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  1. Have you thought about 7 gallons? I have a MiniBow 7 that I ADORE! It's the cutest little tank and it might open you up to a couple more fishies and still save space (perfect desktop tank... although we have it on the kitchen counter right now). Anyway, I think guppies would be great as well personally, either way
  2. Right now I basically have what came with my filter in there.... a sponge, carbon packet and a plastic mesh baggy of those little ceramic cylinders, but a recent thread got me thinking: exactly what type of media should I ACTUALLY be using? I heard mentioned that most don't use carbon, and I know I saw somewhere else that the ammonia absorbing ceramic peices can be dangerous too because they only absorb so much and then if you add salt at anytime they dump it all back into the tank. So the question is what SHOULD I be using instead of what I have now? Suggestions and advice are very much needed and welcome!
  3. Okay... so a freind has offered me a pair of male twin bar platies (really pale almost see through yellow with two black bars on the tail).... if I took them would I still be able to have some sort of Gourami and a couple guppies. If that wouldn't be overstocking... I think that would complete the look of the tank. Are there any other really small fish that might do well in this tank other than guppies? I think I would want somthing that wouldnt take away from the Gourami. Also... I think I'm going to go for some anubias to start with.... any other plant suggestions that might do well with stock lighting. I tried anacharis once but all it did was rot and clog up my filter with its little leaves.
  4. Hello again! A series of events (a while ago) has left me with an empty 7g bow front.... it's cycled (-ish) and I'd like to plant it with some low-light plants and maybe set up a mini-type community tank. If anyone could make some suggestions of some possible combinations (and amounts) of fish that might do well in this kind of situation, that would be fantastic. I love the look of some of the dwarf gouramis and was wondering if that might work. The second option would be just to do some guppies (just a few as I know they breed like crazy). What do you guys think?
  5. Thats a really awesome video! Great for beginners and great for tank design ideas.... he did a fantastic job.... it's given me some ideas as to what I'm going to do with my weekend, lol! Thanks for sharing it!
  6. I just wanted to add that you should NOT look at this decision as irresponsible; realizing your inability to deal with the situation and taking appropriate action is the most responsible thing that you COULD do. I think that it was incredibly brave of you to come to the forum to seek help as I know from experience in such situations, it can be a little intimidating at times! Good luck and best wishes in figuring out this situation.
  7. Alot of it has to do with genetics... and it's often hard to tell when they're young how things will turn out (My red and white oranda Hoover had no wen what so ever when I got him and now six months later, he's got a nice full face going on), however a good visual clue on a young fish would be a nicely sized wen (relative to it's size of course) already showing, though even that isnt a complete garuntee. If you absolutely HAVE to have one like that (and who could blame you), your only sure shot would be to get an older goldy who already has a healthy, huge wen... some places will have them, some wont; I know my local vvvv has one whole tank with just three huge orandas and all of them have great wens. I remember when I got Hoover that I was SO tempted, but I'm really glad I didnt do it because watching Hoover blossom has been so much more rewarding! Good luck! PS: Color enhancing diets and lots and lots of bloodworms can also give wen growth a boost too!
  8. I ADORE my ACs as well... they're decently priced, flexible in media options (can pretty much put whatever you want in there), sleek looking, sturdily attach to any aquarium, run smoothly. The only issue I've had with mine is that when the plug is pulled (or power goes out, etc) when it starts back up, whether or not it will actually run right away without help is kind of a hit or miss proposition; sometimes it will, sometimes it wont... it's not really a big deal, usually all that's required is a couple scoopsful of water from my hand to the fiter resevoir and everythings ginger peachy.
  9. I think that it's kinda pretty.... (then again I'm an art history student) BUT! Not for a goldfish... that's ridiculous!! And I do have to agree; it does look like an ornate upsidedown lightbulb instead of a fish tank/bowl LOL!
  10. LOL Katalyst! I did the SAME thing for about two months and when the apartment thing came together finally I looked at my mom and went, "I'M GITTEN-IT!!" which was of course answered with, "But hunny, you already have a little tank for him.." followed of course by "IT'S MINE! I'm bringin' it home baby!" LOL! Totally deaf to all arguments, thats me! Thanks for the well wishes Vmlola... I have had alot of fun decorating it (it helps when your mother is ultra generous). I actually finally got my posters up and discovered that the walls still look blank... darn it... I guess I'll have to get more... *smiles mischeviously*
  11. I personally have tried aquarium kits and for me they really aren't all that they're cracked up to be... The last time I got a new tank, I purchased all the componants seperately and I really loved the flexibility it gave me. For example, I'm really interested in trying a planted tank eventually so I bought the 20H tank and then was able to find a decently priced glass cover. Also when I'm ready to buy a good light, I havent spent cash on a stock light that I wouldnt need (I used a previous one for the interum). Not to mention the money wasted on the kit filter when you're just going to have to replace it anyway I guess its just all about what you need.. LOL!
  12. Thanks so much for all the compliments guys! I'm really happy with how it all came out; finally my fish have the home they deserve (fish abuser no more! LOL)... I just added a bubble wall yesterday for aeration and the only thing I have left to add is a small heater because for some reason with the larger volume of water, opposed to the 12g, things tend to stay a little bit more chilly and the fishies are acting a bit sluggish (just hanging at the bottom a bit more than I'd like). The apartments been great too (although I havent actually slept in it yet.. lol)... its really nice to have my own space and to have the option to be closer to school and avoid the morning commuter traffic (plus! Minus the extra 45 minute drive means more sleep for me! Molto importante when you have Italian class at 9am!) EDIT: Whoops! I totally just realized that even though there's some of the fish, most of this is about my tank... probably should have been posted to the "Planted Tank" forum... please move this if there is a need. My mistake!
  13. Love, love, love your fish!! The Ranchu really is stunning and I LOVE the name you gave your pearlscale... Bruiser is adorable!
  14. Actually it's an oranda and a fantail, but thanks! I'm quite please with the whole situation myself... LOL
  15. AND! Just for fun.... Some of my new apartment, please excuse the blank walls; I havent had a chance to put up my posters, etc. yet : The "Study" (Which is adjacent to the bed on the left side) A wide shot
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