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  1. how do i achieve this... i want...
  2. We, as a family, eat nori when we do veggie sushi. Nori is the thin dark green seaweed that is the outer wrap to sushi and sashimi. When bought at our local Japanese/Korean store, 50 sheets of 7.5"x8.5" costs $7CAD. That is a lot of nori. One sushi roll uses one sheet of nori. The package says 100% seaweed with nothing added. I am no expert in algae, but Mr. Google says that nori, or seaweed, is some form of algae. I do not see the similarity with the stuff I scrape off the sides of my tank. Does anyone feed their goldfish nori? The irony is that people serve nori to wrap raw fish to eat, while I am contemplating feeding the nori straight to my fish. I believe seaweed comes from the sea, as in marine water, and our goldfish are freshwater. Would there be microscopic particles of salt left in the nori that might harm goldfish. I don't taste not even a hint of salt when I eat nori. The advantages of nori are: -it is in my kitchen -it is cheap -it is algae/seaweed with nothing added -if the fish don't eat it I will
  3. allo i made a tutorial about a week ago on what steps i took to remove algae (green and brown/black) from my tank. i can happily say that 7 days on, we're looking exactly as we were on the day of the big clean. here's my video. i hope it gives you some ideas for your own tanks.
  4. Something interesting (to me at least ) is going on in my two tanks. One is having lots of noticeable brown algae on the plants, driftwood, and even the glass, while the other has just started having a little bit of bright green algae on the lights and filter sponges. The tanks have a lot of differences, and I'd like to figure out what makes one grow green and the other brown, so I can get rid of the brown! Green Algae Tank 29 gallons Led lights that came with the kit South-East natural light No ferts No plants (while algae occurred at least; I just put 1 anubias in the other day) Sparkly rock & Fluval moss rocks AC110 filter Bubble disk Two fish 0/0/5 - most common parameters, has had higher nitrates occasionally pH 8.2 Usually 50-80% WC (depending on params) approx every 5-7 days - just started doing daily 50% to use water for fry tank wc algae on the lights and filter sponges Brown Algae Tank 60 gallons Marineland Double Bright (recently downgraded to an Aqueon light to experiment) North-West natural light Seachem Flourish A few plants - anubias, crypt, water sprite, java fern Large mopani driftwood AC110 x 2 Bubble wall Two fish 0/0/5 - most common parameters, has had higher nitrates occasionally pH 8.2 Usually 50-80% WC (depending on params) approx every 5-7 days algae on the plants, driftwood, and even the glass That's all I can think of to compare... anyone want to help me figure this out? I wonder if it could be the direction of the natural light? Or the lights themselves? Or the live plants and ferts?
  5. yes, long boring Aussie speaking video deal with it.. but if you want algae free plants.. i guess you're gonna watch................ so.... welcome!
  6. Yesterday I trimmed some of the plants and today my tank has this weird algae. Does anyone know what this or how I can get rid of it? And sorry the algae is kind of hard to see but it's surly there! Please help me anyone
  7. Hi guys..... The tank I have in our extension gets lots of sunshine (when it's available!!), the last couple of days I've suffered badly from green water..... I had a look on Amazon, and came across an external UV filter made by AllPondSolutions...... I chose the 2000EF+ Model.....it pushes 2000 L/Hr and has an internal 9w UV lighting tube. I connected it to the tank tonight .... for the moment I have just rigged it up externally. I have kept my Fluval external filter and my internal Interpet IPF3 running for the moment, as not to affect my cycled tank. I will take the latter two filters out of the equation eventually, the new filter is more that big enough to run my 160 litre tank. Fingers crossed the transition will go smoothly, and that dreaded green water will be a thing of the past... I'll update the images in a few days to demonstrate the new pumps' efficiency....I will either rave about it, or criticise it to high heaven.....
