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  1. Midwest Custom Aquarium did a fabulous job putting my 100 gallon bow front together along with the cabinet and stand. They also plumbed the stand with the filtration system. Generally they make tanks quite a bit bigger than my 100. I am not sure if it is appropriate to mention another forum, but monsterfishkeepers,com includes many people with extremely large tanks and a wealth of knowledge on how to establish them.

    Depending on how far you want to go you can hook up your filters to your house plumbing to more easily drain and fill your tank which is what I do. My case is simpler because our well water does not contain chlorine or chloramine. I wish there was a reasonably priced vacuum as an alternative to the Python and the Eheim gravel vac.

    Sounds like you have a great adventure ahead of you.

  2. What filter are you using Sod ? Flow rate calculations are also important depending on how you have your filter set up and what it's primary filtration method is. If you are using different grade sponges/pads and floss it will primarily be doing mechanical filtration with some biological filtration taking place so you would want a higher flow rate (8-10 times per hour). If you have mostly ceramic/bio ball media with one or two (usually 1 course and 1 fine sponge/pad) you will be doing mostly biological filtration with some mechanical filtration taking place and the recommended flow rate for that is 4-6 times per hour.

    Hi Alistair, I'm using Aqua One Aquis 1250. The media set up can be seen here http://www.aquaone.c...s_advance_2.php

    It has 3 baskets, and all 3 baskets are filled with bio media. It also has multiple sponges, 2 of them being 15ppi, 1 being 35ppi, and final layer is filter wool to polish the water.

    So im guessing this is mostly a bio filtration method with some mechanical?

    What are your readings for nitrite and for nitrate?

    Hi Phoenix1 - my Nitrate levels never go above 10ppm as I do 2x water changes a week. 1 month ago I treated with prazi and could not do a water change for 7 days, and at that time the nitrate went to 20ppm. I dont have a nitrite test kit at the moment as i've ran out and haven't replaced it yet.

    With nitrate levels not exceeding 20 ppm you probably do not have a nitrite problem.

    How often do you clean your bio media and sponges/filter wool?

  3. I have to keep our aquarium silent because of my wife's neurological condition so I also had to brainstorm. As mentioned air pumps are not essential if you have enough surface agitation. Eheim canister filters are one of several very quiet filters; they are available "used" generally through EBAY. You might try a lid and/or a canopy for the tank. A canopy/cabinet can be sound proofed.

  4. I'm happy to find a forum with a Goldfish rather than Koi emphasis (no offense to koi). We have

    46 Gallon Unplanted Tank

    Nicely decorated including a castle and substrate

    Nemo 5" red and orange Ryukin (white tail)

    Precious 4" red and orange Crown Pearlscale (white tail)

    Eheim 2028 (new)

    Emperor 280

    Eheim 2028 (used) on the way

    Ammonia 0

    Nitrites .05

    Nitrates 20

    I set things up for my wife who is incapacitated from a car accident. It takes her mind off the suffering. She's real attached to the fish and they respond to her. She'd love to get two more. We realize we'll need a larger tank when they outgrow the 46 gallon.

    Even though we're not looking for anything even approaching show quality, we're still disappointed with the selection at the LFS. We would like to get in touch with some Wisconsin breeders. My wife is looking for healthy and beautiful goldfish (3 to 4") that show character and that are very interactive. Her preference is for a red cap oranda, red/orange crown pearlscale, and red/orange Ryukin.

    Any suggestions?

    In anticipation of a larger tank I purchased a used Filtronics/Startronics UV Sterilizer minus the guts (bulb, ballast, quartz sleeve?, etc.). It takes a 30 watt, 36" bulb with a 3" diameter. I only paid $10 for it since I knew I'd have a really hard time locating the missing parts. Anyone out there know where I can get parts? I do know where I can get a bulb if I ever put the rest of it together.


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