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  1. Hi Guys, My husband has recently gotten into the hobby a bit and has a livebearer tank, they just had fry and needless to say I'm the one doing the water changes. I was nervous about sucking up the fry so after looking in my fish junk box here's what I came up with. You still need to gravel vac the gunk off the bottom which you can do easily with the airline tubing and then add the airstone to remove the water. I had fry which you can see in the picture swimming right next to the airstone without sucking them up or pulling them against the airstone. Worked great for me. This can also be used in shrimp tanks or any small or delicate fish. Materials Airline tubing Small Airstone Bucket
  2. Because I am going away for two weeks in December and have to rely on a neighbor who has no knowledge of goldfish care I started to worry about my fish being overfed or underfed so I ordered a few pill boxes from Amazon originally to store my pellets in. I then started to worry the food would not soaked for 15 minutes like I do. When the pill boxes arrived, the more I looked at them the more I realized they would serve as perfect gel food trays to store in my freezer/fridge. Because sections of 4 are removable I can remove enough food for a few days while keeping the rest in the freezer. My first batch of gel food I left in the fridge and it spoiled, the only thing I was able to feed it to was my compost bin. Because it has lids it'll keep the food fresh and my freezer clean. I also thought since they arrived in different colors it would be helpful in to differentiate tanks so now my large tank is the blue tank and all supplies are color coded in blue as well as the food box, the yellow box goes to the yellow tanks (medium sized fry) and the smallest fry are the green tank. All I did was attach small colored dots to each item as well as each tank which I was able to buy at Staples. I am also planning on getting a red pill box to designate it as medicated food. It was the best solution I could come up with without worrying about someone putting the wrong thing in the wrong tank. For things that I use on all tanks such as prime I've color coded them orange and am making up a chart for my neighbor who is going to think I am absolutely mad I'm sure! Here's a photo of my pill box...
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