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Found 108 results

  1. new large ryukin. currently under quaratine. pardon the poor pic quality.
  2. couple of vids of all the fish they're not the best quality, taken from my iPhone.. but HD still available at 720 tiny totts: ryukins: enjoy
  3. Just a little video of my finned babies swimming around! And this one is a night video of the tank with the red lights on... There are a couple other new videos too, but I'll let you go check them out on my channel if you're interested.
  4. My current line up for the Ryukin tank. Apollo was biting at the time, so he's spending some time in with the tiny totts. Rocky was biting over there, so he's spending some time getting pushed around by the big guys in here Leonidis, losing his black, but still as handsome as ever Electra.. picture perfect as always Hercules the beautiful Deianeria Zeus, I've finally picked a name for him Agapi.. she's such a spunky gal and pain in the , Ms Elizabeth Taylor.. although, she's been a perfect lil princess for a little while.. so hopefully she will remain that way and i can keep her the guys just clowning around :D oh rocky.. see what it's like to be pushed around? rocky says LOL thanks for watching
  5. Hey everyone, my Ryukin, Picasso, has been floating some after meals and so I have been soaking his food and trying to fix it. Right now we just have flakes ( I didn't know better) but this next week we are ordering some Hykari (sp) sinking pellets and I will soak them. The problem also happens when we do water changes and I was hoping someone could explain why and how I can help prevent it. I have read some about swim bladder. Is this what he has? We saw he had some bubbly poo a few nights ago. I know they can get constipated so every few days I've been feeding them peas. I just wanted to pick ya'lls brains. I had searched for posts on here and found ones that talked about soaking the food, but couldn't find one that explained the water change floating. Thanks for your help!
  6. I've been trying to get some acceptable pics for my crew, and they finally cooperated. This is the group in the 100g. I'll update the 55g in a couple of days. Without further ado, here they are, in alphabetical order XD Byakuya After a very very rough beginning, Byakuya has recovered well from her dropsy after shipping. I hope she will stay healthy for years to come. Gin Gin came from Petsmart, and was discovered to have a very mushy belly when I took her out of the bag. She too has fought the infection, and here she is Hanataro Hanataro is the surprise baby from DO. He's such a spunky little guy. He definitely livens up the tank Ichigo Ichigo's my first from Petsmart. Also another bundle of energy, she's demonstrated a nice growth. Jyushiro My calico oranda baby!!! Kisuke Blue oranda from Petsmart. He has the best facial expressions. Nelliel She's the panda I've always wanted to complete my tank. Nelliel does not disappoint. The shipping from DO this time was as smooth as can be. Nelliel & Hanataro didn't even stress. Renji I had to bring him home when I saw him. Toshiro Queen of the tank! :wub: Group Shots We Be Butterflies I <3 U Thank you so much for looking. I realize there were a lot of pics (Notice Toshiro in every single group shot. She's well loved lol)
  7. Today I moved my little white ryukin, Clover, into the 75 gallon tank with my other fish. I had some reservations about doing this since she has a tendency to nip other fish, especially the weaker ones. But so far she's behaving. Then I had to do a major sump cleaning during the water change today because the water in the sump was beginning to stagnate a bit, since there is very little surface agitation on one side of the sump. So I cleaned that up really well and put an air stone right in the sump chamber. That should take care of the problem there. And after all that cleaning it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos, so here ya go! Clover Chiba Chiba with Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody in the background Saphira, Chiba, and Clover Saphira. She was realy yellow after being out in the pond over the summer, but since coming back inside she's lost her yellow. She's also lost a lot of black spots, especially in her tail. Babydoll, Clover, and Saphira Babydoll, Clover, Saphira, and Nixie Moody Moody again. This guy is a really strong swimmer for a butterfly telescope. Clover. Those faint orange spots used to be a lot brighter and darker, but they have faded considerably. Babydoll with Moody spazzing out in the background. Nixie and Babydoll Saphira's grumpy face. Chiba and Moody- the only boys. Moody Babydoll and Nixie Babydoll Saphira Chiba, Saphira, Clover, and Moody Moody, Nixie, and Chiba. Nixie is peeking out from between the two boys. Those three again. And again Chiba with his mouth open- what a ham! Just Moody again. Moody up close and personal. Look at those breeding tubercles! Chiba says, "What are YOU lookin' at?!" Babydoll. She is so cute with her huge eyes. Babydoll. It's hard to photograph a black fish, but I'm getting better at it! Babydoll again. She always has the cutest "I'm bored" expression on her face. Chiba with Saphira in the background. Moody and Saphira Nixie. Nixie means "water sprite". Nixie used to have a black fringe on her fins, but that must have been remnants of her baby colors because it's gone now. Nixie again. She's a little Chiba-in-training. She has white underneath her eyes just like him. Thanks for looking! You may have noticed some are missing, and since someone will probably ask... My poor Zena and Shiloh are no longer with us. I firmly believe there's something wrong with the way those fish were raised at the fish farm in China (especially the butterfly telescopes). I think they are fed hormones to make them grow faster than they naturally would, and I also I think they may be fed antibiotics constantly. Anyway, it's very sad. Shiloh was my favorite fish of all time and Zena was not far behind. And Toad (the brown fantail I've had for a couple of years) just died last week. That was very sad too, he was a good little fish and we had him for a pretty long time. I don't want to turn this into an obituary thread or anything, but I thought I should mention it since someone will probably ask. Oh and Blossom is not in these photos either, because she's in her own QT right now. For a few months she's been stuck on her side with some sort of swim bladder malfunction, so she has her own space where nobody will bother her. <3
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