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Found 3 results

  1. I plan on getting a thirty gallon, and I need to know if I can keep one or two Goldies in there. The breeds I'd be choosing from would be; ryukin, oranda, fantail, veiltail, or black moor. I want to make sure I do this right and my fish get the best lives possible. Thanks!
  2. I tried to find a related topic that's already been posted so I don't repeat what's already been said but I can't seem to find exact information. I'm also new to forums and got a little overwhelmed I have a 44 gal hexagon tank. It isn't the typical tall hexagon tank. It's quite long with a good amount of surface area. I have a Marinland Penguin Bio-wheel 350 filter. It says it's for tanks up to 75 gallons so I figured for goldfish this was a very good thing. I've had this tank set up and cycled for about 9 months. It currently has 3 fancies in it following the 1st fancy 20 gal and for every extra fancy 10 gal more rule. I do about 30-40% weekly water changes. When I test the water nitrates, nitrites and ammonia are always 0. I have completely fallen in love with goldfish particularly the fancy ones. I have a black moor, calico telescope, and a red and white oranda. They are very happy. With my love and somewhat obsession I have found that I have a desire to get more. With the filtration system that I have, the surface area for gas exchange, and water changes, am I able to get more? Obviously I don't mean getting 10 more. Maybe just 1 so I have an even number? I think I may have acquired an unhealthy obsession.....oops Sorry if this is waaaay too much information. I just wanted to make sure there was enough to get proper answers.
  3. I have recently been reading up about goldfish and what to feed them etc..I have spent about 6 days doing so, I have a 18 litre tank (from when I was younger and had no idea what I was doing and my fish died after a few months)that I am currently cycling with ammonia, what I was wondering is would it be possible to use the water from the tank when it is cycled and put it into a 120litre (26 gallon) tank to help with cycling that tank, I am planning to put 3 fancies eventually in the tank and maybe a pond snail or something similar, I would like to add one other small animal that would go with the goldfish and the snail any ideas of what I could add in. I was planning to plant java fern and maybe a few other plants once the bigger tank is cycled I would then use the small tank to quarantine the new fish that I get one by one, would this 18 litre tank be big enough to keep a small baby goldfish in for 3 weeks to then add to the 120L?? Any help and advice would be appreciated!! Michael
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