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  1. Hear ye, hear ye... this is an epic saga of feeding candy the ECR Ranchu. I thought this would be interesting to share! When I got Candy from East Coast Ranchu he was (and is) in perfect condition and healthy! However, he would not eat. After many messages exchanged with Cynthia (ECR) we were desperatly trying to find out why Candy would not eat. We tried putting him in his own tank (still no luck), so we tried a new water conditioner (no luck!), we tried Parasite Guard just incase parasites had cropped up (if he had had an attack while getting to me or gotten them from my fish) nothing! Then Cynthia sent me garlic appatite enhancer and a feeding ring like she used with him before I got him. I have not tried the garlic yet but as soon as I popped the feeding ring into the tank and put some food in it he started chowing down! What a picky little fish - he was just yearning for his feeding ring. This just goes to show that any little change in plans or schedual will make a big difference in your fishes habbits and life. I thought it would be a funny fish food anicdote to share. Any thoughts, comments or similar stories?
  2. I have two kinds of food (will last me a very long time and I have no money for more right at the moment so these will have to do...) I have Tetrafin goldfish flake food and I have Omega One Protein formula Large sinking pellets. The pellets are a little too big for them right now... they have to wait for them to get mushy before they can actually get them into their mouths. LOL. I see soo many mixed messages about how much food to give them! 2 minutes, 5 minutes, once a day, 2 times a day... My current 2 or three goldfish (third one is coming soon in the mail) are approximately 2 inches long. The third will be minimum 3 inches long. How much do I feed them for their size? How do I increase when they get bigger and by how much? I'm very confused. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know where you can buy Pro-gold in the uk, or import it etc?
  4. I still haven't fully decided what to use as a staple diet for my two new fish. In years past, I've been a huge fan of Pro-Gold. It always gave my fish excellent growth and seemed to enhance their colors without muddying their white (which is why I took Saki-Hikari out of the rotation -- it gave my white goldfish an orange wash). In fact, I fed Pro-Gold back in the days when it was brand-new and was called Sho-Gold. Yep, been keepin' goldfish a long time, longer than some Koko's members have been alive. Ouch. This time around, I wasn't able to order any Pro-Gold before getting my new fish, so I grabbed a container of New Life Spectrum at the LFS where I bought them. I have to say that I'm pretty happy with it so far. My calico butterfly was showing a predisposition toward floatiness/slight SBD when he first arrived. That appears to be resolved now (yay!). All they've had is the NLS, one serving of peas, and some bloodworms left over from feeding my dwarf puffer. So I probably have to give the New Life Spectrum (and lots of good clean water) credit for the improvement in the butterfly's balance. So I think I'm going to stick with the NLS as their staple food right now. It's working wonderfully, and I don't want to rock the boat. They're almost done with their second round of prazi, and I think it's safe to say that I have a couple of keepers here. Floaty? Me? Not anymore!
  5. Just bought this Hikari Bio Pure frozen blood worm *3step sterilisation And it cost 60% more then china grade ones.. the sized of the worms are much bigger! Guess its e Real good stuff for my Fishes
  6. After thinking of some enrichment ideas for my fishies recently, I came up with this. They found it pretty fun, I think! This is the text from the video description section: Animal enrichment is becoming increasingly considered in all environments where animals are kept in captivity. Providing enrichment means providing stimulating and challenging environments, objects, and activites for the animals. Allowing animals to do the things they would do naturally is important because it keeps them mentally and physically fit, and improves their overall quality of life. There are many ways you can provide enrichment for your goldfish; this is just one idea. Using a small round plastic bottle from a craft store, I made a sphere with holes in it. The sphere is clear, so when food is placed inside, the fish can both smell and see the food. They then have to figure out how to get the food out! A few photos, mostly just showing Felix because I was more focused on getting video footage than I was on getting photos... on another note, these pictures show his color really well. I love what a bright, happy tangerine orange color he is. This photo was right after he got a piece of food out, and right before he ate it!
  7. Also, how can I prepare them? For the peas, I heat them, then peal them. Then I smash them into little pieces. I am afraid they will choke or something will get stuck in their throat!
