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  1. Has anyone else noticed a big change in the quality of these filter pads? I've been using Marineland filters for almost 8 years now, and I remember I used to be able to wash and reuse my filter cartridges for months at a time.

    For the last year or so I've been noticing that I have to replace them at least once a month because they start disintegrating. When I wash them, the blue particles wash out. Today I was vaccuming one of my tanks and noticed all this blue crud at the bottom, and couldn't figure out what it was. When I pulled out the filter cartridge, blue particles went everywhere.

    I am guessing they are made with a poly material or plastic. In my environmental studies I know plastic never truly breaks down! I'm wondering when the change in quality happened, and is this harmful to my fish?

    I've had so many fish health issues that I've worked so hard to resolve, I really don't need the stupid filter cartridges causing more headaches.

  2. I swore I wouldn't get any goldfish. I have been devastated by the loss of several of my fish this year?new and old, due to a few different reasons. I only had five left, split between a few small tanks.

    I went to the pet store to get a baby hermit crab (a sad one that I had seen a few days before and really wanted to rescue!). While I was waiting, I made the mistake of wandering down the aisle where the goldfish were. Of course, I found a tiny calico pearlscale, all alone in the tank. He immediately wiggled up to me, just going crazy. He was just precious, but I told myself I really didn't need another fish right now.

    I bought the crab, went home, and thought about the little pearlie for the next three days. Of course, I ended up rushing back to get him after work one day, hoping he was still there. He was, so I brought him home.

    He's currently in a 10 gallon quarantine tank, but he might stay there for awhile till he grows a bit. I named him Junjie after one of our Chinese leopards at the zoo! Enjoy.




  3. OK, I'll just treat the Q tank. Looks like I may be treating the main tank(s) for costia now...

    So, no one online does carry Dimilin anymore. I remember years back, seeing it on the shelves at the pet store. Now I'm on an all-out hunt for Parasite Clear, which also used to be readily available.

    Ugh, I hate all these medication restrictions! I feel so bad for the people outside the US who have an even harder time!! :(

  4. Thanks so much for all the replies, they are very much appreciated! I should be able to find the Parasite Clear here in town.

    The little fish looks perfectly fine. No red spot, nothing. But I should still treat him, right?

    Do you think I need to treat the main tank? No new fish, plants, rocks, equipment, anything has gone into that tank for over a year and a half.

  5. OK thank you to you both!! I really appreciate it. You know how it is when you panic!

    I'll order the Dimilin. Do you think I should swab the sore with PP anyway? I already tried to remove it but I'm pretty sure it broke. It's hard with the tiny ones. Do you think it will get infected if I don't swab? I have PP so I can do that tonight, at least.

    I've checked that fish and my main tank fish carefully and don't see any more on any of them, so I guess that's good news, at least.

  6. I have a new little pearlscale in quarantine. My typical QT procedure: 10 gallon, cycled with used media from main tank, completely separate equipment. Water is hard here, pH runs about 8.0 and temp is in the low 80s (steady).

    I have been doing 30% weekly waterchanges, and got this fish a week ago, last Friday. Seems to be in perfect health-perky, active, feeding and pooping normally.

    Just now, I noticed a tiny anchorworm on his dorsal fin! It has the little worm sticking out and that typical nasty sore! This fish definitely didn't have this a week ago! Where would it have come from? I've never, ever had a fish with AW! (Again, this is the reason why you ALWAYS quarantine!)

    What should I do to treat this little fish? Should I try to pull out the worm? It's so small I'm afraid it will just fall off. What should I treat the tank with?

    If you can help, I'd really appreciate it! I have trouble when it comes to parasite med knowledge!

  7. They're supposedly illegal in CA now, too, for the same reasons as in FL. (so many things are illegal because of this!) I still see them for sale occasionally, though, and hope to get some again someday.

    What a cute little golden snail! Those are my favorite. It's so fun to look in a tank and see this bright yellow thing! And the best part is they're naturally that color, not painted like so many of the hermit crabs' shells.

    And Slimy is an excellent name! Almost as good as Snail, the name I came up with for mine years ago!! :rofl

  8. I recently lost both of my fish (in different quarantine tanks). I have two completely separate Q tank setups. I added enough PP to turn the water deep purple, and it's been purple since yesterday. I'm soaking cups, hoses, and other stuff in the tanks, and have the filters running.

    How long does it take to completely disinfect everything? Do I let the PP deactivate? Is one dose enough? How would parasites live in completely dry tanks/buckets?

    Also, I have three biowheels in the tanks. Are they going to be disinfected, too? I'd rather not replace them since it was a HUGE hassle to find them in the first place. I'm pretty sure one fish had velvet and I really don't know what the other had.

    Suggestions are welcome! I don't plan to have any new fish anytime soon.

  9. I've had this new baby fish for several weeks and he seemed to be in great health when I first got him. But for the last couple weeks he has been bottom sitting with clamped fins, and his slimecoat looks dusty, which is what led me to diagnose velvet.

