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  1. this is probably the one of the worst video's i have ever taken.. lol.. i tried to add some music to it too. but i didn't like the choices.. this vid is so all over the place. there is no talking, just the sound of filters.. anyhow. here we go
  2. I borrowed a friend's macro lens to get these photos, can't wait to get one of these lenses of my own! The end. : )
  3. I got a DSLR camera for my birthday this month, and I've been taking lots of pictures and trying to figure out how to work this thing. lol Here are some of the better goldfish photos I got from today... Clover Callisto
  4. This is a blog I'd like to have for myself documenting the growth of my goldfish. I LOVE to photograph them and decided to keep a visual log of their growth over time. I will also weigh them if possible and measure with my trusty measuring tape. There may be an occasional photo of my lovely cat, a funny story, or general chattiness if anyone decides to post here or comment here with me. I welcome that and any comments/constructive criticism, tips, questions, etc. I would love that. Right now I have 3 oranda, 4 ryukin, 1 pearlscale, and 1 panda tele. These are my first photos from just a week or two ago actually... I can see my ryukins humps getting a little bigger even in just this short time. I think they should grow out very well. I hope it is not wishful thinking on my part. The order will be old photo immediately followed by new photo for this first entry for comparison. The chipped nail polish is a good indicator! old new old new old new just getting fatter lol old new black developing The next photos are my various types grouped together. The tub they're in is 16" x 9" I think. First up - the odd balls, my pearlscale and panda tele. The orandas! Yellow, red/black, and blue. And my beloved ryukins...
  5. After deciding to QT Glados I needed to free up a ten gallon, which involved moving my little Kaiashirui into the big fish tank with Roosevelt until I return to college. I was extremely nervous because they are just SO different size wise, I thought she might hurt kai on accident. Luckily it seems they get along quite well, and Kai follows Roos everywhere! It's really endearing. But Since Kai has been on her feeding schedule she's seemed to gain some weight and looks larger (At least to me :rolf) Here's a little comparision! Before (somewhere in early july) After(today lol) Excuse the poo trail, which is nearly all sand LOL At this point I'm -fairly- certain she'll grow up to be a ryukin so fingers crossed! "whatchu lookin at bro" so far she's kept her calico! I love how she has some metallic scales and some matte "wheee" trying to imitate a tosakin eating a pellet out of the sand "get my good side!" "DISPENSE FOOD INTO MY FACEHOLE, GIANT!" "okay or not." Is that a tiny vent I spy? Thanks for looking! C:
  6. I just realized after taking some pictures that my Pinto has gone through quite the little change in this month! I am excited to see what his final coloring will be. This was him earlier in July: And this is him today! (Please excuse the poop, it was pea day!) "Mom! Stop it! You're embarrassing me!!" Okay, okay... but seriously... he even has a patch of facial hair!
  7. Some better images of my Ryukin, Custard. <3 Funny name, yes. xD My friend was throwing names at me, all pastries, jokingly. One was filled with custard and it stuck. It's so cute. And he is so sweet and mild it suits.
  8. This guy had me and the pet store owner kind of stumped. I called him over to ask his opinion on if he was a fantail or a ryukin. Ten minutes later and all we could do was shrug. But ten minutes of watching him and I just had to get him, as I desperately avoided looking at the pearlscales in the tank above him, lmao.
  9. I am hoping this is the right topic... So I have had my little Ryukin Beau for three months now, he is the four goldfish I ever bought. I've noticed marked growth in the other three I got just before him, but none in him. It's not failure to thrice, because he's doing really well! He eats, he is nice and fat, very active, no issues at all. I note his fins are at least the length of his body and I heard that could be a sign of a stunted fish. could he be stunted from being at the pet store like he was? I know he has had the room to grow and flourish since I got him, as all the others are doing. Is it possible he is a just slower, or do I have myself an itty bitty ryukin? He's about an inch long in body. I won't complain either way, as long as he's a happy little dude I am perfectly happy, too. xD
  10. some pics i took last night thanks for looking
  11. I did some hardcore tank cleaning today. So While I was at it I put the new guys in the smaller one for some good photos. they have all survived QT long enough to get names! c: First off is Gaston. He is the one I suspect is not a fantail, but actually a Ryukin. Named Gaston from Beauty and the Beast because he was a little bully in the tank at the store. I got him because he looked SO healthy, super active, and I crossed my fingers that he would be less aggressive at home in a bigger tank with fewer fish. I was right! He is lovely now. It's kind of funny, because when I very first started getting goldfish all I wanted was a calico Ryukin. And now I may have inadvertently gotten one. And here is Antoine. The unique one of the group. He was impossible not to come home with, because he is just so striking, really. He is a lovely fish. Though, ah, I am kind of concerned. Because he is VERY long bodied I notice? And it occurred to me that not a week before I got him they had Wakins in that tank. Though he was labeled fantail, I'm worried now. Some second opinions on that will be appreciated. Compared to the other goldies he is VERY long bodied. And he is, length wise, Gastons size... And finally, Jaques (Pronounced like Jaques Cousteau) I wasn't going to get more than two at first, though i had room for four. But he kept staring at me with his amazingly derpy face, and his mustache. Which I know may go away later on, but it makes him look so snooty right now. In a silly way. As you can tell, around where I live you cannot find big fish. Fifi was the biggest I have come across.
