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  1. I rarely get ryukins anymore because I've had to euthanize every one I've ever had due to severe flipover. All the past ones I've had have had floating problems. This is my first sinker. (I didn't post in D&D since it's not really a disease?)

    I've had my red and white ryukin for about 2 1/2 years and raised him from a very small fish. He's been perfectly healthy. He's in a 40 gallon that until a few days ago housed 3 medium sized goldfish. It's filtered by a Penguin 330 and gets 50% water changes about every two weeks.

    All of the sudden this morning, he's sitting upside down at the bottom of the tank. Is there anything that any of you have tried that has helped sinkers? I was thinking of fasting for a few days and then just feeding greens, which they get regularly anyway.

  2. Awesome, Amy! I was actually going to just message you personally. LOL That is an amazing list and I'll print it out and mapquest it.

    I was trying to do searches on Google yesterday but I wasn't sure by the reviews I was reading. I mean, people were mad that their goldfish got ich and died. I did see Oranda Aquarium on there and wanted to visit just because I liked the name!

    Anyway, thank you again. I can't wait to check those out. :)

  3. I agree with what Hidr suggested?keep everything from the other tank, and keep it wet. This is what the good bacteria lives on.

    I'm not sure how you were planning to fix the tank by tomorrow but no sealant can be cured that quickly. Even the fast curing ones still take a couple days before the tank can be filled with water. The pressure of the water will cause all tank walls to bow out, and the silicone will give out.

    I don't trust re-siliconing tanks? I know it's hard but I would recommend just starting over with a new one. And I'm sure it's no consolation at the moment but try and get a couple extra tanks or the Rubbermaid that Hidr was talking about. Also keep a few extra air pumps on hands for emergencies like this.

    I used to have a 100 gallon and several other tanks and always worried about this happening. If you ever buy used tanks, fill them with water for a few days (outside!) before using them for fish, just to test the seals.

    Good luck and I hope tomorrow is a much better day!

  4. I'll be in LA in a couple weeks and was wondering if anyone knew of any good goldfish stores? Most of the ones I've been to around there are mostly saltwater or tropical stores. I know that's where all the shipments to California arrive so I know there have to be at least a couple good goldie stores!

  5. If he's lying on his side he most likely is gone. :( You can still wait awhile if you'd like. Another way to tell is the smell. Dead snail is the most awful, rancid thing you will ever smell and it will be unmistakable!

    Apple snails don't live long in heated tanks, I found out. It speeds up their metabolism and helps them grow much faster, but unfortunately it also shortens their lifespan. I had my snail, Snail, in an unheated GF tank for about 6 months, and then when I moved him to a heated tank he died within a few months. He grew about twice as fast in the heated tank.

    Sorry for your loss, if it does turn out that he has gone.

  6. What beautiful deep black ranchus! Perfect bodies and nice headgrowth. You've done very very well with your breeding!

    Your shots are good, too. I also use Photobucket. I think I've actually been using the same account for about 7 or 8 years now.

    I'll look for new shots when you have them. Do you ever show your fish?

  7. I've seen sarasa spelled both ways. A technical sarasa has to have a certain percentage of red and white to be perfect, supposedly. I don't know what the exact number is and I never cared because I just love anything red and white!

    Your new baby is adorable and I just want to squeeze him!! If I ever saw one in a store it would be immediately bagged up for me. :) I'm so partial to telescopes yet I've only ever had a few in my life. Congrats on an awesome find. :)

  8. That's awesome that you got to compete! Who cares if he got third. I think he looked much nicer than the second place fish, which I wasn't sure if it was a comet or kind of a shubunkin?? Either way, it's great that you got to be part of that. I've still never done a goldfish show but would really like to.

    That sailfin was gorgeous, BTW!

  9. Definitely do not feed more than once a day. If you want to feed only a pellet each (depending on their size) you can do that once in the morning and once at night, but most of us don't have the time to do that. Mine get fed once a day, and get fasted about twice a week.

    As for the light being on, how long are you leaving it on? What is the temperature of the tank? Is it a fluorescent light or an incandescent bulb? Incandescents put off a ton of heat and I don't like using them. You shouldn't leave the light on for more than about 10 hours a day, but that's only for fluorescent lights.

  10. You can always sterilize plants before adding them to your tank. I used Had a Snail to dip plants in first, then rinse well before putting them in the main tank. However, they also can come in even in bags with fish in them, so check carefully when adding new fish to your tank (you don't want to add pet store water anyway).

  11. Pet store fish are culls from breeders' show quality fish. In a batch of 100 fry, you'll get maybe 2 or 3 fish with the potential to be show quality. I have found several very nice pet store fish. I bought them as juveniles and was pleasantly surprised at how nice they turned out. I've had several others who never did much, but were really pretty pet fish. At the moment I have a kind of funky looking fantail that's adorable but would never win any prizes, and a long-bodied oranda who never quite got his wen!

    The best bet for buying show quality fish is getting them online or from a reputable breeder. They are usually large, since the breeder will have already weeded out lesser-quality fish. I bought some very nice fish from Dandy Orandas years back, and I know several members on here have bought from Goldfish Connection and other online sellers. Even if you don't have the money, check out some places and you can get an idea of what high-quality fish look like, and what prices you would be paying for them. :)

  12. If I have NO space then I won't even look because that's just torture! The worst was when I used to work in a fish store and was tempted by the new deliveries each week. Plus, people would sometimes just bring fish to me so I couldn't resist those!

