) n/a, currently upgrading to 10g with a Fluval U1 still containing BB. His current tank has airstone running at all times and he used to love swimming through them all the time * Additives and conditioners: Start Right * Water temperature (With or without heater- please specify): 80 - 84F * Last water change date: 2 days ago * Tank size (Gallons or litres): 3g * Fish in the tank (species and number): 1, male double tail betta * Any new fish added into the tank: no, lives alone -If Yes: Were they quarantined? -If Yes: Quarantine period and process (meds added): * List prior health issues in tank: poor appetite * Medications previously added to the tank: Fungus Cure * Medications on hand: Fungus Cure, Ich Away, Aquarium Salt, Epsom Salt (currently low on it), Anti-Bacterial food. I've never needed to use anything except Ich Away on previous cichlid tank. Affected fish information: * Diet- brand and amount/duration of feeding: Freeze-dried and frozen bloodworms, daphnia, mysis. Takes quite a while to finish food, this is what triggered the worrying. * Any unusual behaviour such as nipping, bottom sitting, etc: Scratching against plants/gravel, bottom sitting, delayed reaction when he sees me, loss of interest in anything :'( * Any unusual findings on fish and in tank: Grey/black areas on fins/body, looks like a fungus * Affected fish in quarantine or in main tank: see above * Current medications being used on affected fish: Jungle Fungus Cure * Previous medications used to treat affected fish: n/a, this is the first time I have treated him * If any, list previous health issues and treatment protocols taken:) * You can really help us to identify with the concern more accurately if you post some pictures and a short video. Will provide photos and/or video tomorrow if possible Hi everyone. For mother's day I bought my mom a gorgeous male betta with a stunning pearl-like colour... Such a shiny fish! She loves bettas and has missed having one since ours passed away ten years ago. Little guy lived past the expected life span and was truly a joy to see every day. Her new betta named Charlie was doing great until a few days after arriving when he decided that eating wasn't going to happen. We've tried flakes, pellets, "betta bites" and he finally showed interest in frozen and freeze-dried worms and daphnia. Suddenly he stopped eating well (only eating probably 1 freeze dried daphnia , ignoring the rest and eventually not eating anything) and began to develop a strange black/grey fungus looking appearance mainly on his fins and not much on his body. I started doing daily water changes, monitored parameters extremely closely and nothing changed. I introduced the first dosage of Fungus Cure and then today repeated the dose as instructed on the package. He's not looking any better, his reactions to seeing us have been extremely delayed, he mainly sits by "his (live) plant" on the bottom of the tank and he completely refuses to eat. I've also noticed he's been scratching himself against his plants whenever he gathers up the strength to get up. He will occasionally look at me, do a little turn, scratch on the plant and sink back down to the bottom. I'm not sure what else I can do for him and I'm afraid that if he continues to not eat he won't make it through the rest of the Fungus Cure treatment even though there aren't many days left of it. I tried dipping some of the food in garlic water and he completely ignored it. Do I try to transfer him over to the 10g tank that's currently not being used? Give it more time? I'm so afraid of losing him as he's become quite fond of me and the feeling is very much mutual. :'( Thanks.
  9. Well, after taking time off with the move of bacteria from my 10 gallon, he goes my 55 gallon! The fish are doing great for days now and have good results on ammonia and nirates. Off to a smooth start! I'm planning on adding substate and etc in a few weeks or two. I got both of these guys from a bad quality LFS for $5 and they both had ick. Guess they're better now... Got this ryukin a few months ago from a local Wal-mart. Couldn't let him go. Both of these guys I got last week from a quality LFS. The ranchu is only an inch long and is already showing wen growth. And finnaly my new 55 gallon tank. (I'll be adding another filter soon) -KK
  10. SO I got a new male betta about a month ago (or maybe more... I can't remember LOL) and I have just been really lazy and haven't introduced him yet! This is Furiru!! (Japanese for ruffle since his fins are so ruffly) I was trying to get one of him flaring since his fins are super amazing when he flares, but I couldn't find a mirror! And here is the plants in his home And then when I went to the city this weekend I seen this little girl betta at petsmart and she was just so cute and so active comared to the others... like she was just begging me to get her! So I fell in love and got her! She is in my 10 gallon tank with my 4 guppies and everything is going really great! She seems to be such a sweetheart! I am hoping she colors up more now that she is in good water and happy BF named her Mikka
  11. Yuki! His tail used to be longer but it started to rot off. The reasons are unclear but he is growing his gorgeous tail back.
