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  1. <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FVideo0025_001.mp4"> I wanted to share (: The had a bunch of lovely fish and you can see why it is so hard to resist I also wanted to ask a question, is there something wrong with the bubble eyes? They would have just gotten in yesterday. I saw 3 bottom sitting, one with a slightly damaged eye, and the rest are fine. Is there something I can recommend so those guys can get better?
  2. Hey everybody! I am new to this forum, but have been observing for a little over 1 month. For my bday, in late november, i am wanting a 60 gallon bare bottom tank ! 14 going on 15!! My parents think i am nuts for needing to quarentine, 2 filters, a large rectangular tank, and no FLAKE food! I had a couple questions regarding the new fish, quarentine, and the 60 gallon. There will be 3 fish in the 60. My quarentine will be a 20-30 gallon sterile bin with a AC 70, a heater, and an air stone. I will not be getting the aquarium till late november so cycling is first. The fish wont be bought till late december or early January. First, when i quarentine could all 3 fish go in at once? Or over a period of 3 weeks, 1 fish going in per week? Also regarding prazi, should i treat all 3 fish in quarentine or wait till the are in the 60 gallon? Here is the tank i am going to get: http://www.petsmart....tAvailInUS%2FNo Is this too tall in terms of length? Thank you guys soooooo much!!
  3. I've heard that you should soak flakes and pellets momentarily before you feed them to your goldfish to prevent any swimbladder problems. But do you need to soak pellets? I've read that even pellets contain some air that the goldfish can't handle. Thx!
  4. Hi I did post another topic but didn't get any responses . Specky has a white fuzzy looking only small bump on his Side . I am edging towards fungus as it has started to get bigger but is still small . Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level (tank): 0 ppm * Nitrite Level (tank) 0ppm * Nitrate level (Tank) 10ppm * Ammonia Level (Tap):0ppm * Nitrite Level (Tap)0ppm * Nitrate level (Tap)0ppm * Ph Level, (Tank) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)8 * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)8 ( hard to tell ) Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? Drops api master test kit * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Unknown * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Nutrafin aqua plus * Water temperature? 18 c * How often do you change the water and how much? 1 week 85% * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Wednesday 80% * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 25 gallons , 3 months ish * How many fish in the tank and their size? 3 3inches excluding tail * What do you feed your fish and how often? Tetra granules flakes bloodworms daphnia veggies ect 2 x day * Any new fish added to the tank? No * Any medications added to the tank? Not yet * List previous issues experienced (dropsy, SBD, etc.) none * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Small white fuzzy but not to much on his side * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? A little bottom sitting but not so much now * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. None * You can really help us to identify with the concern more accurately if you post some pictures and a short video. In next post . Thanks . It hasn't spread since Tuesday . And should I isolate him or treat everyone ?
  5. Hi everyone! I had a question with goldfish plants. I was wanting a couple anubias to tie to rocks for the new tank. I havent cycled yet so i was wondering if you could cycle with plants after sterilization or after cycling when the goldies go in. Of course they would be sterilized. Would cycling be too harsh on the plants? I may also get a java fern or a couple different low light plants. The tank is going to be bare bottom. If i decide to have crypts they would be planted in jars with nutrient rich soil. Thank you soo much!
  6. So in my bare bottom 75 gallon tank, i have 2 orandas, 2 ryukins, and one fantail. I have 2 Emperor 400 Bio-Wheel HOB filters. However! I really want to add a huge enhancement to my bio component of filtration. So I was thinking of having a 20 gallon long sump about 3/8 full of ceramic rings and gravel. I have a few questions. 1) Lol I know this is cheap but for the pump that leads water down into the sump, can I use a plain old siphon? If this works out, then I can save money and buy one return pump? 2) If I were to do what I mentioned in my previous question, would I need a ball valve on the return pump to match the siphon's GPH? 3) Do you recommend baffles? If so, do you recommend acrylic or glass? Oh, and if you think I should have an overflow unit, I would really prefer a DIY design of a HOB overflow. Thanks everyone! I won this tank in a raffle. I thought 20 gallons was big! Haha. And plz be easy on me I'm an amateur.
