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  1. Hi guys! I need your advice on how to treat the fins on my new boys. One bit his tail on the way over. The other was kept for me by a dumbo who put him with 'females' which bit him to bits. I contacted the breeders which both recommended to add waterborne antibiotic 'tetracycline'. I don't really have that but I do have the Maracyns. Would those work? I am afraid of using something too aggressive, but I think that at least the blue one needs meds. Khalifa, who shredded his tail on the way over. Apparently common with the more aggressive males. So far being treated with daily water changes, 29C and ial. Moodly Blue, who was put with females. Being treated the same way for now. But his tail is a mess. Suggestions?
  2. So, I went out last night with the intent of buying some shrimp and maybe a snail for my betta tank (it's been about a week since I euthanized captain sparkles). I hadn't intended to get another betta for a few months, but of course I had to just look, and you know what happens when you look..... They had a really good selection of beautiful bettas, but this one caught my eye. The pictures don't do him justice but he is this very light lavendar/cornflower blue color with white edging around his tail. And the thing that really got me is this beautiful pattern on his fins, it's like rows of dots, hard to capture but this first picture shows it pretty well. He has been super shy and hides every time I come near the tank, so these pics took me all of today to gather up. Also including some tank shots bc I changed things around a bit once again! Hiding lol Video: <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/IZ19WzecGAY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Tank: took out the baby tears... they were still growing and healthy, but were not rooting and every time I did anything in the tank the mat would begin to float up, I just got fed up with it. Also took out the moss wall... it was actually doing well, but proved to be a bit of a death trap. I found my snail trapped behind it (hadn't seen him in days, he had somehow wedged himself between the moss wall and aquarium wall very tightly. dwarf sag: dwarf hairgrass (hoping this will fill in) flame moss has been looking awesome lately! floating baby tears baby tears bottom view and italian val Thanks for looking!
  3. Hi there, I have had help from kokos forum before about my goldfish so I thought you lovely people would be able to assist with my betta's condition too :-) I've had my betta for about 2 years. I bought him as an adult, but I don't really know how old he is (maybe 3 years?). The other day after a water change I noticed that the scales around his blue band look a little inflamed, and they aren't sitting nicely, it looks like they are either reflecting light or changing colour. Also at the top of his body right before his fin is either a cut or a lump (I can't figure out what). They haven't changed in about a week. I'm worried that I may have injured him or something. Or maybe is this just old age? He's never had a problem, apart from basically when I installed a filter in his tank which he didn't like (no bubble nest), so I turned it off and he's happy again (bubble nest) and I'm about to go grab a gentler one for him. This growth/change just seems to be totally random. My specs are = (From new API brand strips) Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10-20 Ph: 7.5-8 GH - 120 KH - 40 Filter: AquaOne Mini 300F Turned off since the other day because I'm looking for a gentler one Tank: about 9 litres (2.3 gallons?), cycled for about 2 months (was previously in bowl but I've upgraded and was able to keep all his media so it wasn't too much of a bump in the cycle) Water changed: 50% about every 3 weeks or when the nitrate levels get above 20 Last changed 7 days ago Number fish - 1 betta, nothing else No additives ever, no medications ever, no conditioner (apart from PRIME) Food: betta bio-gold 3 mini pellets once a day Behaviour - improved since I've turned the filter off (made a bubble nest), active, swimming around. Resting occasionally on the floor but doesn't look angry or depressed. Other: some problems with blue green algae, nothing out of control - I have plastic and real plants (java fern) in there that i maintain. Lighting, mainly unlit (window about 3 mtrs away) but when I'm working at home at night I have a desk lamp nearby so maybe 1-2 hrs every couple of days. Picture of the fishy here (sorry was unsure whether I could upload to this forum or not) http://dl.dropbox.co...%2016.09.59.jpg
  4. Hey guys! So today I was observing my plakat Sitting Bull and he seems a little restless. He sometimes reminds me of those tigers in zoos - which walk up and down their small cages. He is constantly racing up and down the front of the tank at high speeds... I am wondering if he might need a tank upgrade. I think he might be too high energy for that tank. Right now he has the Fluval CHI which is 19liters. The upgrade is 25liters but it is taller, not longer. Which seems silly. So I looked into the Fluval Edge which would add some length. Do any of you own one of these? How exactly do you 'clean' them? What I like about the CHI is that I can just empty is 3/4 and then bring it to the tap and rinse out the gravel when I want (since it is rather handy sized and open topped). How does the Fluval Edge open on top? My boyfriend recently got the BiOrb Flow and it is already making me nervous because only a little 'window' on top opens. NOT GOOD for me. thanks for the info
  5. I am having so much fun with my betta tank these days. I have new lighting coming this week and some new plants from PAC (I am redesigning a bit once again ) Captain Sparkles (who I think I can finally confirm is male) has been making bubble nests like crazy these days. So, I set up a camera on a tripod while I was out of the house hoping to catch him in the act. I got the beginnings of it: (video is sped up... he doesn't really move that fast lol). <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/V23iE2dz85c?hd=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Here is the finished product and a second one he made: And some gratuitous pics of the snails and tank (the snails are so happy and active in the betta tank!)
