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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I used to be a frequenter on this site but I have not owned goldfish in years. Suddenly today I rescued three goldfish living in terrible living conditions ( In bags with a previously lived in 10 gallon tank, no filter, never been cleaned, etc) So far I have done a 100% water change and cleaned the sides of the tank but left the the rocks in the bottom of the tank which will hopefully help maintain the tank's nitrogen cycle and put an aerator and a filter for a 30 gallon tank in. Is that ok? and then probably like 90% water changes every two days? I have a 20 gallon but I am trying to get at least a 40 gallon to transfer them into as soon as i can set up the nitrogen cycle. I have found myself frantically trying to remember everything about goldfish and I would really appreciate some advice on what to do next. The fish themselves look really healthy, their fins are in excellent condition and they are very energetic. They even appear to be closely bonded. I used tetra aquasafe plus to treat the water because it is what they had at the petstore and the food they came with. I figure it is best not to switch right away, even if it is something higher quality. Any brand recs would be greatly appreciated. Can you still buy pro gold?
  2. 0 nitrates,nitrites,ammonia (house plants zero out the nitrates). Getting ready to do my weekly 75% water change. It's been 7 days since the last one. No meds have ever been administered by me except salt which was removed 3 weeks ago. I left the salt in for a week to deal with minor fin rot after shipping from ECR. Just noticed it last night at the corner of her mouth, I've read that fungal infections can cause this. I also know irreversible deformities can be caused also, so I wanna act quick. I dont have many meds available, but I could get Maracyn. I also wondered if I should go ahead and add salt to keep her immune system up to keep from spreading, but wasn't sure if Maracyn could be mixed with salt. Any advice would be welcome.
  3. Hello KoKos! I absolutely LOVE the look of driftwood! I am trying to fill out my aquascaping, currently have one piece and would like more. I was wondering if anyone knew any links with a large list of appropriate driftwoods, and what to stay away from. Or a site with tips and tricks for driftwood care/use/selection. Things I know; Goldfish shouldn't have pokey driftwood or driftwood with holes for stagant water, air or goldies getting trapped in. Graceful animals to look at but not always in practice. Driftwoods, depending on type and piece can take 2 weeks, 2 months, 1 year or will never soak enough to submerge Each piece should be boiled to remove bacteria, help submerge faster, and remove tannins (tannis? the dye stuff) Some woods like bogwoods are denser than water and sink without all the huffing puffing and extra work (and for goldfish i've seen these preferred, Lis had some beautiful pieces she posted to instagram that made me google it lol). My questions are; Some woods like Mopan i've been told turn your water red no matter how much work you do to remove the tannins, are used for tropical fish like rams, and alter your water parameters. What other woods are similar and should be avoided? What are their effects? Are some woods better for growing mosses on, like christmas, java, willow etc? What are some driftwood dangers to watch for besides what i've mentioned? I do keep Ranchu exclusively and don't have worries about large celestial eyes etc. What are some woods known to sink faster/submerge quickly? Whatever I have now took 2 weeks (plus the square slate screwed to the bottom that it came with) in order to be waterlogged enough to be held down by sand. I liked that timeframe but was looking for a wood darker than that with more character. What natural woods are okay to salvage? I live in eastern Ontario, Canada and have a MASSIVE river by me with large smooth stones, beaches, mosses and DRIFTWOOD! Rocks I have taken, boiled and bleach dipped some rocks but haven't been brave enough for driftwood since I know so little. What are some good driftwood sterilization procedures? Ive used boiling, but not a bleach dip since the wood was so porous I worried i'd have to submerge it in pure prime to remove the bleach, if even possible. Vinegar maybe? Here is my driftwood: Sorry I was being longwinded, thank you for looking. Excited to learn! -Amy
  4. Hi all, I know this topic has been tackled to death, but maybe from a different angle each time? Anyway, I've only had HOB filters since I've been in the hobby (about a year) and although I like them well enough, I've always been curious about canisters/other methods. My HOBs are a bit loud, and don't quiet upon cleaning, which I do regularly. It doesn't bother me, but they seem to go up and down in volume and I worry about whether something is wrong with them!! In addition, they seem to get clogged up pretty rapidly, even with weekly cleanings. My friend has a canister and really likes it, but that's mainly because it doesn't sound like running water all the time...I guess it made her feel the need to use the bathroom all the time while I don't have that problem, the noise does bother me a bit! I currently have 2 HOB Aquaclear 110s, running on high, on my 75 gallon tank. I also have a whisper air pump which doesn't seem to be "whispering" very well. I think THAT may be louder than the HOBs....anyone have a better option for oxygenation/water flow, or a better brand of pump? My tank is in a 2nd floor apartment on the most even floorspace I could find (corner right beside the door, that opens to the hallway...I am on a far end of the building so that seemed the most stable) and the floor is warped because the building is old, but the warping isn't bad where I put the tank. I looked into doing a sump but I'm worried it will be too much weight on the floors. I have the 75g tank written into my lease, but nothing else....so a sump tank is pretty much out of the question. What do you guys like best? I will also potentially be moving a long distance (like, across the country...we will cross that bridge when it comes...) next year, and am wondering if a canister might be easier to move. How's the GPH? I remember it being substantially lower than the HOBs. Thanks for any help!!!
  5. I have recently been reading up about goldfish and what to feed them etc..I have spent about 6 days doing so, I have a 18 litre tank (from when I was younger and had no idea what I was doing and my fish died after a few months)that I am currently cycling with ammonia, what I was wondering is would it be possible to use the water from the tank when it is cycled and put it into a 120litre (26 gallon) tank to help with cycling that tank, I am planning to put 3 fancies eventually in the tank and maybe a pond snail or something similar, I would like to add one other small animal that would go with the goldfish and the snail any ideas of what I could add in. I was planning to plant java fern and maybe a few other plants once the bigger tank is cycled I would then use the small tank to quarantine the new fish that I get one by one, would this 18 litre tank be big enough to keep a small baby goldfish in for 3 weeks to then add to the 120L?? Any help and advice would be appreciated!! Michael
  6. I have until Jan 14 th to cycle my tank. Please list all mistakes you have made or advice you want to give. It will improve my chances to doing a proper cycle. It is imperative that I get my cycle going.
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