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    Meet Orzo!

    So, as some as you might know our little kitchen Betta "Chutney" died last Saturday Yesterday my mom and i went out to our lfs, and got a new Betta! His name is Orzo, as he is a kitchen fish and most of our fish seem to have food names! lol. He is a beautiful comb tail. He is eating well, and is a very healthy little guy. I was very impressed with all the Bettas they had, they were kept in small glass bowls, filled with a lot of water, but all the fish looked very healthy! Most even had a big bubble nest on the top of their bowl. So now for the pictures! Meet Orzo!
  2. she's so pretty! my female looks a lot like her
  3. that stinks i'm glad you found someone to repair it, hope all goes well!
  4. nice set up! and you have some gorgeous fish! =]
  5. ciscokidd

    My Betta

    he's so gorgeous
  6. He looks great in it! its such a pretty tank!
  7. ciscokidd

    Cute Pic

    aw thats such a cute pic!
  8. gorgeous cant wait till the fish move in
  9. your tank and fish are soooo gorgeous
  10. gorgeous tank pretty fish as well !
  11. he is so cute! i love his coloring
  12. your tank looks great!
  13. i hope it all works out for you. i went away for a week in April. My 3 betta tanks went to my best friends house. && i had to go with the automatic feeder thing for my goldfish that you clip on the side of the tank, it worked really well.
  14. ciscokidd

    Outside Beta?

    i agree with fuzzy peaches, it can get pretty hot in florida(as you know,lol)
  15. i'm so sorry =[ rip little slappy
  16. great coloring that is one pretty fish!
  17. oh no ! Sorry for your&your daughters lose Dana
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