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  1. If you think this fish below looks like a $200 fish (w/ship).. then there’s not point for you to keep reading. Im not trying to start any drama neither trying to trash no one’s name, I just want to express my experience with Goldfishnet & Tommy Hui (owner) so you can (or should) do your research before wasting hours and hundreds of dollars like I did. __________________________________________________ I was looking at some of the internet GF retailers (DandyOrandas, Goldfishnet, EastCoast, RainGarden, etc) for several months before making the move.. It was just hard for me to justify spending $400 for 3 fish when Im used to the $10 LFS. I couldn’t deny that the “looks & colors” of the imports (Dandy & Goldfishnet) was superior to the US bred ones so by the end of April I decided to contact Goldfishnet looking for some juvies.. I thought that if they were selling an adult for $140 maybe I could get 2 or 3 juvies for the same price. I was told that quality “juvies” were hard to find and I didn’t wanted to wait so I ended up buying the tele-butterfly you see above along with an adult and a small ranchu. My tab ended up being $400 for 3 fish but as a good “sales individual” I bargain down to $340… After payment I did not receive an email regarding “acclimating & quarantine” for the fish so email the seller and he replied minutes before the fish arrived. On his email the seller mention that there was “a little snag”.. Supposedly the butterfly I bought was put on a laundry basket for too long (because of my request of holding it for a few days so I could buy more fish) so “that” isolation caused the butterfly to have several tears on its tail. So he decided to send an extra fish in compensation…. And this is where the FUN begins.. When I opened the box I noticed that ALL FOUR fish were in the same bag.. the bag wasn’t full of air (oxygen) neither it was a kordon (breathing) bag so I got a little nervous about ALL FOUR fish being in a 9 inch bag for 24hrs without an adequate amount of oxygen.. But since Im not expert I said, “well he knows better”.. When opening the bag I noticed that there were some scales on the water and that there was indeed another fish that I now had to take care of.. I wasn’t planning to quarantine 4 fish neither I had the right size tank for them so I had to buy a bigger QT tank because of the “thoughtful seller” that didn’t asked if I had the room for an extra fish.. Now that I released them into their new (QT) home I had the time to careful look at them and see their behavior. The “little snag” the seller was talking about was NOT little at all.. That beautiful tele I purchased was really beat up!!.. Tail and pelvic were completely shredded and he had an ulcer near the vent.. The red/white adult ranchu arrived with what it seemed to be ammonia burn.. several black spots all over the wen and missing scales The little jetblack ranchu had no eyes or at least I couldn’t find where the “eye socket” should be. After doing research I found that it is normal for (throughout) black rachus to have no (or tiny useless) eyes.. So great!.. now I have a fish that I have to carefully feed so he gets his share.. No planned either The extra butterfly he sent it seemed to be ok.. just the usual stress we all expect when receiving mailed fish. Obviously I emailed the seller regarding the “arrived conditions” of the fish but to my surprise he did not accepted any wrongdoing. He said that sending 4 or more fish in the same bag is normal for him. He also said that there was not ulcer on the tele.. and that it could’ve been fine if I didn’t ask to hold it for extra days. He said that the black spots on the red/white ranchu were caused by medications and that the black ranchu did have eyes but they were covered by the wen. He finalized saying that he ships 15-20 boxes per week and that I was the only one complaining.. “it must be my water quality”.. When I saw this email I knew this guy wasn’t gonna help neither replace any fish so I started to do some research on him and his fish.. First thing I find is that he sold some fish with HERPES at the San Diego Ca. show this year http://goldfishkeepers.com/community/threads/khv-found-in-koi-from-goldfish-net.9241/ Then, looking further into this site (goldfishkeepers) I noticed that there was a lot of people complaining about his fish and the way he does business http://goldfishkeepers.com/community/threads/quality-of-fish-on-goldfish-net-auction.6879/page-2 Knowing that I bought some "sick" fish I did the best I could to quarantine them properly.. But by the second day of prazi in the tank and the first dose of antibiotics I knew I was losing the battle.. 3 fish die consecutively The one remaining (which was my beautiful tele) had a lot of difficulties when eating, had 3 cyst, shredded tail and some red/blood scales flaking off.. I was truly terrified of bringing this fella into my main tank.. I mean, he could have something that could kill all my stock.. ________________________________________________________ I don't know if I was the first person doing this (ever) but I ended up contacting the Better Business Bureau & Paypal to complain about the "purchase".. It was a long process and obviously the seller didn't want to pay but after the pressure, Paypal decided to have Goldfishnet give a full refund. This experience was a really nightmare for me.. not only the extra money I had to spend to keep (or try to) this fish alive but to see such a beautiful fish having their lives doomed at the hands of a careless seller.. It is unfortunate If you have experienced something similar.. DO YOUR PART AND EXPRESS YOUR VOICE!!.. you will be heard
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