  6. This is a recent picture of Snowflake, my petsmart rescue. I got him this little hut a few days ago and he just looves resting in there.
  7. I spent several hours last night giving my betta tank (5 gallon) some much needed care. I had attempted a moss wall when I first got this tank... some of the moss grew in but a lot of it just died, so I decided to finally give up on it last night and take it out. Omg... so glad I did. That poor fish! So much debris had collected behind the wall it was shocking! So, I took all the plants out, vacuumed the gravel like 5 times and rearranged everything. I also put my two remaining apple snails in the tank (they were in the goldie tank) because I found one of my snails pulled out of his shell last night .... I can't be sure because I have never seen the goldies harass the snails, but I had to wonder if Edie got hungry and went for it. I am now keeping an eye on them in the betta tank. He doesn't seem to notice them so far. The tank will be getting an extra water change a week now that I have added some extra bioload to it! Btw... we have been calling the betta Captain Sparkles lately, he never really officially got named, but I think this weird random name might stick. Oh! One last thing... he has a patch of different colored scales on his right side that seem to have a bit of a lump under them (you can see it in the video I think), he has had it since I got him and it doesn't seem to be getting any larger, but would you guys let me know if you think I need to post a Diagnosis/discussion thread regarding this (not sure if I should be concerned at all) Video: <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid436.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fqq81%2Fjegreen3%2FM4H00229.mp4">
  8. Hey everyone, long time no sea xD Was at the LFS with my girlfriend buying some boxing week red tail tiger barbs when both our eyes were caught by this beauty. https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink Only 4.99. Gigantic tail and a mix of pink, purple, white and blue neither me or my girlfriend (a long time betta owner) had seen before. After a bit of debate we snatched him up and here he is! What do ya think?
  9. I did a little cleaning of the betta tanks today and am pretty happy with how the Chi looks now. I think I have a nice amount of plants in there, and some are growing quite fast! The larger anubias has put out a new leaf. And the little neon anubias have a lot of new leaves. General tank look - plus Sitting Bull zooming around like usual. Here is the growth on the little anubias What do you plant people think?
  10. Ok, i had a 2.5 hex tank laying around with a 3 gallon filter, it has no heater because room temp water is still at the 72-74 degree mark. (A previous betta of 2 years who had a swim bladder problem died in it 2 months ago R.I.P. Fugi ) I got the idea to get a the most un-adoptable betta from a chain store who improperly takes care of their bettas. (so basically the one who dies under another betta's cup cause no one chooses it or even looks at it.) Its an all white crown-tail betta who is almost see through with a black spotted flare and pinkish-white tips to its fins. Its not an albino because the eyes are Black. Points of concern: -he has a small bulge that sees through as black when the light is on near his head that's not normal -he's very shy likes to hide all the time - WILL NOT EAT (i've tried bloodworms, flakes tropical and betta specific, and betta pellets) Maybe Problems -is black at the flare normal if not present ANYWHERE else? -is pink tinge normal for an all white or is that a sign of fin rot? - how can i even spot ich on this guy? His name is Snow-flake and any knowledge on how to access his health and fix him up is appreciated.
  11. Hi all. I cleaned out the betta tank today and noticed a bit of growth in the crypt plants that goldfish7 sent me a while ago. Of the 3 plants, one had melted entirely and I threw it away. The other two I left in the tank because I had heard that they often recover from the trauma of melting. So one plant, which had retained one leaf, now has a new leaf coming, and some new roots growing. The second one, which had melted to a nub with a few roots, now has some green appearing on the nub, and more roots! I'm very glad that the plants are recovering. I look forward to them growing out. From the pictures Goldfish7 sent, they are really unusual - kind of bright green with bronze stems and veins. I haven't had much luck with plants in the betta tank, so it's nice to see something happening.
  12. I finally got around to properly decorating Judas' home. Iwagumi style, even! I mostly just used stuff I had laying around in the fish stuff bins. He is having a blast checking everything out right now. And a few pics of the handsome guy, just because I also have a funny video of him playing with a piece of plant that I want to show you guys, but youtube is having difficulties... I will keep trying to upload it though.
  13. Found this 3D placemat at the Dollar store.
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