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About Me

I have kept goldfish for most of my life. I found Koko's in 2002, while frantically researching goldfish care. It seems that, the more you learn, the more you realize you don't know!

I am passionate about animals of all kinds. I am an advocate of spaying and neutering, and all of my animals were cast-offs and rescues. I currently have a dog, cats, rats, and hermit crabs in addition to my goldfish. I am deeply committed to their care and sharing this knowledge with others.

I am a graphic designer in my day job, and a volunteer zookeeper at an exotic cat breeding center in Southern California. For years I have been interested in wildlife rescue and conservation, and now I am putting that passion into action. Our zoo is committed to breeding rare and exotic cats, many of whom are critically endangered.

I am also an artist, and my goldfish and cats�both big and small�are some of my favorite subjects of my artwork, which includes painting, drawing and sculpting. I sell artwork both locally and through an online store on Etsy.com.

In addition to my other hobbies, I also enjoy playing piano, flute and piccolo.

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