  12. This morning I finally named my new betta! Which is a fun story. It happened when I was watching the guy together with hubby before I had to go to work, and I told Steven that the betta must love even the 2.5g QT tank compared to the small cup he was in at Walmart. Then both of us said simultaneously "So much room for activities!!" - which is something both of us say a lot because we love the movie Step Brothers. Right that second it hit me, and I said that from now on, this fish shall be known as Will Ferrell Anyway, here video of Will from a few days ago. The QT has some more plants since, and he is really doing well so far. He seems much "nicer" than Donna Noble was, and he is so very curious all the time! Such a fun little cutie And just because, here's the scene that gave him his name https://www.youtube....h?v=27R79_Mi5Hk
  13. So, against all my better judgement I fell into the baby betta trap. I really went back and forth on this decision a lot. The responsible and moral part of me really thought I shouldn't buy a baby betta because it is supporting the sale of these poor little fish that are more than likely ending up with owners who have little knowledge on how to care for them appropriately (and being taken away from their brothers and sisters at such an early age). The selfish part of me thought it would be really fun to try my hand at raising such a little guy. Plus to be able to have a fish that you know most of their history and what they have been exposed to etc. etc. The selfish part obviously won out, but I hope to be able to make this a learning opportunity for not only myself, but other people out there on the internet that may have fallen into this trap and are looking for info on how to care for these guys. I have been doing a lot of research, but I am still not totally sure of what I am doing, or if what I am doing is correct. I grabbed some Hikari first bites (which petco sold) and some baby brine shrimp eggs. I haven't tried to make the brine shrimp yet, so I'll update you on how that goes. I also picked up some repashy meat pie because I figured that would be another easy to eat food for the little one. I plan to feed small amounts several times a day. The tank is at 78F and he is being kept in a breeder basket in the larger 6 gallon tank so that he will not get sucked into the filter and so that I can keep a close eye on him and how he is doing and eating. He still has some stress stripes, but they are less pronounced than when I got him. Any info on how long these take to go away typically? He is not really showing any color yet. If anyone has any tips for me on taking care of this little guy please please add them here! I hope this blog will not only be useful to me but to others as well. Video:
  14. So today I walk into my sisters room and see our kitten, Simba on top of her betta tank! Poor Peeta ( the betta ) was hiding in the bed of moss that she has planted. If you know something to stop this from happening please post!
  15. Guest

    Planted Betta Tank Lighting

    Hello! I was wandering what your opinions on lighting for a planted betta tank were? I have a ten gallon and I'm planning on adding Italian vals, dwarf hairgrass, krypt parva, and flame moss. What lighting should I use? Do I need a carbon dioxide diffuser? Thanks!
  16. So I was checking on Aquabid and Ebay for listings of various fish, and by luck after checking Aquabid I remeber this photo: This is a fish from Aquastar 71. This exact fish is also for sale by a betta dealer on Ebay - the same skyhawk dorsal, fin marks, fin ray branching, photo. So whats up with that? This photo is cleary from the Aquabid seller. Here are the links: http://www.aquabid.c...ashm http://www.ebay.com/...=item3ccf32a22b
  17. While doing an endless amount of reading and researching for the goldfish that I will soon have after my tank cycles, I started thinking about a betta that my Mum had in her house who she's had for about a year and lived in a vase with a hairgrass plant. Although it was a pretty large vase and she was good about cleaning it regularly, it was still a bowl and I started feeling bad for him when ever I went back to visit. About three weeks ago I asked her If she would mind if he came to live with me and she didn't. So he now resides in a 22 litre tank, with a small filter. I have a heater but the weather has been so hot here that I haven't put it in the tank yet. I assume he is about a year and half old. He eats pellets, and is super feisty. His name is Frank (my genius alliteration) Sorry for the terrible quality pictures, I lent my camera to someone so stuck using my iphone... Also he wouldn't stay still... The light I'm using is a 34 watt desk lamp and so far so good, the plants are getting some new leaves and roots. Also there is usually a lid on the tank but I took it off for the purpose of pictures.
