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Found 14 results

  1. Hey all, I am debating whether to upgrade from a 40G breeder to a 55 Aqueon during the $1gallons sale. I have a Shabunkin and a common and they re getting quite large. Their bodies, not including tail, are between 5" and 6" long. The 40 G breeder tank is 18" wide and only 16" tall whereas the 55 gallon is 48 long and 20" tall but it reduces the width of the tank to 15" fro 18". The upside is that it gives them an extra 12" more length across the tank. They seem fine right now but I wonder if they need more length to swim which the larger tank would give them. Wold love to hear your opinions.
  2. Hey guys, I just got a new 55 gallon tank at Petco during their $1 per gallon sale (holla!), and I have a couple of questions. Currently I have two itty-bitty common (possibly comet) goldfish. Once I get this tank set up it's going to be their forever home. I was wondering, if someday down the line I wanted to get a third goldfish (such as a Sarassa), would this overstock my tank? Also, if I did one of those crazy diy 3D backgrounds, would that completely cut all chances of safely stocking a third fish? I want to do what's best for them! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. So, now that I've decided to have plants again, I am just revving up to add plants to the tank. I'm only going to have anubias for now, so I went to Petsmart and Petco to get a few more. What do you think? Here's the full shot of the 100 gallons Left side Right side Full shot of the 55. (It's a bit barren right now, but we'll get there soon!) Left side Right side These plants are all glued onto rocks. Any suggestions on other low-light plants that I can glue? I'm addicted! Thanks for looking!
  4. My new 55 gallon aquarium. I'm still waiting for my lemonhead ranchu to come... and then I'll probably put one more fish in it sometime after that... probably a blue oranda? Anyway. Specifics are in the video but I'll also post them here. 2 - 3 fish so far. vintage ceramic decorations rocky bases on plants so foraging fish can't uproot them 2 filters: Marineland Penguin 350 and 200gph (75 gallon and 55 gallon filters) Lamp is coming - T5 HO ultra bright Bubbler coming - fits 60 gallon Bubble wand coming - in rainbow!!! Decorations still coming! Rainbow gravel on the bottom with rainbow plastic plants Glass thermometer is at about 73 degrees F. Ask me anything you want or give me advice. I'm happy to answer/listen! :3
  5. I just bought a 55 gallon, steel aquarium stand from Petco. I set it up today, and was incredibly excited to start filling up my tank, but now I am terrified to do so. I noticed that there is a HUGE gap between the bottom of my tank and the stand. The corners of the tank fit flush against the little foam stickers that came in the package that the instructions tell you to place in each corner, but the center of the tank is up in the air. I even took those stickers off, and the corners of the tank were then flush with tank stand itself, but then I noticed that the tank was a little wobbly on the stand, and the gap was still there. This gap is the same on both sides. I can see straight through the gap to my wall on the other side, as seen in this picture. I don't know what to do. Will this put strange stress on the base of my aquarium and eventually cause it to leak, or crack, or even shatter altogether? How will this effect my tank in the long run, and what can I do to prevent any future catastrophic events? I just got this stand... should I take it back and try something else? I'm really worried, and completely at a loss. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. So after getting some gravel and some live plants, I managed to buff up my tank a bit - not really. I've also added a AC 70 ($32 off Ebay), topping off with a total tank filtration of 650 gph. So here are the pics: Not much of a change... Anacharis - already starting to root (except for the uprooted one) Marimo Balls. Whats left after my goldfish's Dwarf Hairgrass Rebellion.... Replanted all the hairgrass twice - now it's just a gunky clean up job for me... The AC 70! (Very silent - love it better between my Penguin already) About the fish: - My orange ranchu died awhile ago after getting all recovered from fungus and then getting suck in the Penguins intake tube after the strainer fell off. - All got used to 76 F water - no more mating behavior (caused the fungus on the ranchu who passed away), and they all seem more active! - Got a new lionhead two weeks ago that I couldn't pass down. (Only quarantined it for a week..... ) I'll get photos of the new guy soon.
  7. this has been a Hard and challenging decision for me~~~although I have a major itch to get another fish, I do not want to expose C&F or Mahina to any new yuckies............I have been SOOOO lucky with them..........and even tho the new fish would be in QT for a good, long time I am still afraid............... So I think (for now anyway) I will stay with the 3 in a 55................It was just nice to know that 4 in a 55 would work it I decided to get a 4th one................. You never know what the future holds in store as far as a NEW goldie goes............never say never right ?? Should that one special fish come along, it's nice to know that I can snag it !!!!.................... thanks to each and everyone of you for your input.......I really appreciate it..............