  7. Hi, I just want to apologize in advance, I'm still very new to forums in general, and I'm trying hard to figure all of this out... So to start, I've been having some issues with my little moor lately.. I've had him for 3 years and his only tank mate for two. The tank mate is another fancy, a fantail goldie. My black moor named Dexter (that I assume that is male, but I don't know for sure...), has recently had white stringy waste (sorry for being so graphic). Its sticks on him for awhile, and gets quite long... He still has a bit of an appetite, but he just kind of lazes around for the most part now. He used to be very responsive when you'd come up to the tank, wiggling and such, but now he just floats around... He also had a bit of weird clear spots that appeared on some of his fins. I put a bit of salt in for a salt bath and they cleared up a bit... I also have a few plants: one hornwort, three anarachis (my goldies always snack on them , and three anubias I had some trouble with my tap water for awhile (we are on a well), but it eventually cleared up. They nitrates were higher than normal; about 20ppm or so. We started using bottled spring water (no Reverse Osmosis), but after awhile we picked up a water purifier. Since then the nitrates have been about 5ppm. I tested my water yesterday, after a partial change the day before, and this is what I got: Ammonia Level (tank): less than 5ppm * Nitrite Level (tank): 0ppm * Nitrate level (Tank) 10ppm * Ammonia Level (Tap): I haven't tested in awhile, but it was under 5ppm * Nitrite Level (Tap): 0ppm * Nitrate level (Tap): 5ppm * Ph Level, (Tank) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines): * Ph Level, (Tap) (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines): I use the API master freshwater test kit... I found its more accurate than the strips... I was using just an Aqueon 55/75 standard filter, and an aqua tech 5-15 gallon filter. I took out the aqua tech yesterday because it wasn't running up to par, and put in two Marineland Bio-wheel 200 models (200 GPH each). I also kept the aqueon in until the new filters establish with new bacteria... As for the additives and conditioners, I use: API Melafix when needed their is scale damage Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner Kordon AmQuel Plus for ammonia API Stress Coat The water temp is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, (I can't figure out how to cool it ) I usually change the water about 1-2 times a week, never two days in a row, and usually about 5 gallons by way of a gravel vacuum... I changed my water two days ago, and my usual 5 gallons. However, I was out of town for two weeks, and I wasn't able to do my normal water changes.... Tank size is 55 gallons and its been up and running for about 8 months now I have two fish, and two snails... Dexter is about 5 inches, and my Goldie is about the same. My two snails are about an inch a piece. I feed them flakes, once a day with treats of veggies every so often. I try for once or twice a week. No new fish have been added. The only medications, or anything like it I've put in lately have been Melafix and salt... The only issues that I've noted were some issues caused by the higher nitrates when our water was bad, and a some problems due to ammonia poisoning when my tank was first establishing. My original tank sprung a leak and I had to move them quickly... when I had issues with the nitrates, he just sat in the corner most of the day... He seemed better once I got the levels down. He's been eating a bit, but not as much as usual. He doesn't sit at the bottom anymore, but he just.. kinda floats :-/. He swims around a bit, but not as much as he used to. Goldie is missing some scales right below her dorsal fin. I know she likes to take off and... I'm not sure how to describe it, but she turns mid swim and sometimes bumps into things. She's always done that though and Dexter never has... But as I mentioned earlier, Dexter has had the long clear/white stringy waste and some clear spots appeared on his pelvic fin, anal fin, and pectoral fin.. I added some salt, and it started clearing up. I have never added any chemicals like antibacterials or algecide... only the melafix and the other chemicals I listed... I have had a bit of an alge problem in this new tank though... Its brown and it sticks to the plants and walls... I clean it off often, but it always comes back. I have two standard hoodlights that came with the tank set-up. I'm sorry for the long post... Thank you to anyone who can help me!