  8. I have being trying to purchase 350g Hilari Lionhead Pellets online in Australia but have not had any luck. Prefer not to have to pay the ridiculous LFS prices. I have purchased them from a local online supplier but they seem to have gone broke I was paying $22 per packet plus freight. I have ordered Nutrafin Max Goldfish Sinking Pellets from Age of Aquariums as a temporary measure but would prefer the lionhead pellets. http://www.aquaticlifeaquariums.com.au/contents/en-uk/d328_hikari-lionhead.html has been advertising them as in stock but as soon as I ordered them they were not in stock. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Paul
  9. Can anybody tell me how many Hikari Lion Head pellets are in 0.1 gram. I feed my Oranda, Leo, Hikari Lion Head sinking pellets (the small kind) I am trying to figure out if I am feeding him the right amount of food. I read on this forum that one of the most accurate ways to figure this out is to feed them 1% of their body weight. Leo weighs in at about 30 grams according to my food scale, so according to the perscription he would need to be fed 0.3 grams of food. Unfortunately, my food scale is not very accurate at the 1 gram level, let alone 1/10 of a gram. Can anybody help? We have been feeding Leo 4 pellets 2-3 times a day. Pretty sure he could eat much more than that in 2 minutes. Water parameters are good. Does that sound like enough? Thanks, Sandra and (potentially hungry) Leo
  10. Some of the subbies may remember me complaining about my boyfriend breaking our beloved blender ): Well, I found the food blender that came with it.... And since we already have a new blender, I think I can give a try at making Gel Food (: A couple of questions: We are strictly vegetarian, and don't enjoy the smell of fish at all x: Is there a good way to contain the smell of any fish I might use in the food? If any? Is it even possible to making in a food processor/ blender type thing? It has a pretty big capacity. What have been the most successful and most desired recipes people have made? I think my fish will enjoy having Gel Food rather than flakes. Can I add the flakes to the recipe to supplement in case there is an ingredient I can't find? Thanks for reading (:
  11. I've heard that you should soak flakes and pellets momentarily before you feed them to your goldfish to prevent any swimbladder problems. But do you need to soak pellets? I've read that even pellets contain some air that the goldfish can't handle. Thx!
  12. Hi everyone, I am looking for a good quality dry food to feed my tropicals (particularly my Angelfish Odette) to help enhance colour and vigour. I currently just feed generic store bought dry food (i.e. Tetra granule stuff) alongside fresh veg and frozen bloodworm/daphnia, but I havent been happy with this for a little while now. My fish are healthy, and while they sometimes look great, other times Odette loses her bright blue "sheen". I think it is diet related (when she has less frozen food and more of the dry food her colours fade). Im starting to make my own gel food and will continue to feed fresh veg and frozen foods, but I also really want to find a good quality granulated/pellet food. I have been hearing some good things about the New Life Spectrum foods and wondered if any of you have tried this brand at all, either the goldfish or tropical varieties, if you have id love to hear from you, as I want to get a feel for the brand-quality (I myself am looking at the community, cichlid and discus preparations they offer). A brief forum search showed a few positive comments about NLS for but id like to hear about it more in depth if possible. If you have used it, did you find it was beneficial for growth/colour/health in your fish? would you recommend it? If not do you have any other suggestions on quality tropical foods (im also looking at Hikari but have heard mixed reviews). I know alot of you either have/do keep large tropicals so any advice would be great :]
  13. Hi! My head is spinning - I'm looking into my options of fish food, as I'm intending to by some tomorrow afternoon to help with my fishless cycle as well as to feed my future fish. I'm basically aware of the general options of fish food. However, being that I am in Perth, Western Australia I feel as though I'm going to have a rather limited selection to choose from. One of my local pet stores, as far as I can tell by their online store, only stocks TetraFin Flakes, Crisps and Sinking Mini Sticks. I've read mixed reviews on all 3, but it looks like the flakes seem the best out of them. The only thing I'm concerned about is the air my fish may take in when eating them from the surface of the water. I'm considering buying this food and testing it to see how it goes if I soak it for a bit prior to putting it into the tank. But, I'd rather save the money if I can and buy a good food from the start. Does anyone have any experience with TetraFin Goldfish Flakes? Note: I don't plan to just feed my future fish only this type of food. I'd like to give them a variety so - brine shrimp, peas, bloodworms etc... Thanks for reading, and thank you in advance for any advice shared!!!
  14. Feeding some bloodworms in my main tank. The camera only captures a bit over half of the tank, I tried to keep the action on that side by dumping the yum yums in on that end. And sorry for crappy video quality, it's filmed with an old photocamera I am playing with the thought of covering the other side of the tank with anubias too.
