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  1. Thanks for all your help and responses! They really mean a lot. I've been doing this so many years, but each situation is still so different. The tank has been salt free for almost a week now. The fin erosion didn't start till I had been salting for about a week or so. She is still bottom sitting, so I'm thinking that parasites are most likely part of the problem. I'm giong to see if I can order the Panacur or something similar. My sister is a vet tech but the only Panacur they have is for horses and we have no idea how to dose such a high amount safely!! The raised scales really worry me, too. It just happened in the last couple days. She's been so stressed that I only turn the light for a little while every other day to check for just such things. I'll see if I can get that Jungle food. I'm pretty sure we carry it at the store, but she also doesn't seem to have much appetite.
  2. My poor ryukin is getting worse, with different problems now. I've stopped using salt and am only using Prazi. The tank has a good amount of nitrates and is still in a nitrite spike, but there's no ammonia. The problem is that not only is she bottom sitting 99% of the time, she's also got a patch of raised scales on one side now. I know it's not an injury since she's the only one in there, she's not active, and she wouldn't have hit it on anything. She has a slight bit of finrot at the edges of her damaged fins. The salt receded all her fins back a good amount, so when I realized that I stopped using it. I'd say the whole tank is only fresh water now (I hope so, because I poured it on the trees earlier). I'm still doing water changes every other day. What should I treat with, a broad range antibiotic? I usually lean toward Maracyn/Maracyn II, but is there anything else anyone can recommend? I'd like to start treating tomorrow.
  3. As a former fellow fish employee, I hear you and completely sympathize. For all the great customers I had who were thrilled to listen to what I had to say, there were always those ignorant and downright rude people that just love to ruin your day. Some people just don't want to hear it and want to continue doing things the way they've always done, even when they're not successful. I'll never know why people don't mind dropping money on fish over and over again only to just have them keep dying. Our store was a mom n pop store, not a chain, but we still weren't allowed to turn away customers. Despite our best efforts, we still had to sell fish that we knew would die. The best was the people who would buy clownfish (Nemos!) to go in with goldfish. They spent $8 on a fish they knew would die in a couple hours!! Can you believe that? I even had someone want to buy a $10 black moor to feed to an oscar, just because he thought it would be funny to see the oscar try to eat it. I'll never understand some people.
  4. What a great find!! A 90 is an awesome size--big but not as long as a 100 gallon, so easier to fit on a wall in the house... though I am one to have more aquariums than furniture... Gross about the roaches! Hope you got rid of all of them. I'd give it another good spray to get rid of any eggs before bringing it indoors. I found a gross used tank myself the other day! It was a 55 gallon sitting on the floor of a pet store, with dirty gravel, empty snail shells, a beer can and trash in it! It was free for the taking so we loaded it into the car. Hehe!
  5. I can't believe I missed this topic! I finally wrote to Sue tonight because I was worried that I hadn't heard anything, afraid something had happened to it, or that you thought it was a mail bomb or something and returned it. I am so glad you like it so much, and that it was able to lift your spirits. I'm so sorry for your loss, and glad that it brightened your day a bit. Thank you so much for the kind words from everyone. They really mean a lot to me. This business is something I've wanted to pursue for a long time and losing my job was the push I needed to do it! I absolutely love creating my art, and of course the fish art is my favorite. When it goes to people who really love and appreciate it means a lot, because, like Sue, I get very attached to every piece I make. (I've ended up keeping more than my share of my work, believe me!! I have a beautiful calico ranchu that I'm trying to make myself part with!) Anyway again, so glad you liked it.
  6. That's great to hear! I have never had to repair my snails' shells (lucky for them, our water here is liquid granite!) but it's great to hear how it went for you. Post pics when you get a chance! I've never seen the repaired shells, only ever read about them.