  12. we had earth tremors here, many of them, so i decided to shift all the new guys in qt to a safer tub with a cork base until the tremors were over. took the opportunity for a photoshoot (as you would during these horrid times! ) she's actually my tallest in height: (ryukin ppl get what i am saying ) this one has that beautiful blue shining through as calico's should here is my confirmed male.. he had breeding stars when i got him. i've not checked genders for the others, just the big one looks like a girl.. and the new chu joined their qt and will remain with them until they enter the main tank: (he's such a sweetie ) they're all doing really really well :heart thanks for looking
  13. He's finally beginning to adjust to his new home. He's got the best mustache in the world ^o^ Here's Yamato:
  14. I got a short video of my new tri-color Ryukin Yamato:
  15. this tank once again is complete with 8 giants. we're happy.. look how happy we are : no more pics for a while.. *promise* we shot the totts last week
  16. here they are guys.. the Ranchu are out of QT and have joined the Ryukin (and Elizabeth Taylor of course (purposes mentioned for fang ) ) both measure 7", both weigh between 160-170 grams each and both are male red Ranchu redcap Ranchu i only have eyes for chu group chu's: and one with the imposter fish that made 200 photos hit the trashcan... and lastly, a video available in 720p HD: please enjoy! we sure as h3ll did! ( )
  17. I had to take my two new fish out of quantine early, but they are looking really good. So, I thought I would post a few pictures . I have a video I will post too in the video section. They are all little, but I prefer to get fish that way and be able to watch them grow. I have two orandas, 1 ryukin, 1 veiltail, and 1 pearlscale in my 56g. I know that I will probably have to buy another tank and split them up as they grow. These were taken a couple days before I added the other two.
  18. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3qtgJO3d44&feature=youtu.be
  19. Hi, My 2 Ryukins. Appx 3 inches long. Have had them for a year in a 20 gallon long. Pictures were taken a few months ago. Now have them in a 29 gallon tank. Thank you for looking.
  20. Hi everyone! I've been browsing this forum for help with my relatively new goldfish, and it's been massively helpful thus far. But I haven't been able to find any answers about my fish's current behavior. Normally I have a 10 gallon tank for him that's in great condition and tests normally for ammonia, nitrites/nitrates, pH levels, etc. The tank's been fully cycled and the fish have been there for about 4 months. However, I had to come home for Christmas break for 3 weeks and couldn't find anyone to care for my fish. I'd had a calico fantail and this ryukin, Ezreal. I picked up a little travel tank (about 3 gallons?) since I couldn't bring their whole tank home with me. The calico fantail died shortly after we got home (a 7-hour drive from my apartment). I think he got too stressed out from the drive (Who wouldn't?) On the drive home too, my filter broke, but I didn't realize it until after I'd set up Ezreal in the mini-tank on my desk. He'd swam into it and it cut up his face. He's been ok since and seems fully healed, but I had to toss the filter since it's obviously broken. Ezreal has always been very active and social, but lately he's been acting more frantic than just active. He's still always looking for food and always swims to the top of the tank when I'm near, as if expecting me to feed him just because he's there (since normally the main times I'm near the tank in my apartment, it's to feed them). I don't know if it's just stress from the trip + stress of being in a smaller tank temporarily + the tank being in a new location in general. Or maybe it's more serious? Needless to say, I'm a bit worried. (He has not been flashing, swimming upside down, staying in one place for a long period of time unless he's "sleeping" at night, or having issues with floating.) Sorry for the essay xD figured more info the better.
  21. went to suppliers today i decided to take more video from one section of his small shop. he fills it well remember, this is the fish i wanted, and came home with i have decided to call her Anastasia enjoy
  22. i visited my supplier today. he has received some new fish.. unfortunately no telescopes.. which is what i had in mind to come home with.. but, i secured a ryukin that will be released from QT next week.. it's at 1:23 mainly orange on the head (calico) with black striped tail.,. huge
  23. Got two Ryukin, and a baby Butterfly out of QT just today. This is Loops. He's just tiny, maybe 2 inches. In the 2nd pic there is one of the red and white Ryukins, Scribbles. W/ more of him below. The other Ryukin, Bozie in the bottom right corner. He wasn't cooperating for pics. Bourkie And The Doctor way in the background. He's getting tubby. I'll try to get a better pick of Bozie. Scribbles definitely has a more pronounced hump. Both are about the same size, guessing around 4 inches.
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