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  1. Guest

    Lionhead :D

    Just thought I'd share my new white Lionhead! No name yet, don't wanna jynx it He's about 1.5 inches tip-to-tail. I think he's turning orange (tiny bit of yellow on top) but I'm still hoping the colour sticks! Side View Top View Front View Using a point-and-shoot so the pics are a bit blurry
  2. Now that I switched from a high veggie to a higher protein diet (a lot more blood worms in addition to gel food, pellets and veggies), this fish is growing like crazy, even though I already have her for like a year and a half or so. This photo is from five months ago And this from just now. As you can tell, she grew roughly one inch in the last five months! She is such a cute fattie! And this one is kind of cool, really showing the empty eye cavity. Of course she makes it look like I am choking her LOL
  3. I took a few pictures only of my orange fish today I hadn't realized how big Banana has gotten. Especially in comparison to Chibi, who is much older, but so much smaller. After all, I have Chibi for over three years now. And then last but not least, Bullet has changed so very much. All of them are ridiculous in their own way A ridiculously long Banana (durrhurr) and a ridiculously petite Chibi (I think I jinxed that fish with this name) The ridiculously fat Bullet. I don't even know what's going on there. What a chunky fish!
  4. So, when my 70 is here I will be setting up either a 40 with my 3 babies, or my 55! (: For now he is chilling with everyone else and getting some prazi. He is so cute! BF chose him and named him(: Welcome Renji! The cute baby Lionchu! Oh look, a friend! Everyone is checking out the new guy (: Sunny tried to run away from the camera! D: His back looks more curved on my camera.... Hmmm.....
  5. So a while back I went to my awesome LFS and asked if they ever sold baby Chu's. They said they usually get them in at 2+ inches so I gave up. Well, I walked in yesterday to find a tank of 4 adorable lionhead babies! I chose this cutie, because it was the least typical fish in the tank (: He also was the cutest. It will be so interesting to watch him grow! He still has his fry colors, with some yellow and orange shiny scales showing through. I also thought, he looked more like a Ranchu. Maybe he is a mix? I will find out when he is bigger (: Here he is! Sorry about the bad lighting. Oregon decided it was going to rain today for the first time I love it
  6. Here is a short video of my orange and white lionhead in the bucket waiting to go in the tank. He has definately changed since this spring. His colors are way way WAY brighter and doubled in size. I can take a video of him in the tank if you guys want, but he is more of a stunner as a top view.
  7. Boyfriend says for christmas I can get a shukin!! :DD :krazy: I wanna see pics from some shukin owners! I am very excited!!! (even though its a few months off) Hopefully I will have a 60-75 up along with my 55 (: shukin shukin shukin shukin!!!!!!
  8. Well my Castor is enjoying all of his new space I did a through cleaning the past few days and removed my plants into holding container since well they were covered in algae too. I will be adding stuff slowly and try to figure how I want to decorate it. Since I got bored of what it looked like during the fishless cycle lol. Also with the move coming up in a month I figured it wouldn't hurt to keep things simple when I have to move my tanks. Enjoy !!! Here is my super sweet little bubble eye too in QT I might just maybe get another one and just have a bubble eye tank and then keep a eye out for a friend for Castor
  9. Leon my little Lionhead, has starting turning black. I started noticing a little on his side a couple of weeks. he is starting to look splotchy. Leon before, and now. He is even getting a little black moustache. looking at the pics now he he looks a little chubbier too. lol
  10. Alright, thanks to all your help, my fish is hand feeding! Last night, I was cleaning her tank, my hand was in the tank starting up the gravel cleaner. She just swam right up to my hand and started pecking at it! So, I grabbed a pellet of her food, and stuck it in my hand underwater. She ate it like she hadn't eaten for a week! This was kind of weird because we hadn't practiced hand feeding in a while. And lets just say, I had always wondered what her wen (head growth) felt like, and it feels like jello. She has gotten a lot bigger also, so I will try to post some pictures soon! Thanks! ~kurriku~
  11. finally! got the picture of my new goldie up! no name yet... still taking suggestions! She is about 3.7 inches long, loves to eat, and is very active. Enjoy! ~KURRIKU~
  12. Im not sure if my Shiro is a Ranchu,lionhead or lionchu. I kinda think he is a lionchu but im not 100% sure. Here is a video of him.
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