  8. I like to organize my pictures into one timeline, so some of these pictures are already on the site (: Something New: My Pearlscale. It could be something fishy, but it's actually more new than the fishy thing... If that makes sense. I still don't have a name for her. But she is super cute, I really like her. There is a perfect name for her out there somewhere! Today When I got her, she was a little pale. She is super small, only like the size of a quarter. She has perked right up since being put in with my other fish in QT. Everyone is about to be treated for prazi (: Something Fishy: Yukis new diggs, and pictures of my new Ryukins and Oranda (though not the best pictures). Mushu, my little Ryukin (: Chocolate Ryukin, his hump isn't as well developed as Mushu, but he is pretty and big! Sashimi, my cute little panda oranda. She has some cool yellow coloring under that black. (: Yuki's new pad. It's going to get more plants soon (: Something Cute: Otter and Cloud! My two bottle fed boys. Cloud is an orphan I hand raised. When I got him he had a gash on his side and was only one week old. This baby is a fighter and he is now almost 8 pounds of Handsome. Otter is only about 4 weeks old and is adorable. Cloud has adopted him as his own baby, and cleans and stimulates him to go poo. They cuddle and play together :3 My boys :3
  9. I love my fish so much They just make me smile and laugh. Is that title better, Alex? Again, this set up is not permanent, most of them will be moved to a bigger aquarium that is being set up at the end of the week (: <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FDSCN2441.mp4">
  10. Please help my telescope cali has been doing well but today I just notice her fins were short and jagged .what should I do . I'll know my water perimeters later. I just did a 50percent water change two days ago. She looked fin yesterday but today she she ins't .shes not bottom sitting and is very active please help
  11. So I have spent the better part of a week trying to get pictures of all of my fish! I got some ok ones, some are better than others... My fish are all very fast. Even Caligo, Unagi, and Fio are incredibly hard to get a picture of, especially since I am working with a camera that isn't faster than my fish. Hah! Mostly I am trying to distract myself with posting this thread, so, here we go: La, blending in with the sand. Look at that behind! She has a great curve and wonderful features, even for having globe eyes. Sashimi, those aren't breeding stars, she is just shiny (: She is camera shy D: Sashimi is funny looking while in the bowfront 'I'm not eating sand.....' Fio! My RG Tilty Chu! She is freaking quick. I have literally over 200 blurry pictures of her... Half of my memory card has failed pictures of her. Look at her beauty :3 This is her, 'I am going to hold still while your camera resets and then I am going to take off as soon as it is ready' face. She threw me a bone. Gave me one good picture so I would keep chasing her with the camera I got tired of chasing her tilty butt and just decided to grab her, she then proceeded to spazz out and roll over before I could get a better picture of her. Vonnegut, with his cool new colors. He has a black stripe going down his face now, and the tip of his dorsal and caudal are black now too. Rowling, as you can see I scared the crap out of her Her and Vonnegut are going to my LFS after winter to be sold as pond/aquarium fish. They agreed not to sell them as feeders because they have had parasite treatment (: 'Camera? Everybody run!!!' - Mushu, Sunny, and Renji His mood is reflecting the Oregon gray. Don't worry, Renji is in the 36 now, still in QT (: Sunny and Kiwi, playing in the 20, B-U-T-T-S-N-I-F-F-I-N-G (gasps for air) I was trying to get pictures of Sunny while he was playing with Kiwi. Someone has a girlfriend! I will let you all know in a few years if I manage a pearlscale-lionchu mix Erm.... Told ya.... Mushu and Sunny, enjoying the sun! Look at that color! And that face! (: I can't help it, he is adorable Again with the tail chasing.... I have myself a little player. Probably one of the clearest pictures I have of a fish butt. Follow the leader! Here is a Kiwi, a super cute little fish I love her so much >.< Kiwi, with attitude! Sunny, what is with Chu's being so hard to get a decent picture of? Unagi! He isn't clamping, he swims like that. His dorsal is very jointed, it looks different than everyone else's. 'o_0' *runs away* Group shot! They all wanted to look at the weird fish that was looking at them for a second, then they all swam away... Caligo! My beautiful red cap. Tui, much pinker after her stay in QT. She is the toughest fish I have... o_0 She nips fins! Well, I hope that was picture heavy enough for you guys. I hope I got everybody... It is very hard to keep track! I went from having 2 fish in January to quintupling my numbers after joining! I blame you guys >.< But I wouldn't have it any other way. For any concerns of overstocking, there will be 5 in a 70, 3 in a 55, and 2 in the 36, and the commons are going to the store after winter (: Thanks for looking! Oh, and, watch your nose on the way out! BRISTLENOSE!