  18. After a month of quarantine, the six girls moved into the community tank today and I am actually very pleased with how well behaved they are so far. I have witnessed only one (rather harmless) fight so far, everything else was just flaring, posing and threatening. The other members of the community are helping keeping them under control. They keep checking the girls out which distracts them from each other, and the one fight that I mentioned above was actually started with a bloodfin tetra that decided to pick on one of the smaller girls while she and another one had a competition in flaring. First they fought him off and then they fought each other for about 30 seconds before going separate ways They seem to have slight trouble with the filters since they probably never experienced any. My smallest, yellow girl got herself stuck to the Penguin intake within 15 minutes. I covered the intake with stocking and now everything is fine. The whisper EX filter, although stronger in rate, is not a problem since the intake basket is much larger than the one on the Penguin, and so the suction isn't as bad. Anyway, here a few pics. Some of the fish you guys do not even know yet, so I'll be commenting a lot of these photos The "rainbow" colored girl can finally show off her full beauty. Her body got a lot more blue during QT. To the right my mother-of-pearl colored new girl. I was originally looking for a deep red one when I saw this little beauty. The rainbow and the mother-of-pearl pick on each other the most, but so far without violence. In the foreground my blue girl and a olive/red girl that I still need to introduce. Mother of pearl and the yellow baby. I hadn't realized just HOW small the yellow girl is. She is quite docile so far. Teal and olive/red posing in the floating jungle The platy boys were very interested in the betta girls. This is my only "normal" girl, all the others are crown tails. She too is rather peaceful. To the right is my olive/red girl. When she does not have stress stripes, her body is a greenish-brown olive with burgundy fins. On the fin base and along her back she has a beautiful pale purple shimmer when the light hits her right The teal girl kept flaring at all the plants at first, in particular my dwarf lily. This is the third fish you guys do not know yet. Little yellow girl checking out the tank, while Cid is being suspicious of these new crazy chicks in his tank LOL This photo shows the pale purple shimmer on olive/red girl to the right. Rainbow is not amused. This here I loved. They remembered quickly that I am the one with the food. They came up to the feeding hole soon after I stood up. General feeding frenzy
  19. So My 30 gallon heater apparently is dead (I haven't had a need for it until tonight and just found out). I also have a 5g heater that I bought in error for my 3 gallon. Here's the deal: I have no central A/C or Heat and it's 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside. So it's currently around 65 degrees in the house and getting colder. I've moved her (edit: her = my female betta) tank into our kitchen (warmest room in the house). And I know Goldfish are more tolerant to cold but I do have the Chinese Algae Eater in my 30g with the goldfish. Is it OK to use my heater (for 5 gallon tanks) in my 3 gallon for my betta? Should I go buy a new heater for my 30g?
  20. bettas are normally not my thing. in fact, anything that isn't a goldfish, is normally not my thing. Mr Tuff was forced apon me and i took him for free. i estimate that when he needed to be euth'd, he was approx 3 or possibly 4 years old. so depressed, i was then told that this is considered normal life span. Mr Tuff really grew on me so when it was time to go, i was already contemplating on getting another betta. so, i went to Geoffreys to see if he had anymore pearlscales like Mr Piggy (dearly departed ) but he didn't. i found this guy.. meet Ruben
  21. Guest

    New Rescue Betta Fish

    So I have a question and didn't know where to put it so I put it here. I have a 2.5 gal tank that now has no goldfish as the residents didn't listen and grew up. Now I want to get a baby betta that's sick or an adult. I just want to know how smart this is and what would I likely need to treat it. How would I treat ammonia or nitrate poisoning. Like would it go away on it's own?
  22. Here's a little update on all the adult fishies and of course Guss, the snail. Baby pictures will be posted in goldfish breeding section. Maybe a pic of Bill would end up in here... Flopsy au Naturale Guss =) Ursula 'loose momma' GIlbert aka "sir bites himself a lot" Democaracy, proud papa Democracy and the other woman. Some super cute bristlenoses, Merlin and Liliana. The happy couple Alright and introducing, Little Bill the goldfish.
  23. Main Problem I think my Betta is biting his own tail out of boredom (and yes there are reasons I think it's boredom and not stress or disease). I need ideas to find ways to entertain him so he'll stop. Any ideas? Details (Don't really need to read) I just got a male Betta last Monday. He's active and happy in his 5 gallon tank, though I do believe he has a spot of fungus, it's being treated and I have not seen it affect his behavior (he's still a pig and very active). But just now when I went to treat his tank, I looked at his fins and saw that they were horribly tattered! I was so shocked at first, because they were completely fine when I checked on him earlier at noon! I started looking around on the internet for possible explanations and found that he probably did it himself. I know it's not finrot, because it appeared too suddenly, and my decorations couldn't have done it because they're all silk or extremely smooth. The filter isn't strong enough to suck at him either. So it seemed like the only legit explanation that he bit his own tail. Now, I realize this could be caused by stress, but I'm leaning toward boredom. I'd think if it were because of stress he'd have done it earlier and nothing particularly stressful has happened lately, besides me cleaning his tank a few nights ago. I think boredom would also explain some of his odd behavior. I've seen him swim continuously in a circle, not circling above like a shark would, but a sideways circle, like an O. It was very odd. He'd do it for quite a while, swim away, and then come back and do it some more. Even days later he'd start doing it again. He also seemed to enjoy swimming in the small space between his thermometer and tank wall (I've looked on his body for things that could make him itchy, but found nothing). That's why I think it's boredom and not stress or disease (though I know I could be wrong). My question is, does anybody have ideas for little games for him? Things to occupy his mind. I'm thinking about getting a ping-pong ball and putting that in his tank, but it'll have to wait until I get the chance to go to the store and buy one. I've also thought about trying to train him to swim through a hoop for treats, but I'm not sure that would even work. Anyway, any ideas would be appreciated!
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