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  1. thanks everyone the kitchen looks so empty without him ,and his tank set up. We will probably get a new Betta next weekend, or like my mom like to say "rescue a betta"
  2. hi all i haven been on here for so long, i have been very busy.. i have some sad news: today i went to look at Chutney our kitchen Betta and i could not find him; puzzled i look all around the tank and find him in the plastic tube in the tank for the filter it was a terrible site! my mom and i suspect our kitten scared him into the tubing and he could not get out, and he suffocated. What a terrible way for him to die =( he was such a healthy, happy fish too, we had him for 13 months. He will be missed! I will now change all of my tanks, and remove the plastic tubing, so none of my other fish will die this way. RIP Chutney, (this is a pic of him, before he got his tank)
  3. that stinks i'm glad you found someone to repair it, hope all goes well!
  4. nice set up! and you have some gorgeous fish! =]
  5. gorgeous cant wait till the fish move in
  6. your tank and fish are soooo gorgeous
  7. gorgeous tank pretty fish as well !
  8. he is so cute! i love his coloring
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