  7. Pixie, I'm seeing if I can either get that through the pet store or vet. How would you administer it to fish?
  8. I definitely agree. I will do research and see if I can find that over here. I can't get this tank to cycle for anything! I've been doing water changes to keep ammonia and nitrite down but they've been spiking badly all week. I haven't been feeding the poor fish, AND I put two mature, seeded biowheels in the tank from my 100 gallon, and nothing! Thanks for your help!
  9. Very interesting! I'm going to look them up. So they are predatory snails, interesting.
  10. He came in wearing a very, very old, beat up murex. (Not sure what kind it is, but will try and ID it!) He immediately made a beeline for a nice, smooth Turbo petholatus! Mine! All mine! The old shell. He moved out and hasn't looked back! The new addition to the tank has been recovering from his ordeal by snacking on earthworm castings, eggshell, mealworms and fresh fruit. He spent yesterday sunning and relaxing upstairs in the moss pit. I think he's really adjusting well to his new life here! And by the way, I checked, and he is indeed a big beautiful male! I don't usually name a lot of my crabs because purple pinchers can look very similar. Right now I have another large male, also in the same kind of shell, but he has a lot of hair so for the time being that's how I'm telling these two apart.
  11. The last time I went to the pet store, I came home with a huge ryukin. So I wasn't supposed to be left unattended there again. I went shopping with JD the other night after dinner, and he went off talking with his boss for awhile. he was gone about a half hour so I started shopping. When he finally met back up with me, I was holding a large container of salt, mealworms and a large hermit crab! This crab was the only sign of life in a tank with dead crabs and rotten, old food. Years ago when I worked at the store, I really got their treatment changed and improved their care. No one had ever paid attention to the hermit crabs before and I was able to educate employees and customers alike. It was great. Anyway, this was a huge, sad looking purple pincher. Poor crab has to be at least 11 or 12 years old. I knew I had room, I knew I had the capacity to give him a good life, so of course he came home with me! Look at the color on this one! You can tell he's been caught recently and hasn't been in captivity that long since his colors are still very intense.
  12. Beautiful snails! I've never heard of an assassin snail before. They look very similar to vexillum shells, which are marine snails. Nice tank!
  13. Thanks for the response. I would definitely agree that the salt is hindering the cycle. Of course, it's a very large fish in a small tank, too. She is better since the big water change, so I think I'll keep the salt at .2%. I was doing about 30-40% water changes every other day, and adding new Prazi every third day.
  14. Rather than start a new post, I wanted to add on to this one. The tank has been cycling, despite my best efforts to seed it with used filter material. So that's one problem, but I have it under control. The fish breathes hard (I'm sure partly from flukes and partly from ammonia/nitrite) and had been bottom sitting since I got her. She perked up for about a day, but then I noticed all her fins, including tail, were becoming severely eroded. Also last night, she started shedding her slime coat. I decided it was probably her intolerance to the salt and immediately did a 50% water change. Is it possible for some fish not to tolerate it? I thought .03% was a pretty slight amount. Could she be reacting to the Prazi? I wanted to keep her salted for at least a month to get past the danger of all parasites. What should I do?
  15. I've never done a 100% water change on a healthy, cycled tank. It seems completely unnecessary to me. I do take my canister filter apart approximately once a month to do a deep clean. There is more of a chance that bad bacteria are lurking in there than anywhere else in my tank (it's barebottom with some rock).
  16. I use Prime and add it before I turn the water back on. It binds to the chlorine and chloramines and metals instantly.
  17. I understand that you're worried! As long as you scrape all the old silicone off cleanly and add new silicone and let it cure, you shouldn't have a problem. The tank has the plastic frame around the top and bottom, right? That will keep it all together while you're working. You can use a razor blade to scrape off all the old stuff. And just make sure the silicone you got says aquarium or waterproof. I've always used the All Glass one, but I also have one by Loctite sitting next to me, and it's for indoor/outdoor use.
  18. Glad you like them! Looking at Speck, on first glance, wouldn't you panic and think he had ich!? That's what I thought the first time I saw this. I wanted to post this for some who maybe haven't seen them before.