  12. so i was at my nieces fall festival and ended up taking home three new guys home they are going to go thru a prazipro treatment. right now they are in a thirty gallon . they are real tiny but i'm thinking of maybe a 75 gallon when christmas comes around. i'll post pics soon
  13. here is a short update on the tank and the fish...........sorry for it being not as crisp........Tim will upload to youtube tonight so you can watch in higher definition............just wanted to get this on PB and post on koko's for all to see............................. ENJOY !! and thanks for watching !................... http://s225.photobucket.com/albums/dd251/OBIOandSharkbait/?action=view&current=DSCN3317_zps63403032.mp4
  14. I tried to give my goldfish some boiled, shelled peas (done in microwave, till soft), but it just wont eat them. I tried hand feeding, dropping squished pea-paste on top of its mouth, no luck. The other 2 goldfish ate the peas, but this one didnt. What else can I give to her?
  15. Ever since my senior year in High School I have wanted my very own goldfish. Being that my grandma was none too happy about me bringing home a bunch of pets, I held myself back, and probably for the best anyways. I wouldn't have known to put them in the proper sized tank. Summer came and went. I moved to Oregon to attend college and moved into my own apartment. After dropping out of college because of financial reasons, I began researching the goldfish again. For months I researched and planned what I was going to do. I knew I wanted telescope goldfish to start off with, but I had planned for black moors. What I didn't plan on was how much I would love learning about them and keeping them. A trip to my LFS, All for Fish, was fruitless. All they had were two panda moors. The larger one looked healthy and beautiful, and had typical panda markings. The second one was a tiny pitiful little black fish with a messed up dorsal fin. I decided to wait until shipping day. My second trip was pretty much the same as the first. They had a gorgeous blue lionhead but it was much too expensive. Once again, there were the same two little pandas. I believe in fate and decided that since they were still there, I would make them mine. That is how I got started with my little panda moors. The big healthy one was Tui. The little black one was La. I released them into their too small tank and they seemed to enjoy the swimming room. At the time they were only in a 20L gallon with a few plants. I was going to get them into at least a 55 by the end of summer. Tui and La came up to the glass to check us weird humans out XD Tui, you can kind of see how skeletal La is up close. La, blurry. Their too small tank. Later upgraded to a 55. Things went great for the first 7 months. They survived the cycling (which I didn't know about at first) and made it to the end of July no problem. Then their filter broke. Sadly, I had to try and give them away. No one was interested in them at first until GreenTea contacted me and wanted to take them. Unfortunately I couldn't make it up to Portland in my car. She told me that if I could keep them to come here to get information on them. I did get to keep them, and I set up their 55 in a hurry and put them in it and was so happy that these guys get to stay with me! Their new tank. Tui La Soon after, I got Caligo. She has been hanging out in QT for a while but is soon to go into the 55! Caligo Tui got into an accident that damaged his eye. This was my fault, as I wasn't watching the gravel cleaner for a while and he got stuck in it. He survived thanks to the quick advice of the people here (: My first red cap oranda, Lord Jabu Jabu, passed away shortly after getting him. I don't know what killed him but I am glad that it didn't affect my 55. Rest in Peace Jabu Jabu. Now here we are! I am waiting to get my new ranchu on friday. I am thinking her name is going to be Fio. If she is a girl. And Yuki looking smug after healing from a bought of fin rot. This is how it all started! Next I will introduce you to my wild gang of furry animals.
  16. Hi all, I just got a beautiful and adorable red cap oranda. It is the first time I have had a goldfish big enough to sex. But I am having a hard time with it. I can't tell the difference between thick pectorals or thin, and it is rather hard to see the vent. It looks on the larger more triangular, but I haven't been able to get a good look cause it just swam away as fast as it could. It doesn't look like it has breeding stars on its pectorals though, but it is a white fish so its kind of hard to tell hah. I got one good picture: And a video: <br> <br> <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http%3A%2F%2Fvid4.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fy118%2Fsoy_mocha_latte%2FAnimals%2FDSCN1550.mp4"> <p> I really hope its a girl but it is cute and super sweet anyways Also, the woman at my LFS said that it is getting harder to sex goldfish because more females develop breeding stars, and they are starting to become sterile because of inbreeding. Does this have truth to it?
