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  1. For those of you in Canada, The Fish Sempai is also carrying 'Crystal Ranchu'. I'll dig up some photo's of my last trip. I had already arranged to pick up other fish before I knew he was carrying those, but its just a matter of time. Come the Spring I'll be picking some of those guys up for sure!
  2. Nope Andrew still imports to the US. All of my goldies are from Andrew, he's an absolute pleasure to deal with. For awhile he wasn't able ship due to complications on the US side, but I believe the matter has since been cleared. I may have to go nab that little cutie myself! Lucky for me his farm is an hour away.
  3. I have the same situation in my 150 gallon Finnegan who is 10 inches has a mini twin Pepper. Peppers is about 3 inches and will sandwich himself right in between the big guys for food and even attempt to push them around. He does just fine with all the big boys and has been trying to romance my 11 inch ranchu which isn't really working out too well for him. She's just not into him. Hope your guys get along just as well as mine.
  4. What a cutie!!!!!!!!!!! lol Very cute shot.
  5. What's beauties Daryl! I broke down and just recently went over the border to Buffalo and now have a US address. As soon as the warmer weather comes I am going to pick up some of these cuties and bring them home. It'll mean hours of driving and sitting around until they arrive but it'll be worth it!
  6. Hey Fred, I had one piece hitchhike in on another plant and its exploded. I blend my into my gel food and the goldo's go nuts for it. If you have a 10 gallon or even a 5 gallon with a desk lamp it'll explode in about a month's time. Mine started in my killie tank and was so thick I couldn't see the bottom of the tank.
  7. I use shot gun wads which are plastic casings. They are cheap as anything and work just as well as bio balls.
  8. The pond liner alone for my 600 gallon ran me $110.00
  9. I love those little buffalo heads! Thanks for posting those Fred!
  10. OMG poor things, that's a funny picture lol. I wish mine were afraid of the python. My wackos head butt the tube as well charge it the entire time trying to get at all the goodies going up the tube.
  11. Do they look like black smudges? Sounds like as others have mentioned ammonia burn. Definately test your water params asap as others have mentioned.
  12. Lorrie you get me one and I'll get you one....No shipping required! I can hear it now,but it WAS a Christmas present.
  13. On my 150 I have 2 AQ's 110 and a sump pump with a gph of 650. To be the most cost efficient and get the most bang for your buck I'd put 2 AQ 110's on the hundred gallon.
  14. Your test levels are a little confusing you should have some nitrates in your water so you may have had a bump in your cycle. Black smudges are indication of ammonia burn, they are also indication signs of healing. Your water may be just fine now (I'd make sure of that though) but at some point your fish was exposed to high enough levels of ammonia to cause this. I'd up your water changing schedule invest in prime like another member suggested. Keep your water pristine and your fish will help up in a week or two. You can add a little bit of salt 1 teaspoon per gallon or some melafix but the main thing is keeping the water pristine. Hope your fish is on the mend soon.
  15. I puree them in a blender and add them into my gel food recipe, my fish go bonkers for it.
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