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  1. hey guys so i have a couple of filters an aqua clear 70 and 400 marineland emperor. Besides the media, i was wondering when and if necessary do i clean the filters themeselves? like actually take them out of the tank to wash.. thanks!
  2. This morning my big canister filter got delivered. 1800LPH. It's HUGE! Here's one of my cats, Willow, helping me show how big it is: I only have a couple of questions. The instructions are woefully inadequate. Do I take the ceramic noodles and activated carbon out of their little mesh bags or keep them in them? There are three baskets; one has foam, one has carbon, one has ceramic noodles (they are all about 1/4-1/3 full with the little baggies). Where do the bioballs go? What order do I put them in? I'm thinking ceramic noodles at the bottom, carbon next level up and the foam on top? Thanks!
  3. Hello all! I am more than sure there is already something about his topic started, but I just couldn't find anything. I have a 70 gallon rubbermaid stock tank that I keep outside. I have had the fancies outside now for many months, but just upgraded to the rubbermaid stock tank this last month. I don't have much of a filtration system, I have a small submersible filter that I keep the return end above the surface for a "water fountain" effect to add aeration and water movement... and it works surprisingly well. I have 3 water lily plants that are finally starting to really take off and grow strong and healthy. I have many flag iris plant bulbs in the water, too. I would love to do a DIY filter. I don't think I will have any troubles finding a good pump, especially one that would be 10x the filtration since it is a smaller garder pond. I've kept an eye on eBay (as I buy and sell on there) and see plenty of good quality pumps go for much less than they should. I'm more interested in the actual filter set up itself. What would be the best media to put in a outdoor tank? Etc.. Just something to get my mind jogging as I am very good with this DIY stuff Any links to other forums like this one would be fabulous too!! Thanks everyone!! This photo here is a few weeks ago... After I get the tank cleaned up today, I will have to post another photo so you all can see just how much that water lily in the photo has grown.. (I love before and after photos!!)
  4. I am going to buy a 200 litre (52.8 US gallon, 43.9 imperial gallon) tank and was wondering if anyone has recommendations of filters to use. I have looked at aquariums on the internet that come with a filter but they all seem too small or not powerfull enough. I do like the look of these bio filters. I need something thats not too obtrusive or loud as the tank is in my living room. Thanks you.
  5. Hi everyone! For the past year I have been designing a pond, and now that Spring is finally here I am almost ready to start digging! Before I grab my shovel, there is one last really important step of my plan that I need to nail down. What filter/pump should I use? The pond is roughly 1800 gallons, and I need something cheap but good quality. I have seen loads of relatively cheap pumps online, but I really don't want to invest in something that is going to leak all over the place the week after I instal it. Any suggestions? Thanks, -Cyprinidae
  6. I have a 30 gallon tank (no I can't get a bigger one ) with two fancy goldfish in it. I only have one filter at the moment which does not provide enough filtration It is an AquaClear 50. I need more filteration so I was thinking of getting another filter (or two) I was thinking of getting the Aqua Nova Aquarium hang on filter NF-300 and the Elite Jet flow internal aquarium filter 150. Altogether the filters should provide about x15 filtration. Are these good filters or should I get different ones, do I even need all three filters?
  7. How often should I change my filter media? I have an AquaClear 50 and use the Sponge, Biomax and carbon. How often should I change each of them? Also, should I use carbon, I have read on different sites that some don't use carbon but use two of the biomax, any suggestions?
  8. I need a tap water filter. Would like a whole house one but not sure what the cost involved is. At least need a filter for my aquariums. I have 1 - 8 ppm ammonia. Most of the time it's 1.0 but when the farmers add ammonia to fields the tap ammonia skyrockets ! Also have .25 nitrate and sometimes nitrites. : ( Any references on tap water filter and pricing would be very helpful. I've been putting off getting one due to cost but i'm spending enough on water changes it would be well worth it !! I add tap water by attaching two rv garden hoses (made for drinking water) to bathroom sink. It would be great if i could get a filter i could attach between the two hoses but would like all options. If there's already a thread out there for this let me know and i'll just read it !!! Thanks everyone and have a wonderful day !
  9. So i took it apart (i have 2 filters this is my other one). I rinsed everything in old tank water and i still have water left in the filter so the the BB wont die. Here's how everything looks like: http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o792/razanbadr/DSC00310_zpscd9dd034.jpg http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o792/razanbadr/DSC00309_zps07163c87.jpg http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o792/razanbadr/DSC00308_zps0ee702d3.jpg http://i1343.photobucket.com/albums/o792/razanbadr/DSC00306_zps19243f05.jpg
  10. So Aquatop has these filters (CF300, CF400, CF500). The 400/500 ones come with a 9watt uv light. I'm not really concerned about the uv light because it won't do much in my 110g tank. BUT Sunsun/Grech Also carry the same filters (which I was able to find for different rates). Now, my question is whether any of you have use any of these filters, whatever the brand, and what your experience with them has been? I know there is a review on the forum but I want more opinions (and more recent input). I have collected enough swagbucks (about 80 dollars worth) which I'm going to use towards adding another canister to my tank.
