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  1. I have a back yard pond, about 300 gal. It is filtered 24/7 and has top water flow. I clean the bottom of the pond every year and have never had a sick fish. I have 15 fish, 2 koi and 13 gold fish. 2 of the gold fish are swelling up, at first we thought the were pregnant, but 1 of them is about to explode. the scales stick out. I guess it is dropsy, but in 4 years this is the 1st time any fish have gotten sick. The fish stay in the pond year round. Is there anything that I can do for these fish?
  2. I have two small fantails and not knowing enough about goldfish and their needs, I used to keep them in a 3 gallon tank without enough care and monitoring. About 1.5 months ago, one of them came down with dropsy. I started to read about it and along the way learned about goldfish care quite a bit. Realized that they were in a terrible condition. Don't curse me, I am not an ignorant pet owner, but having seen people keeping goldfish in little fish bowls, I thought I was pretty generous with a 3 gallon tank with filtration and air pump! After all that setup had cost me 10X the price of the fish themselves. I started medicating the sick fish with metro med and added some epsom salt to their tank. I also gave it high concentration warm epsom salt baths daily. In the meantime I bought and setup a 36 gallon tank for my fish along with ammonia and other kits for water monitoring. The metro med seemed to work fine and the dropsy was gone after a couple of weeks. I was so happy because all the articles I had read were extremely pessimistic about the possibility of curing goldfish with dropsy. I thought my fish had dodged the bullet. But again, starting a few days ago, the fish started to bloat and it is showing the dropsy symptoms again (bloated with slightly raised scales). It behaves very normally, swims around and is active. Its appetite is great too. I have put her back in the 3 gallon tank (hospital tank now) and monitor the water quality carefully and do frequent water changes. BTW, forgot to mention that they had perfect water conditions in the 36 gallon tank that she had been in over the last month. She is on metro meds again and I am using another antibiotic powder that is supposed to get absorbed through the skin at the same time. The symptoms haven't gone away yet, but I am hopeful as the fish is very normal and active. The reason I am here is to ask for help/valid information. I have read almost everything on the web about fish dropsy and I am going crazy as there are no two articles or comments that match. One says I should keep the fish cool, another says heat is good for the treatment. One says I should use high concentration salt bath for a few minutes everyday, one says add lower salt concentration to the tank, another says salt is bad for dropsy or has no effect. One says use aquarium salt, another says aquarium salt will kill fish with dropsy and I should use epsom salt. I was wondering if anyone here can give me some expert information that I can really trust and use? I am also wondering if dropsy coming back soon after going away is a sign of something, or is something usual? How can I get it to never come back? Looking at the bloated fish with raised scales is painful and really makes me sick. Please help if you can.
  3. Just a wild guess here, but once a fish gets dropsy, they aren't likely to recover, are they? At my work if a fish has it, they put it down. I have her in a 1gal QT rubbermaid with 1tsp aquarium salt, heater, and a bubbler. I gave her food but she wasn't too interested in it. She's been in there since last night, I had company over so I couldn't really do much else other than try to help her. Did a 100% water change tonight and will do so every night since she doesn't have a filter....I don't have a spare with a short enough tube for the shoe-box she's in. Anything else I could do for her? I have Melafix on stand-by, but I don't know if it would really help any. I'm more worried about her dying from starvation than dying from dropsy at this point.
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