  8. I have a 12 mm Freshwater glass Aquarium with the front being made of starphire glass. And have looked around the web and I'm faced with two options: 1) Mag-Float 125 LONG recommended for 473L aquariums with a surface thickness up to 10mm Very popular. 2) Flipper 2 in 1 magnetic cleaner Similar to Mag-Flip but supposedly better Slim form factor contains metal scraper on one end, magnet the other Flips underwater ------------------------ I'm very curious to know whether the metal scraper is needed within a freshwater aquarium as I have yet to encounter stubborn algae. So Should I opt for a flipper or a mag-float? Please feel free to discuss any experences with any magnetic cleaners,
  9. oh my goodness, from last week to this week I've had a very sudden outbreak of brown algae... everywhere!!! Any suggestions on what I can do to bring this down? I dont particularly want to add anything to my tank if I dont have to because Sasha has one heck of an air-gulping problem that I thought I resolved but came back with vengeance, Any and all suggestions are super welcomed!!!
  10. I have my single young fantail, name is Blub, in a 10 gallon now, but his new 55 gallon is just about cycled! I like the look of algae, and Blub has taken a liking to it---however is there a possibility of him overeating? i feed him soaked hikari, peas, and occasional bloodworms from hikari. he's eaten today but is going nuts on the algae. little lines where he's nosed up and down! it's cute but i know goldfish dont seem to have a self-regulator when it comes to eating....should i curtail the algae or just let him go?
  11. Hey guys. I have recently started to suffer from Black Brush Algae in my tank and its a bit of a pain! It gets on the driftwood and rocks which I can scrub (even though this is a chore) but its really hard to remove from my anubias and java fern without damaging the leaves, and I can never get it 100% off them (it always clings to the very edge of the leaf even after scrubbing). Ive never had this problem before and my theory is because I used to have alot more plants and quicker growing ones too, but I was trying to stick with just rhizomes at the moment. I have heard Excel is apparently good at getting rid of BBA but ive never used it myself, so I wondered if anyone had any experience of using it to control algae? or just of getting rid of BBA in general? Thanks!
  12. Now these guys are ultra cute and pretty. I love them! BUT I might as well not have them. Since I got these guys (unfortunately 1 DOA and 1 went to snail heaven a few days after arrival), I have moved three of the four into the 5g betta tank, where they do a so-so job at trying to get the spot algae cleaned off. I think they eat some of it but the acrylic is far from being clear - and that is three snails working on it. I still got the fourth snail in the Banana tank in hope the snail will clean the algae off of the anubias in there, but NO. Even though I manually clean pretty much all the diatoms off of the glass and filter intake and bubble wand, this little guy keeps his distance to the plants. Instead he searches for "hidden" diatoms that are along the inner silicone seal of the bottom seams You know, the ones that you can't clean off that easily. And yes, I tried moving him on top of one of the plants, and he ate a bit, but a few hours later he was on his favorite spot on the back wall silicone seam again I AM DISAPPOINT
  13. I recently came across some posts on the internet about certain types of algae being toxic to fish. Being the paranoid person I am, I tried to figure out if all this algae in my main tank is actually fine for my guys, considering they are nibbling on it all day long (thus posting in the Goldfish Food sub forum). I know I have a bunch of green algae, some brown algae, and where the light from my table lamp hits the tank, I also get some a fine dusting of blue green algae/cyanobacteria. But I also have this stuff that I can't really identify so much. It grows on top of some of the green algae. My fish eat it all the time. It has a dark olive color and seems a bit more velvety than the green algae. I tried googling for something similar but the search results are kinda crappy. Could it be black algae? Here is where I read that black algae is toxic/deadly to goldfish, others say it's perfectly fine. I did find the same results with blue green algae as well, but my goldfish babies grew up eating tons of blue green algae in their baby tub with the ultra bright light So I wonder which is true. Anyway, I took some pictures. I know the algae isn't exactly pretty, but my fish really seem to like it, being able to nibble on something all the time. Just seems very natural. I also tried to take photos with and without flash. Any info is welcome. Most of the tank's back and sides covered in algae. Tank drained. This shows the texture of the algae better (The left side looks very orange due to the table lamp there being on) The filter intake keeps growing thicker "tufts" of this dark fluffy algae. I had cleaned it off a couple days ago, but you can see the first spots growing to the left of the Minimum Water Level. The fish do not really seem to eat this kind though, because I always have to scrub it off during water changes This shows the different layers of algae. A thin, very bright green first layer. This is actually very hard to scrub off. Then another thin layer of deep green algae. This is what the fish seem to like eating the most There is dusting of brown algae over some of it As an example, straight down below the filter intake on the back wall you can see some of this darker, olive colored algae. (not the green algae slightly off to the left).
