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  1. Thanks, it's gratifying to have him reach this stage.
  2. Hi Guys, Been a while but I was taking some pictures this evening and thought about this thread. Unfortunately I lost one of the babies (years ago) but the other one is still going strong. I hope all your fish are doing well. Best, Sonny
  3. The temperature of your pond will depend on where you live (how cold it gets in the winter), the depth/size of your pond and the exposure of cirulating water to the cold air. Personally, I wouldn't want the water temp of my fancies to go below 60. In fact, some of my big-bellied fish have shown signs of stress when the temp gets down to 65. Heaters can get expensive. Plastic greenhouse type covers are really good.
  4. He/She is impressive but I think its tummy is funny looking.
  5. Taksan, have you got any pictures that show your entire pond? I'd love to know more details of the filtration system too.
  6. Wow! They're big! Looks like you've provided them with a nice home too.
  7. Your pond, fish and pictures are all beautiful. Can you share some secrets for taking those photos?
  8. Green water seems to be agreeing with them. They look like very happy fish! Pretty too!
  9. Andy, I do see a resemblance! Oh emm gee... If not siblings they surely share a common ancestor.
  10. Erin, my last post was before I saw this one... I understand that your tap water is bad and very likely an RO system is a good idea and you just need to understand the consequences of using RO water. Before you start adjusting your kh or gh I would recommend testing your source water a few hours after treating with Vitatrace. Does anyone else here at Koko's use RO water?
  11. Dan, thanks for the links. I read through those threads and I see that Erin has been struggling with her water for quite a while now. If you tested the pure RO water you should have 0 kh and 0 gh with a ph of 6.0. I believe Vitatrace *should* be replenishing your water though. Did you run your gh and kh tests before or after adding Vitatrace? If after, how long after adding Vitatrace? Erin, I do not have any experience using RO water and feel unqualified to comment on an exact regimen for using it. At the risk of sounding overly simplistic here's what I think you need to focus on. (Sometimes getting back to basics is the most beneficial thing.) When your fish aren't thriving it is always good to take slow and methodical approach to figuring out what the problem is and keep a diary so you can go back later and analyze trends or identify the effects of any changes. Make sure the water you are using for your water changes (source water) is of good quality. I would do a full range of tests on your source water and aquarium water (ammonia, nitrIte, nitrAte, ph, kh, gh, temperature) immediately before doing a water change. Check to make sure all source water readings are within the normal range according to the recommendations on the test kit. Write your findings down. Try to match the temperature as closely as possible. PH differences will stress the fish also. Put an airstone in your reserve water tanks to provide circulation and air exchange. Make sure your water quaility stays good. As long as your fish aren't thriving it would be good to run the full range of tests (ammonia, nitrIte, nitrAte, ph, kh, gh, temperature) as often as possible. If possible check them twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening so you can identify any daily swings that might be stressful to your fish. Write everything down. Let the nitrAte levels alert you to the need for water changes. I hope this helps and I hope you get some advice from someone who actually uses RO water. Also, it is my understanding that the effects of high nitrAtes can be permanent so even if you achieve optimal water quality your fish may never regain their former vigor. But I believe that striving for healthy water is always the best thing you can do for your fish.
  12. Erin, that is what I was afraid of but didn't know if the product you were adding to the RO water would provide GH/KH. GH/KH are necessary to the well-being of your fish. I will do some research into using RO water. I know other use it but RO removes most everything from your water so you need to make sure you are adding the necessities back. Also, can you provide some information as to why you decided to go the RO route to begin with? In other words, why do you believe your water is so bad that RO is the only way to go? I am under the impression that most water conditioners (i.e. Prime) will neutralize the harmful metals so I am curious to understand what lead you to this process. Is there a thread where you discuss this? How are your fish doing?
  13. Erin, I'm a little out of my comfort zone here. Please check the gh and kh as they are important for the health of the fish and your filters. Baking soda is often used to increase kh and thus stabilize ph. I routinely add it to my tap water before adding to the tank but the amount depends on your target kh. I believe crushed coral has the same effect but I don't know how long it takes to work. *If it were me* I would do a partial water change using standard tap water that is dechlorinated (w/Prime or somesuch) and aged for a few hours. This may help dilute whatever problems are in the water despite your concern of the iron. I would also post in the 911 area with as much info as you have about your source water, tank water, and any other questions to get help from the most knowledgeable folks here. I wish I had a more definitive solution for you but R/O isn't something I have used before.
  14. I don't know anything about using RO water. I do know that kh helps stabilize ph. So, if you've removed all your ph buffering capacity (kh) it may be responsible for the drop in ph. Erin, I understand you had your water tested and had some concerns about 'bad iron'. Is that why you decided to use RO water?
  15. Yes, you should be able to find them at your lfs. Aquarium pharmaceuticals sells a test kit I believe. gh = general hardness, kh = carbonate hardness http://www.petstore.com/ps_ViewItem-Search...ts-vendor-.html
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