  8. here is a short update on the tank and the fish...........sorry for it being not as crisp........Tim will upload to youtube tonight so you can watch in higher definition............just wanted to get this on PB and post on koko's for all to see............................. ENJOY !! and thanks for watching !................... http://s225.photobucket.com/albums/dd251/OBIOandSharkbait/?action=view&current=DSCN3317_zps63403032.mp4
  9. tonight OBIO (Tim) gave the 55 a good cleaning.................will hopefully get a vid. tomorrow, since I am to short to clean properly Tim cleaned the 55 for me.................. He stated that this month he will get the wood and supplies and start building the stand !! I can't wait to be able to reach again...................but he did a real good job for me and my girls..............lol It's starting to get chilly at night here so I had him plug in the heater tonight also.....................can't have the girls (GF) chilly ............lol Anyway if all goes well soon I will be able to post pics of the new stand..............He was going to build something "fancy" for me but I wanted something plain so I can hurry up and "git er done"...................lol
  10. after much thought, Tim has decided to build a tank stand to better fit me and my ability to better clean!!!! he has already built me a platform bed, and Princess box for above the head of the bed, so I have no problem with him building the tank stand, I know it will be nice, and it will be sturdy and best of all it will be short so I can reach the inside and reach the filters............. Now all he has to do is design it and draw it up............(he loves to build things)..............lol
  11. It isn't the prettiest thing and I am rethinking the substrate but I quite love my little Java fern on the left and the lucky bamboo (which next month will hang out in the filter (; ) And I finally got around to pruning all of the ferns! QUESTION: If i find tidbits of microsword floating at the top that are still 'rooted' can I replant them? My feeerrrnnnnn<3 Also I am never ever going to do water changes with my fish in the water ever ever again. Okay.
  12. Well, finally got batteries for the camera, and here are the results of tonight's photo shoot. I'm really pleased with the new lights and can finally get some good shots. Enjoy! Full tank shot: Hercule, who is so proud of his breeding stars! Fluffy, who recently laid eggs all over the tank. Jelly Bean and Emma Goldman, who have grown bellies lately The plants are getting established and one of the anubius has a flower! Not a very good shot, but the only one I could get of all 4 together. Four of the five littles, and a great shot of all the equipment in the back ground Glub Glub! Silly fish. Thanks for looking!
  13. This morning I move the littles over to the 55 gallon tank. As suggested by Alistairw, dnalex and Sakura, I took Fluffy out of the tank, did a big water change and moved the decorations around. Then I added the littles. The Goldies were relatively easy to catch, but those minnows are fast and it took a while. Here's a video of them in their new home. Sorry for the quality. I think I need Santa to bring me a better video camera. I gave them a few minutes to get used to things and then I added Fluffy back in. I was worried that Fluffy would chase the littles around. And for the first 30 seconds she did. She went after the littles to see if they were snacks, and even tried to nibble on Jelly Bean. Then Hercule discovered how secksy Fluffy is and started chasing her all over the tank all up in her tail feathers. It was quite bad for a while. Poor Fluffy was swimming fast trying to get away. This is not how I thought it would be! Luckily, by the time I left for work, Hercule had started to calm down. I hope Hercule gives up on the idea before Fluffy is run ragged. Everyone else is calmly exploring the tank. The littles look really pretty in the lights - and Jelly and Emma are a cute as ever. I have left the qt tank up for now in case I need to move someone out of the 55. I hope I don't have to, cuz I'm quite looking forward to only having one tank to care for! Thanks for looking.
  14. Hi everyone. I'm excited! I got a new tank from CL. It's 55 acrylic and it came with stand, light and various filters - also some free decorations and rocks. It's in pretty good shape, just a couple of scratches on the top that won't show, and a weird coating on the bottom that looks like river rocks (or so I tell myself). I paid $180 which seemed pretty good until I got home and did some research about the filters. It came with a Whisper Power Filter 3, and a fluval 205 canister filter and I believe it's going to be under-filtered with these two. Can anyone tell me the gph of the Whisper PF 3? I have found conflicting info on it - ranging from 105 gph to 250. The fluval only does 105 gph, and while I know that you can have less gph with a canister, I don't think it will be enough. The guy I bought it from has a fluval 405 (264 gph), which he'd probably sell me. I think he'd give me the 405 in exchange for the 205 and some cash. But I still think it won't be enough. If I got the fluval 405 and the PF3 does indeed do 250, then that might work at (514 gph)?? So I guess I'm looking for advice on filtration for my new tank. Any ideas? Now for the exciting part - planning for new fishies. I'm planning right now on 2 ranchu and a school of maybe 10 white cloud mountain minnows, and lots of new plants. I'm hoping to make this a rather heavily planted, bare bottom hybrid, which will assuage my desire for a tropical jungle tank. I don't think I have the juice for maintaining 3 tanks! (Altho' that's what I said about having 2 tanks for the longest time). YAY!!
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