  19. I like oscars, too! I read the greatest story once about a tropical pond. The person lived someplace warm, and kept all sorts of cichlids in an outdoor pond. They trained the oscars to hand feed, just like we do with our goldfish! Just for the record, feeders are TERRIBLE food for oscars! They actually need some veggies so a meat/veggie pellet diet is best.
  20. OK thanks, that's what I was thinking. I'm just going to continue with the salt. I need to go do a small partial water change right now (and need to remember not to pour it on my plants). Thanks for your quick response! I was just wondering if I was going to have to run to the pet store before it closes, but I have plenty of salt so I won't.
  21. Yes, that is another really great point! I know it seems like common sense, but it's really easy to get distracted and forget. I've overflowed that 100 gallon more than once.
  22. I have seen a lot of posts lately about accidents during water changes, with fish getting sucked into or up against Pythons and tubing. It can be very dangerous, because the water pressure is very strong, and is concentrated into a small area. Small goldfish can be pulled in and killed, and larger fish can get sucked up against it and lose eyes or other body parts. Years ago, a friend's large black moor got sucked into a Python and lost both of his eyes. First, NEVER EVER EVER leave the room, even for a second, while you are doing a water change. A fish can get pulled in very quickly. The Python is great because it has an emergency shut off valve. You can also cover the lower end of the siphon to stop suction when a fish gets too close. My personal favorite way to do this is by leaving the Python in a basket after I'm done siphoning the bottom of the tank. Since I have a large tank, I can leave the Python for awhile while I go do other things. The basket ensures that no fish will get pulled up against it because they won't be able to get near it, and the suction is diffused. I also don't let the Python suck up flat against the bottom of the basket. You'll see that I have it propped in there at an angle. Please consider using something like this when doing water changes, unless you plan to be there and be very attentive throughout the entire process.
  23. This is my fantail Speck showing off his breeding stars! Notice the white crusty row along the first ray of his pectoral fin! On my oranda, the only place his stars show up are these, since his wen covers his gill plates. Oops, didn't realize that pic didn't come up the first time!
  24. Just one? Ha! Just wait, you'll see more as the weather starts to warm up. Some of mine get so many, they're all over their heads! It's so funny. I have a pic in goldfish photos of my fish, Speck, with some very obvious breeding stars!
  25. I know the feeling about customers who don't want to spend money and don't care if the fish will die. I remember this one girl who wanted three orandas to keep in a vase and I started trying to tell her that it wouldn't work and she got all nasty and said, "I've kept them for a long time and know what I'm doing." Oh, really? She's probably the kind of person who thinks an "old" goldfish is one that they've had for a year. ANother thing, please do not feed the gar feeders!! Do you have feeder guppies or anything else? Goldfish are HORRIBLE food and aren't nutritious at all. I don't know why anyone ever started using them as feeders. THey are extremely fatty and will eventually cause liver disease to the fish that eat them. Also, they are usually fed to tropical fish who would never find them in the wild. It's much better to give them guppies or something tropical. And never give goldfish to saltwater fish! Anyway, I can completely sympathize with you. I worked at the pet store for almost five years, on and off. I loved it most of the time but there were really, really hard days. My boss wanted us to sell things, so I couldn't refuse to sell something even if I knew it was going to die. We flat out told people things would die and they still wanted them. There's a culture of people out there who know nothing about fish, don't want to learn, and don't mind just replacing them regularly. Then they tell others how to keep fish, and the trend continues. ANd there are certain cultures who want to keep fish improperly because that's the way they do it in their country. Not to point fingers at any certain cultures, but there are people who want so many goldfish of one color (in way too small of a tank), and others who fight bettas regularly because that's part of their culture. We of course couldn't refuse to sell them. Let's see, it wasn't always customers who frustrated me. How are your coworkers? Hopefully they are much more mature than the people I worked with who wanted to play around all the time and never help customers. I remember some that had feeder fights, throwing feeder goldfish at each other. So.... I hear you and feel your pain!
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