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  1. Hi guys I've got a webcam next to my tank, and I'm livestreaming quite often, so I decided to post it on here This is the livestream It's on right now. I hope you guys like it! ^_^
  2. hello everyone please could you help me identify this little guy, his name is handsome (my daughter named him lol) anyway i know you cant see from the pics but he is double tailed, but i thought fantails were rounder bodied than this? he looks almost like a double tailed comet to me , any opinion much appreciated http://s1336.photobucket.com/user/ema0140/media/B5670E60-B9EF-4250-82A4-9B1F78E3EDE7-33290-0000148FEFB45442_zpsaa2b61a4.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  3. I have my single young fantail, name is Blub, in a 10 gallon now, but his new 55 gallon is just about cycled! I like the look of algae, and Blub has taken a liking to it---however is there a possibility of him overeating? i feed him soaked hikari, peas, and occasional bloodworms from hikari. he's eaten today but is going nuts on the algae. little lines where he's nosed up and down! it's cute but i know goldfish dont seem to have a self-regulator when it comes to eating....should i curtail the algae or just let him go?
  4. hi all!, i went to my LFS this morning to buy some guinea pig food and whilst i was waiting to be served i had a sneaky peek at the fishies (as you do ) and i saw this gorgeous little guy just begging to come home with me! how could i resist? http://s1336.beta.photobucket.com/user/ema0140/media/481B3BFF-9B4C-48F4-9AC6-7DF39160B288-16280-00000AEA9E162741_zpscf316e8b.jpg.html
  5. Hey guys! I posted in the welcome board the other day with a picture of my 3 fishies. I was told by PetSmart (only got one there...other two came from a local pet store) that Speckle (pictured below) was a calico ryukin. She's definitely calico, but her tail is a lot longer than any of the ryukins I've seen so far....she is starting to get the "hump" but hers isn't nearly as pronounced as Pickle's. So....what is she? Besides a mystery
  6. Here are my babies Bear(calico fantail)& Zora(common fantail). I kinda feel like they look like ugly ducklings next to the other fish I've seen on here Oh well I still love them:) I'll eventually post better pictures later.
  7. My mom got me a pity fish. Out of pity for the fish, I mean. that she tried to pass off as a birthday gift. 'What's one more fish!' she said. 8| I am not... even really certain what kind he is. she didn't pay attention. I am assuming fantail. because I needed another all gold fish AND fantail... oh well, he is cute. He's obese looking. xD and his left pectoral fin is too small, and all the fins on that side are 'scrunched' like paper. I set up a 25gal tank just for him. I think once he's been QTed I'll set up a 30gal and just keep him and maybe Napoleon together. Spread my fish out more I guess, so all the tanks just have a few. I'm really glad I have always hoarded tanks. note: no filter in these because I was repairing a crack in it. (i.e. making my dad repair it while I took photos)
  8. This guy had me and the pet store owner kind of stumped. I called him over to ask his opinion on if he was a fantail or a ryukin. Ten minutes later and all we could do was shrug. But ten minutes of watching him and I just had to get him, as I desperately avoided looking at the pearlscales in the tank above him, lmao.
  9. I did some hardcore tank cleaning today. So While I was at it I put the new guys in the smaller one for some good photos. they have all survived QT long enough to get names! c: First off is Gaston. He is the one I suspect is not a fantail, but actually a Ryukin. Named Gaston from Beauty and the Beast because he was a little bully in the tank at the store. I got him because he looked SO healthy, super active, and I crossed my fingers that he would be less aggressive at home in a bigger tank with fewer fish. I was right! He is lovely now. It's kind of funny, because when I very first started getting goldfish all I wanted was a calico Ryukin. And now I may have inadvertently gotten one. And here is Antoine. The unique one of the group. He was impossible not to come home with, because he is just so striking, really. He is a lovely fish. Though, ah, I am kind of concerned. Because he is VERY long bodied I notice? And it occurred to me that not a week before I got him they had Wakins in that tank. Though he was labeled fantail, I'm worried now. Some second opinions on that will be appreciated. Compared to the other goldies he is VERY long bodied. And he is, length wise, Gastons size... And finally, Jaques (Pronounced like Jaques Cousteau) I wasn't going to get more than two at first, though i had room for four. But he kept staring at me with his amazingly derpy face, and his mustache. Which I know may go away later on, but it makes him look so snooty right now. In a silly way. As you can tell, around where I live you cannot find big fish. Fifi was the biggest I have come across.
  10. No, I'm not in the wrong section. My daughter decided to name our fish Turtle. After finding out I have a 3 month waiting list to get my wisdom teeth removed and the fact there is going to be dreaded c words at work tomorrow I decided to get something to take my mind off it.
  11. For some strange reason I had a leak start in the corner of one of my tanks. I had to relocate some fish and crowd them all into the 40 so I can drain and reseal. (Argghhh!) Anyhow gonna have to change water out everyday for about a week or so, but I got almost everyone together for some pics. In a different tank, Hambone is growing so fast! Just out of QT, This is little Cleo. Poor little thing has a deformed tail and fin so she struggles to swim straight. She is hilarious to watch though, she turns flips and does all sorts of tricks. I just love her, she is so amusing. She always seems so joyfilled. I still have to get a pic of a couple of them. Digger thinks cameras are murderers and skids to the back behind plants when he sees it.