  17. I am trying to stick with plants that are native to asia etc.... Right now I don't really want anacharis. I had elodea before, and they seem similar and my elodea took over my tank and I couldn't keep up with it, and I am looking for a different looking plant :3 Tank: 55, 2 penguin 350s, 4 goldfish under 4 inches, 2 java fern, 2 unidentified "aquatic" fern, microsword, 6 lucky bamboo in the hob, Natural Sunlight along with fluorescent lighting. I use Kent plant nutrients My fish don't seem to like greens, they turned their nose to spinach and only nibble sometimes on bamboo. They prefer meatier stuff XD I am looking at: Cardamine Lyrata Rotala Sp. Nanjenshan Rotala Rotundifolia or Bacoba Carolina I would be ordering 4 bunches to start off, so I can start really decorating my tank (: Which would best for my tank?
  18. So I get 25 dollars worth of goldfish plants! I am super excited. I was thinking of getting a bunch of cardamine lyrata and some lace java fern and marimo moss balls. What do you guys think? What website is best for getting plants at a good deal?
  19. How long did it take you to hand tame your goldfish? I have been trying very slowly to hand tame my Chu and Oranda. I don't think Tui and La really want anything to do with my hands :x This is just a general question (: I wanna hear about your hand feeding, hand taming stories! How long did it take? Which methods worked best for you? Do you feel like you have a special connection with the goldfish you hand feed? I am trying to work on my fear of fish nibbling on me. It holds me back from enjoying swimming in lakes and rivers \: I am terrified to be touched by them, but I want to work on it (: I am trying with Fio and Caligo, but it's been slow, and it's hard to get myself to put my hand in there to just touch them, or try to feed them, or just let them get used to the presence. Caligo has gotten to the point where she doesn't mind my hand being in there with her but she will be scared if I move or touch her tail. I want them to like me ): (:
  20. I hope this is the right forum section. I came across a Craigslist ad today, and it's just too far away from me to do anything about it. http://tampa.craigslist.org/hdo/pet/3230361018.html He's selling this setup for way more than it's worth, but... your eyes do not deceive you. Those are guppies, a betta, and a common goldfish. He says he'll give the fish away for $10 when I emailed. I would jump on it, and even asked my parents about it. (I can't drive) but they reiterated that it is just too far for a 'few fish.' (two hours away.) so if anyone near there could do anything, I hope you can.
  21. La, the telescope, Vonnegut, the blackish orange common, and Rowling, the bright orange common! Omnomnom What kind of tail might this one have? They were playing follow the leader Herp derp I mustache you a question |#:
  22. So, the title made no sense...XD Anyway, I'm moving to Atlanta which is 2,000 miles away from where I am. I cannot take Herobrine (my betta), or my tank. That really, really, bums me out. I will have to sell both. I'm probably going to cry = (. But, I have done my math, and turns out I can afford a goldfish tank. I spent $50 on plants and substrate and $15 for a heater. I'm not getting either of those (maybe some sprigs of Anarchis [sp?] or hornwort), and I'm going bare bottom. Thats $65 dollars less (I can do math!), and although I need a bigger tank, and a bigger-er filter, I can fit it in with the money I am selling my tank. That thrills the heck out of me . So, I am very slighly experienced and is moving on to goldfish. Will there be a drastic increase between difficulty if I was just on a betta? I know bubble-eyed and celestials are oober sensitive, but what about telescopes? I love telescopes, and moors too. Are they a good starter? Or an oranda? Pretty adorable, but I do prefer telescopes. I'm guessing pearscales are hard, a shame since they are so danged cute. Another thing is, that I need a good filter reccomended to me. I read the boxes carefully, and I am having a hard time finding the right GPH. It's 10x the water volume for normal fish,and 20x for goldies? I am getting a 20 gallon (of course.) and I've looked at a filter for a 75 gallon that does only 310 GPH, which is kinda sad (anyone know why the GPH on filters is so small?) Canisters frighten me, and I don't think I can afford it. Thanks for enduring my questions I'm not sure this is in the right section, I'm sorry if it's not.
  23. Are the comet goldfish at petco, you know the ones that are packed into a feeder tank and sold for 15 cents, the same comets that get really long tails and get pretty big? They are from the same Carassius genus in the Cyprinidae family as Carassius Auratus? I ask because I am confused as to why they are sold as feeders...... Goldfish are wonderful )': I also need to know so I can determine what I need to do when they get too fast for my Telescopes and Orandas.
  24. Ever since Tui got hurt and qt'd La has been acting kind of down. He swims lower to the bottom and is pretty slow and just not his usual self. Parameters are in check, he just seems sad somehow. ):
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