  11. I'm upgrading from a 10gal and a 20gal to a ~56gal (haven't purchased it just yet) and I'm not sure what kind of filter to get. I have 4 fancies (3 growing, good-sized ones and 1 little one that hasn't grown in the months that I've had it). I think I need a canister filter to handle the 560gph, right? Either way, suggestions on filters and brands?
  12. So I cleaned out my canister last night and found A LOT of small snails inside the canister filter. At first I thought it was rocks or pieces of carbon. But then I realized that I have no carbon in the filter. Has this happened to any of you before? What's the cause? Is this bad or harmful for the fishies?
  13. Hey everybody so I guess this will be my first post on this forum. Recently I'm planning on upgrading my old fish tanks (several small 10 gallons - not satisfied with it ) to a 55 gallon tank and I was wondering if one Emperor 400 would be enough. I know the 10x rule, although my budget is quite small at the moment. So any suggestins? Would you rather take a wet/dry filter/sump? Canister? As soon as I get the upgrading done I'll take photos of my goldies. Thanks
  14. I am planning setting up my new aquarium with one AC 110 and one 70, although they are pricy at Petsmart. The cheapest I've found online is on PetMountain - each one selling at $65. So, are there any other places cheaper than that? Sould I resort on Craiglsit for used ones? Thanks.
  15. Just wondering. I was thinking of separating mechanical and chemical filtration to two separate canister filters. Would this be more efficient? I think it would for some reason and would make cleaning and maintenance less of a hassle Canister filter #1: mechanical only Canister filter #3: biological only any thoughts?
  16. How do you go about cleaning your filter hoses? I noticed mine have buildup in them and I don't know if it will harm the fish. It looks greenish/brownish (I think it's algae).
  17. So currently I have 2 Marineland penguin 350s I plan on using in my 125 gallon aquarium, obviously I'm under filtered, so what do people use for filtration in large aquariums? I have zero experience using sumps, canisters, etc... So I could really use some advice (: I'd also be interested in any DIY solutions. I am looking at making a bog filter using shakahos design, but that might not be possible if the aquarium does go inside (I might not have an area to keep a bucket).
  18. So I get home from work today to the news that my main filter pump short circuited and almost caught fire today. It's been off for around 4 hours now. Will the BB still be alive?(All the filter media is still wet, but the water hasn't being flowing through) I have another filter I Might be able to run but I'm wary because the plug ended up immersed in water before and I haven't used it since. I wont be able to get another pump until next pay day - a week from now. Right now I have two smaller filters running, I don't know what kind they are or how may litres per hour they do. They were each rated for a 200 litre tank. My tank is 300 litres and the filter that died is the one that came with the tank So, will the BB still be alive now? Should I try setting up my other filter? If not, how should I keep the BB from my dead filter alive if they still are:(
  19. Hi, I have a 65 gallon with 6 fancies. I am done with stocking. I run an eheim 2217 canister, marineland c220 canister and an internal fluval u4. Total turnover is ~11.5x GPH based on manufacturer output rates, though I know most likely slightly lower in reality. I change 30-40% weekly with prime and params are generally fine. Ammonia is commonly 0-.25ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 0-20ppm I plan on adding a few hardy live plants to help with nitrate control over the next few weeks, time permitting. Please let me know if this is an adequate setup/routine. thanks!
  20. Hey guys! I have a 75 gallon discus bare bottom tank. I want to add white sand as my substrate now. Myquestions: 1) How should I clean it before i put it in the aquarium so it doesn't cloud? 2) WHAT FILTER IS SAFE WITH SAND OTHER THAN A SPONGE FILTER??
  21. Hello everyone! Hurricane sandy is rapidly approaching my side of the country and I was just wondering what I should do with my tank/filters in case of power loss? I usually loose power for 10 days at a time when the weather gets bad. we have a generator, but if the power goes out in the middle of the night what would I do? would it be a problem?
  22. So, my filter on my 36 is going out.. It only runs when the cord is in a specific position, I was wondering if someone can recommend a new filter for a 36 bow? I don't know if just any filter would fit in there, but I really need a new one to keep it's BB from dying off |:
  23. Hi again Something funny just happend to my electricity, it's raining pretty hard and the power flickered, and when my hob filter turned back on it kind of spit cloudy stuff into the water and now the water is kind of cloudy, that was like 10 minutes ago, and I just checked again and it already seems to be clearing up. I'm thinking I should clean the filter, but being that its 1am here I'm going to have to wait. Do you think my fish will be affected by the cloud? I'm hoping he won't, my tank is very new and just finished cycling, so I'm assuming the cycle is fragile. thanks!
  24. For those of you who use or have used these in the past, how how did you stack your media/what media did you use?
  25. I want to add as much biological filtration to my Rena XP3. I was wondering if one type of media is more effective (can hold more bacteria and/or last longer) than another. There's just too many to pick from (brands). My filter came with little ceramic (not actual ceramic, I just don't know what it's actually made from) looking tube pieces. Which ones do you use?
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