  12. So here they are ! Calico fantail (Sold to me as a Ryukin, but I know it's no, obviously) Crown pearlscale We are waiting to see if they are boy or girl before we name them, but for a girl I want Charlotte (Good charlotte being my fav band) I love them so much already Hihi A huge special thank you to Koko and Tithra for helping me finish my cycle
  13. Hi everybody. Since i have lost my Calico Fantail "Pusling" and my Redcap "Buller", i really needed cheering up. What better way to remind myself that life life goes on, than getting new buddies? So i have bought 2 new babies on 21st of January 2012. One is a tiny Calico Fantail and the other a little Orange Fantail. I dont know the gender of either fishie yet. They also dont have any names yet, so feel free to suggest names. The new fish are so very tiny compared to my big Orange Fantail Tvilsen, but so far all is good After buying them, they spent first week getting treated with Prazipro in QT tank. And i will continue Prazi treatment in main tank, including the "old" fish too. Here the cuties are...Enjoy
  14. I know you guys are gonna freak out but... let me tell you I have 3 fantails and 2 black moors in a 10 gal tank. I know about the con's... done a thorough research after I got them I was ignorant (I had a few goldies when I was a child, only one survived 5 years, and that was my overall experience with goldies) and the petstore employee was very very dumb :s he didn't say anything about overstocking a 10gal tank (I got them on an impulse - they are very tiny and I know they'll outgrow the tank). I'm planning to build my own 75gal tank. If things go right they'll have a new tank for Christmas! Ok! So I've had them for 3 weeks. In this part of the planet (esp. where I live - a small coastal village in India) the petstores don't have pH testing kits and the likes (but they do have freeze dried tubifex ) so I don't have any info on ph and ammonia level. Anyway, I use well water. I change a little more than 50% water every 3rd day(vacuuming the gravel and all). And the fishes seem very healthy and happy. They get very excited when they see me. I feed them pellets(every morning) and peas, sweet potato, apple, carrots, rice and tubifex alternatively. The thing is, they act normal all day, swimming around, digging in the gravel and begging for food. But 'sometimes' one of my black moors(smoky) blows up bubbles at the top and try to eat them(like it's some pellet food) then the other one(angel) follows suit and does the same thing. I'm guessing this one because it's just the same way they eat pellets(or for that matter any food that floats)... grab and dive! At night smoky sleeps on the upper half of the tank and swims against the current(from the filter) while the rest of them sleeps near the bottom. Some days angel joins. My fantails are all fine. So, should I be concerned? Is it that smoky has a different personality??? Also, I feed them peas everyday. Is that alright??? Thanks PS: I'm doing my best to keep the water safe for the fishes!
  15. Just a little video of my finned babies swimming around! And this one is a night video of the tank with the red lights on... There are a couple other new videos too, but I'll let you go check them out on my channel if you're interested.
  16. Today I moved my little white ryukin, Clover, into the 75 gallon tank with my other fish. I had some reservations about doing this since she has a tendency to nip other fish, especially the weaker ones. But so far she's behaving. Then I had to do a major sump cleaning during the water change today because the water in the sump was beginning to stagnate a bit, since there is very little surface agitation on one side of the sump. So I cleaned that up really well and put an air stone right in the sump chamber. That should take care of the problem there. And after all that cleaning it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos, so here ya go! Clover Chiba Chiba with Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody in the background Saphira, Chiba, and Clover Saphira. She was realy yellow after being out in the pond over the summer, but since coming back inside she's lost her yellow. She's also lost a lot of black spots, especially in her tail. Babydoll, Clover, and Saphira Babydoll, Clover, Saphira, and Nixie Moody Moody again. This guy is a really strong swimmer for a butterfly telescope. Clover. Those faint orange spots used to be a lot brighter and darker, but they have faded considerably. Babydoll with Moody spazzing out in the background. Nixie and Babydoll Saphira's grumpy face. Chiba and Moody- the only boys. Moody Babydoll and Nixie Babydoll Saphira Chiba, Saphira, Clover, and Moody Moody, Nixie, and Chiba. Nixie is peeking out from between the two boys. Those three again. And again Chiba with his mouth open- what a ham! Just Moody again. Moody up close and personal. Look at those breeding tubercles! Chiba says, "What are YOU lookin' at?!" Babydoll. She is so cute with her huge eyes. Babydoll. It's hard to photograph a black fish, but I'm getting better at it! Babydoll again. She always has the cutest "I'm bored" expression on her face. Chiba with Saphira in the background. Moody and Saphira Nixie. Nixie means "water sprite". Nixie used to have a black fringe on her fins, but that must have been remnants of her baby colors because it's gone now. Nixie again. She's a little Chiba-in-training. She has white underneath her eyes just like him. Thanks for looking! You may have noticed some are missing, and since someone will probably ask... My poor Zena and Shiloh are no longer with us. I firmly believe there's something wrong with the way those fish were raised at the fish farm in China (especially the butterfly telescopes). I think they are fed hormones to make them grow faster than they naturally would, and I also I think they may be fed antibiotics constantly. Anyway, it's very sad. Shiloh was my favorite fish of all time and Zena was not far behind. And Toad (the brown fantail I've had for a couple of years) just died last week. That was very sad too, he was a good little fish and we had him for a pretty long time. I don't want to turn this into an obituary thread or anything, but I thought I should mention it since someone will probably ask. Oh and Blossom is not in these photos either, because she's in her own QT right now. For a few months she's been stuck on her side with some sort of swim bladder malfunction, so she has her own space where nobody will bother her. <3
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