  15. I recently came across some posts on the internet about certain types of algae being toxic to fish. Being the paranoid person I am, I tried to figure out if all this algae in my main tank is actually fine for my guys, considering they are nibbling on it all day long (thus posting in the Goldfish Food sub forum). I know I have a bunch of green algae, some brown algae, and where the light from my table lamp hits the tank, I also get some a fine dusting of blue green algae/cyanobacteria. But I also have this stuff that I can't really identify so much. It grows on top of some of the green algae. My fish eat it all the time. It has a dark olive color and seems a bit more velvety than the green algae. I tried googling for something similar but the search results are kinda crappy. Could it be black algae? Here is where I read that black algae is toxic/deadly to goldfish, others say it's perfectly fine. I did find the same results with blue green algae as well, but my goldfish babies grew up eating tons of blue green algae in their baby tub with the ultra bright light So I wonder which is true. Anyway, I took some pictures. I know the algae isn't exactly pretty, but my fish really seem to like it, being able to nibble on something all the time. Just seems very natural. I also tried to take photos with and without flash. Any info is welcome. Most of the tank's back and sides covered in algae. Tank drained. This shows the texture of the algae better (The left side looks very orange due to the table lamp there being on) The filter intake keeps growing thicker "tufts" of this dark fluffy algae. I had cleaned it off a couple days ago, but you can see the first spots growing to the left of the Minimum Water Level. The fish do not really seem to eat this kind though, because I always have to scrub it off during water changes This shows the different layers of algae. A thin, very bright green first layer. This is actually very hard to scrub off. Then another thin layer of deep green algae. This is what the fish seem to like eating the most There is dusting of brown algae over some of it As an example, straight down below the filter intake on the back wall you can see some of this darker, olive colored algae. (not the green algae slightly off to the left).
  16. How long does it last, and how many do you feed per fish? I've never used gel food so any help you could offer would be great. Thanks.
  17. I've been feeding new life spec three times a day and hikari algae wafers once a day anything else I could add for growth
  18. So I was wondering who feeds their Goldie's broccoli, I just started feeding it to Cali and she loves it.
  19. Hi guys, I have 3 ryukins and I feed them API Sinking Goldfish Pellets. I want some more options though. I do have Hikari Frozen Bloodworms that I occasionally feed my bettas, so could I feed them those? And I also heard there were some vegetable items I could feed them such as romaine lettuce? How would I prepare that for them? Thanks in advance.
  20. Ok, so I have a large Calico Oranda that floats after EVERY meal!! I typically feed her an Aquadine blend around 9 at night and sure enough, every morning she is floating upside down at the surface. This doesn't seem to bother her (unless she is startled), but it doesn't look very comfortable. I have determined that the food must be the culprit. I have noticed that as the food disolves, a thin film gathers on the surface and then she sits there and gulps at the surface for hours after feeding. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Or has anyone developed a clever way to keep the fish off of the surface? The obvious answer is to change the food, but I have used this food for years and have been very pleased with the results. The other fish do not seem affected by film at the surface and leave it alone. The Calico is the only one that goes for it. My other question, will this inverted floating have any long term negative effects? Again, the fish doesn't seemed bothered by it and she is usually flipped back over by noon, but just seems cruel and unnatural. Any thoughts or suggestions?? Thanks!
  21. so i was wondering which one is better pellet food or flake Thnx fore the help!
  22. After a full season in a small, totally-natural, captive pond with crystal clear, totally chemical-free, healthy water full of all sorts of native flora & fauna, my goldfish (all 11 of them from hatchlings to smelt-sized) are fast approaching their FIRST in-pond winter. Last year a late-Fall hurricane destroyed the pond but we were able to rescue ALL the fish, and with the help of this Forum we managed to save all but one fish over the winter in two 35-gal indoor aquariums. They have had MINIMAL commercial food since we put them back in the reconstructed pond because they seem to prefer the abundant (and self-regenerating!) Duckweed which is part of the pond's flora. IS DUCKWEED ALONE ( in an all-natural pond) SUFFICIENTLY NUTRITIOUS to prepare these fish for a winter layover? If NOT, what else should we be feeding them? They are in top-notch condition and have been showing aggresive breeding activity most of the summer. (We have about another 4-6 weeks before the water will reach dormancy coldness.) Freeman & John Nova Scotia, Canada
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