  14. I've had my new 180 litre tank set up for about three weeks now, and I'm just fighting a losing battle against what I assume to be brown algae. My tank is cycling at the moment, but I've had other cycling tanks set up that haven't had this problem at all. Water tests read as follows: Ammonia 0.25 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 0 Why is this brown algae getting so pronounced in my tank? It's starting to cover everything, and I'm not sure why it's there or what I can do to get rid of it. Any help/suggestions? Here are some pics;
  15. Anyone have experience (or ideas) on how to fold out moss balls into a moss carpet? Supposedly this is possible, please tell me if I've been mislead. I have a 45 US gallon tank, with two or three handfulls of river rocks, a PVC pipe, and 3 marimo moss balls on the bottom, no gravel or sand. The moss balls irritate me sometimes because I can't consistently make them stay centered in the bend of the pipe (or anywhere else), and I'd prefer to spread them out to cover the top of the PVC pipe and/or some of the river rocks. -How do you spread out moss balls without breaking them into little pieces, is there a simple way? -Would they even grow onto a smooth surface like river rocks, glass, or PVC? -If so, how do I keep the future moss carpet from floating away during WCs until they become firmly established?
  16. Hello everybody! This is my first post here. I have one 2" long fantail fish in a 8 gallon tank. His name is Fluffy The tank is fully cycled. Ammonia and nitrites are 0, nitrates prior to regular weekly water change are also close to 0. Ph is 8. On the bottom there is a thin layer of gravel and there is a one floating Anubias Nana plant. Filtration is done by Eheim Ecco pro 130 external canister filter. Aeration is done by a long spray bar that agitates the water. It is placed one inch below water surface and it points upward. The tank is placed few feets from the window that is facing north, so there is no direct sun light. I'm feeding Fluffy sparingly twice a day, the amount he can eat in couple of minutes. I'm feeding him flakes or sticks in the morning, shelled peas in the afternoon. During the day he is eating algae that are growing in the tank. I try not to clean too much of the algae, since they are also a part of a healthy eco system. Fluffy is perfectly healthy and happy, eats well and swims around. But few weeks ago, something strange started to take algae's place. It is growing on plant leaves, on the filter plastic plumbing (inlets and outlets), inside the filter hoses, on the glass thermometer. It grows mostly on glass and plastic, and on the hard Anubias Nana leaves. I can not see any on the gravel, beacuse I have lots of algae on it. It seems that it likes the most the areas with the strongest water flow and near the water surface. So it seems that it likes oxygen? It does not look like any algae that I have seen anywhere, because it is completely white almost translucent. But it also does not fit description of fungus. It is said that fungus forms on food leftovers and/or decaying organic materials like dead plants leaves or fish, fish injuries, etc. This white stuff in my tank is found exclusively on hard plastic and glass surfaces and healthy leaves! So it is not fungus? It looks like this, note the left side of this leaf stem: More pics: Here it is inside the filter inlet, the white stuff is waving in the water stream: Outside on the filter inlet: My biggest problem is that it forms a layer inside the filter tubing and hoses and it is significantly reducing the water flow. After hoses cleaning, the water flow can be reduced up to 50% just in a couple of weeks! Does anybody now what is this? What is the cause of it? How do I fight it? Thanks in advance, Aleksandar .
  17. Hey guys! I thought this was pretty interesting. I got a nerite snail a few days ago to help out with the algae that is overrunning my tank. I placed it in the vase (that I got Acro -- thanks again!). You can see how thick the algae has gotten on it and the clear path that the snail made -- in one night!!! It was on the vase for maybe 12 hours, and then it moseyed to another part of the tank. I put it back on the vase today during a WC. Eat, little dude, eat! I got the nerite because I've read that they are pretty much the only snail that will eat all the algae and because they won't reproduce unless they are in brackish conditions. I also got a horned nerite for each of my smaller tanks. They are mowing a path through the green also but not nearly as quickly.
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