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  1. Wow your pond turned out fantastic! Congrats on a job well done!
  2. Goodness Chrissy if it weren't for that tail sticking out, I would have never known there was a goldfish underneath all that wen! That's incredible! Tank looks awesome, by the way. They are gonna love it!
  3. You are silly! hehe That's the great thing about this site, Bigdawg. We're like one big family!
  4. Aww that goldfish fever has claimed another victim. There's no turning back now!
  5. If you find it, let me know!
  6. Wouldn't the dog food swell up huge and cause the fish to get constipated or sbd issues? Not to mention suffer from vitamin deficiencies due to improper diet. I wouldn't want to risk that in any fish, regardless of type. JMO. There are probly websites where you can order fishfood in bulk so it would be cheaper.
  7. aquarium salt epsom salt PraziPro Maracyn 1 & 2 Parasite Clear Fungus Clear Clove Oil Melafix KH/GH water hardness test kit Freshwater Master test kit I have had to use all of these meds at one point in time, just be sure to check expiration dates and throw out old meds. I highly recommend keeping Clove Oil on hand. It is really the most gentle way to put a fish at rest. I got mine at a health food store (GNC) for about $6. Desiree, Pimafix & Melafix really won't work effectively against tough cases of bacterial infection. They are very mild meds, used to treat mild fin rot and such. Melissa, talk about a box of equipment...I have all my goodies in a wide 3drawer cart on wheels! You know those plastic jobs you can get at wallyworld? Man it's stuffed to the gills. (pun intended) Permoxyn...I am gonna go order that right now!!
  8. [quote name='Chrissy_Bee' date='Jun 12 2008, 04:51 AM' post='776676' As for too many pets, I've found the solution....move into a 1 bedroom apartment Chrissy, I live in a 1 bedroom apt. and already have 7 tanks. Not to mention 3 cats. So that didn't work for me! My home is my sanctuary for sure....nothing I love more than lounging around and gazing at my critters. My problem isn't so much with the fish, but the supplies! BigAl'sOnline is the biggest temptation for me. I love buying new airstones, backgrounds, rocks, etc. And I just treated myself to the 50' Python....YAY! It arrived today. Now I can't wait to do my water changes! I think I need more than a support group...
  9. Sea, IMO I wouldn't feed high-protien foods on a daily basis- increases the chances for blockage/floaty problems. You might wanna try just a couple times a week, alternating with the pro-gold and spirulina flakes. Have you ever fed gel food? It's easy to make and my goldies love it. There are some great recipes linked here too! It is very good for goldies with swim badder problems. I have not had any sbd problems with my current fish, and I believe alot of it has to do with the foods & feeding schedule i have them on. Here's how I feed them: Sunday: frozen brine shrimp -or- bloodworms Monday: gelfood Tuesday: peas Wednesday: gelfood Thursday: shrimp pellets or spirulina flakes Friday: gelfood Saturday: fast When I make my gel food I use alot of ProGold & spirulina flakes in it, along with the veggies, so I know they are getting a nice share of it. Every so often I offer a (blanched) fresh veg for them to pick at. Today it's orange for the first time! Like I said, this is just MO. Glad to hear they like the new food!
  10. Ladies, you can have the heat! It's been 90-96* the past 4 days, no rain or anything. I melted just walking to the car. Gonna be a long summer. Your prezzie will be this heat wave! Joy I am glad to hear you got the fishies inside quickly. How are they doing? Are they stressed or shocked? I hope not!
  11. Daniel your fish could have their own fishy soap opera. Poor Charlie.
  12. All of your fish are gorgeous! Such bright colors on them. I love Lester's orange eyes.
  13. You take fantastic pics! I'm not sure which I like more, Twix' closeup shot or Zuko's tail.
  14. they are adorable! Pretty tank too. What size is it?
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