    I do the same QT procedure as with my last new fish. This little guy is in a cycled 5 gallon with a Biowheel mini filter. He eats Progold daily and up until the last week had a good appetite.

    No ammonia or nitrite, water changes every couple of days.

    I started treating with Prazi a week ago, no improvement.

    I've tried searching all over the site, but what do you recommend for treating velvet? For now I might try the General Cure, since I already have it.

  10. No, I haven't gotten any because she won't eat at all. I'm going to try mysis or something else later to try to entice her. But I wasn't going to spend money to buy all that stuff online if she wouldn't eat it. :(

    Poor girl, I'm hoping that when she feels better she'll want to eat. You know, even when we're sick it's hard to get us to eat. :(

  11. Just wanted to post an update on Pumpkin. She is hanging in there, still lethargic, but her scales haven't lifted any more. She is still bottom sitting but not clamping fins.

    Last night I noticed that she has a large, liquid-filled bump on top of her head, and her eyes are popping out. I know that she has some organ damage because she's retaining fluid. I don't know what to do for that other than epsom salt.

    I did a 50% water change and started her second round of General Cure. I think I'm going to try Tetracycline next, unless someone has a better idea. I want to make sure I wipe out all the parasites first and then attack the bacteria, in case that's what it is.

    Here are some pics of the bump:



  12. Thanks everyone! He's zipping around his quarantine tank right now.

    Before I bought the ryukin last month, I hadn't bought any fish in over a year. I figure I can find a place to keep them and have enough smaller tanks, I can take down the 100 and still take them all with me when I move! :)

  13. We went to our favorite store in Chinatown, San Francisco, yesterday. It's called Pet Central and I've been getting goldfish there for years. I always come away with something nice.

    Since I don't have a lot of space and plan to move soon, I didn't really want to get anything new, so I decided I'd only get something if it was absolutely amazing and really jumped out at me.

    I had wanted a calico pearlscale but they didn't have any, so I just wandered up and down, looking at things. Lots of big, beautiful ryukin and orandas. Some pretty nice lionheads, too. I really just need a couple empty 100 gallons so I can go there and fill them!! :) Anyway, this one tiny fantail just really stood out to me. He reminds me so much of Merle, my blue and black shubunkin in my signature, who I lost a couple years ago. The blue and black coloring is just so striking and beautiful. And I really love his big, broad tail. I can just imagine what he'll look like as he grows!

    So, what do you think? He of course is in quarantine for awhile but will be introduced to the 100 gallon after that!




  14. Hi, I did a 50% water change yesterday and added the second dose of General Cure. I will try the epsom as well.

    She is okay but not great. I gently picked her up and her belly is definitely mushy. I don't know if she's been eggbound or if that is related to something else completely. Her scales are still lifted on that one side only. The rest of her scales are normal. She still can't swim too well and spends all of her time bottom sitting.

    I'm really hoping she will recover. I have a 40 gallon I wanted to dedicate to her and Whitie, my other big telescope who's being iso'd, too. I thought they'd make great companions. :(

  15. Thanks! Yeah, the weather has been in the high 90s and her water is staying consistently warm. I started treating with General Cure last night. I'm still confused about whether or not it treats bacterial infections. I also still don't know if the dropy is broguht on by bacteria or parasites. Since parasites have been the problem so far, I'm willing to bet it's that.

    I'm not treating with any salt at the moment. I may start using epsom salt tomorrow with the next water change. What is the current dosage that eveyrone is recommending? It used to be such a tiny amount (1/8 tsp per gallon) that I doubt it did any good.

  16. That's good to know! I hope it doesn't affect my precious cycle that I've been working so hard for!

    I started treating tonight with the General Cure. Pumpkin is in pretty rough shape. Her eyes are beginning to protrude now. She's a telescope, but I can see liquid-filled sacs around her eyes, which I've read that is characteristic of popeye/dropsy in telescopes. :( That was not good news.

    Pumpkin is extremely listless and I believe is starting to have swimbladder issues. I picked her up gently and she sank back to the bottom. Then she fell over on one side and struggled to get back up, and then fell over on the other side. She eventually righted herself but she is definitely having balance issues. I figure that may be because of the fluid buildup affecting her swimbladder.

    So does metro only treat parasites, or is it an antibiotic? I don't even know if she needs antibiotics at this point, since dropsy isn't always necessarily due to bacterial infections. I'm thinking in her case, everything adds up to parasites.

    Feel free to add input; still not sure if I'm handling this the best way! I hope so!

  17. Hi, Imo! Thanks so much for your response. No, unfortunately, she's not eating at all. She hasn't been active or shown interest in eating much the whole time I've had her. So the anti-parasite food is out, even though I did see some at the store last night.

    I really can't tell if her eyes are popping, because they do naturally anyway. She's got a bit of telescope in her. They don't look like they've popped out more, though.

    I'll see if I can get the Metronidazole. Do you happen to know if that's powder or liquid? I really hate to medicate with antibiotics, since I'm finally getting this tank cycled!! But this seems like the more immediate problem.

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