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  1. Mine carries black and blue orandas, but I haven't seen any. My chocolate oranda that my sister gave me came from Pet$mart.
  2. Oh, believe me, I had about an hour long rant, cursing up and down the walls. Funny thing is, I had told my sister when I agreed to treat Cauliflower for her that I COULD NOT keep him. I told her I have no room and that she bought him, so he's her fish, not mine, and she agreed to take him back.
  3. We need to find you a new book! You'd never have to do a boring google search for work/uni again! Do you know how many hours it takes to find nothing about an important subject on the internet??? I could save you that time! I've spent 3 hours looking for something on calcium diheptdecanoate and I can find nothing except that calcium diheptanoate, which is missing about 20 carbons, is used in make-up. This is not helpful. I could save you that kind of pain! Also I will send you adorable pics of my hamsters Wow! That's almost tempting enough for me to buy it! If only you could come take my psych final for me! I'd buy you the fish and pay you for taking the final!
  4. Very tempting, but it's a hassle to move fish and tanks across the ocean! I'm moving to Lansing in a couple years for the vet program, then I won't have to deal with her anymore. It sounds bad/mean since she's my sister, but if you knew her, you'd understand.
  5. Yes, Sarah, that's her. My parents are hoping that one day she'll wake up and be more responsible.
  6. She's 30. She really should know better, but she has a history of this. In the last 8 years, she's had 2 rabbits, 10 cats, and 3 dogs. I'm thinking about getting something between 90 and 150 gal. I can leave up to 8 of my fancies in my 90 gal that I have right now and then put the rest in the new tank.
  7. Here's what I got before my camera died: And then Cauliflower, who I was already taking care of for her.
  8. I have been keeping my sister's oranda in my QT for the last 2 weeks because she "couldn't handle" salting his tank (he had some beat up fins and prominent red veins in his fins). Well tonight I came home from work, went up to my room to change, and found 3 new fish in my 10 gallon QT. I asked my mom where they came from. My sister had dropped them off and my mom put them up there (I was pleasantly surprised the she knew to put them in there instead of the 90 gal). I called my sister. She told me that while I was taking care of the oranda, that she didn't want an empty tank, so she bought 3 more fish for the tank (2 orandas and either a ryukin or fantail). Then, today they decided that they didn't want to keep goldfish because they would be limited to how many they could have, so she dropped them off here and then bought a bunch of tropicals. I was thinking about having her take them back, but I would rather keep them and know that they are going to be taking care of. Good thing I was already tank shopping!
  9. It's actually a butt-shaped tomato. lol It's the icon for the Fat Bottomed Girl's club.
  10. When are we going to see some pictures of this beauty in his new home??
  11. If you have gravel in your current tank, you can transfer that to the new tank too, lots of good BB.
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