    I went out shopping for one little fish the other night and almost came home with 3! I did restrain myself because I really only had room for one more, otherwise I would have ended up with 3 in a 20 and I'm not going to be setting a new tank up till I move.

    But I know how hard it is to walk away sometimes! Last fall I accidentally went to look at goldfish at our local pet store. Of course, the last little fish in the tank was a pudgy calico pearlscale (my total weakness!). I thought about it for 3 days before I finally went back to get him, but I had an empty 10 gallon Q tank at the time. :)

    Hopefully there will be a perfect fish just waiting for you when you have the tank set up!

  13. Cute little pudgy guys! I'm glad that sore has healed up. I usually treat with an antibiotic like Maracyn 2 but I'm glad it's seemed to heal up for you. A lot of times, they'll get injured during shipment, and the pet stores don't usually have very clean water so things get infected easily. Clean water is always the first and best thing to try!

  14. Thanks everyone! You know how it is, the idea of getting a new fish begins to tickle your brain, and then you have to jump up and go get one RIGHT THEN! Unfortunately I had to put one of my pearlscales to sleep last night. :( Having a new little guy helps a bit to deal with that.

    And I apologize for the algae spots on the tank! I had just scrubbed the tanks and guess I missed a few spots! LOL

  15. OK so I haven't bought a new fish in almost a year. I've been good! I took down my 100 gallon till I'm settled into a more permanent home (I've moved that huge tank several times since I've had it!). For now I have some smaller tanks set up.

    I've had my oranda, Tigrina, alone in my 20 long since his buddies died last year. I decided he needed a new friend, so I went to the store and waited for a fish to jump out at me!

    This little guy did:



    We decided to name him Oscar and I think it fits!



    And here's Junjie, my adorable pearlscale, for no particular reason.



  16. Glad she's doing better! Maybe she would be happier on her own. I have a male rat named Boris who isn't so nice either! LOL

    How big of a comet is she? A 20 gallon is really on the small side for comets, and it's possible that's why she jumped. (I've had them jump out of ponds that I thought were plenty big enough for their size, too). Is it possible to find her a 20 long, if you must use a 20? Get a secure lid, too. I like to make my own glass lids because they are heavy and fit securely. Sometimes your local pet store will sell extra handles that you can put on them, too. (Mine all have different mis-matched handles, haha!)

    Good luck and I hope she continues to recover.

  17. Because I find things I can't live without! I went to visit JD at the pet store last night while I was out running errands. I asked if they had any goldfish and he said, "NO!" and tried to distract me from going back there. (The whole back wall is lined with goldfish tanks!)

    Most of them were, as usual, doing poorly (since I don't work there anymore, no one cares about the goldfish like I did). Most had fungus, anchorworm or possible septicemia. There was a tank of tiny, tiny calico telescopes (one of my huge weaknesses) and immediately one tiny baby stood out to me.

    Next thing I knew, he was in a Qtank in my bathroom! Funny how that happens. He's so bitty that even my small power filter was too much for him, so I'm using a sponge filter instead. Eventually he'll be JunJie's friend in the 20 long! :)





  18. The shell contains high amounts of chitin, which they eat each time they molt so they are able to make a new shell. When animals are deficient in this, they have bad molts and can die. As long as they have a balanced diet there should be nothing to worry about.

    (He will still get your fish, though, so you may want to relocate him. After he recovers from his molt he'll have more energy and go hunting again!)

  19. I don't get on here much at the moment but wanted to share a few pics of my fish that I still have. I took down the 100 gallon recently and set up three smaller tanks. I've had the 100 running since 2004 and it was just getting to be too much since I'm renting and don't have my own place to live. So I have a more manageable 40 gallon, 20 long and 10 gallon! I've had weird illnesses so each system is completely on its own with only dedicated equipment.

    Here's an old pic of my red and white ryukin when I got him two years ago.


    And here he is now! (On the left).




    All three of my tanks are near windows now and finally are getting some sunlight. My fish were indoors in poor light for so many years that most of them faded. The sunlight really does wonders for their coloring!

  20. Unfortunately that lobster will eat every last fish in there! That's not a maybe, that's definite. They strike at night when the fish are sleeping, since they're bottom dwellers.

    Crustaceans (with the exception of small shrimp) are not good for any fish tank. They need to be kept in their own enclosures, and not with fish or other inverts like snails.

  21. I'm so sorry this happened! You must be freaking out.

    So far you're doing everything right. I've had to re-hydrate fish before and they have usually come through fine. She probably will lie around for a bit, so don't worry about that. As you know, salt and clean water is the best you can do for her. Keep her in the dark and keep her calm. Don't try to feed her.

    The next thing that will happen is that she'll lose all her slimecoat, some scales and maybe all her fins. It will look awful, but they have been dried out and probably won't recover. The fins usually do grow back, though there will be scars.

    Do you know if your cat got to her? If that's the case then she may have more serious internal injuries. Check her for puncture wounds. If it wasn't a cat that got her I'm not sure how she would have gotten out, as fancies can't jump. Maybe re-evaluate your tank lid and make it totally cat-proof. I have two aquariums in my "cat room" and one has solid, heavy glass lids with no cracks. The other is a simple plastic hood that I put heavy things on and I covered the gap in the back.

    Good luck and let us know how she's doing!

  22. Around here, our storms are in late winter/early spring and we always have a lot of outages. As long as your tank isn't severely overstocked you should be fine without power for a few hours. I keep a couple battery backup air pumps around, and some D batteries. They've come in handy before when I lived in an old house where breakers would pop often!

    The battery backups were well worth what I paid for them, which was about $20 several years back.

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