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  1. I have actually seen a 125 with cinder blocks on corners. When I asked about the center, it was what I was told, corners is important.
  2. Don't forget that pads and media slows the gph greatly. Its marketing gimmick. They advertise the gph based on empty compartment (no pads, no media) and round up the numbers. So, its a best bet to go a lil more to compenstate.
  3. Its them chewing and nipping the cubes apart. Mine does the same. Its only temp and clears up fast. I make same batch and share them with Goldfish and Malawi, therefore its not the batch. Malawi is clear. Goldfish is cloudy. Alex suggested to me to cut them into bite sizes. It works. I dump in tiny bits for them to swallow rather than tearing apart a big cube.
  4. There is no reason to replace the penguin with another emperor beyond personal preference. Those two filters are fine and provide adequate filtration for a tank that size. I was thinking the Emp have more gph than the Pen. What's the gph on Pen350?
  5. I like the red cappy. Your tank looks so ominious!
  6. Keep the filters running and transfer them to the new tank as your stock transfer over. What's your stock? Not much, I hope. Don't add any more to the stock for a few months. After a while, replace the Penguin for another Emp400.
  7. Doesn't look like Pearlscale. Not even close. Definitely look blue. Feed them frozen bloodworms pronto to speed the wen growth. I'd definitely suggest ya grab it fast.
  8. Sad. She has severe swim bladder situation. :-( I love her black markings. Will you decide to let her live if this isn't gonna be cured?
  9. Where did you get those blue/clear vases?
  10. I do have a mesh divider for a 10. I never used it. Still in the closet.
  11. The Aqueon fixture comes with only one row of lights. If you want more you have to buy more strips. The Marineland has 3 rows of lights so it's actually a better value. Marineland is like $300+ for 48" while Aqueon is $70 for 48" on eBay and buy two extras Colormax for like $20 each are actually better value than Marineland. :-D If you found a Marineland 48" for less, link it here. Btw, I don't think the LEDs on Marineland is changeable? Aqueon allows changing when LEDs go out.
  12. It's not a solid color. It's the typical one you find at Petsmart/Petco . . . kind of opaque with tiny holes in it. But if there are plenty of plants to block the view to the other side, they should be fine. I might do that the next time I commit Betta Impulse Buys. I go thru many tanks/fishes only to sell them a few months later.
  13. Can you show me? I've never seen a solid color dividers anywhere! What's the brand name?
  14. This time, I had them a few months. The glass lids need cleaning. I sort of lost interest in the 55 and don't know what to do with it.
  15. I'd be more concerned with dividing the 10 and have 2 male Bettas in there unless the divider is a solid color. It can stress them both badly to constantly flare at each other. Ask Drew to check out the Tropical fishies to add instead. There are many that will work quite well with Betta.
  16. Its a waste. Both canisters should serve to its fullest potentials. Both should have the first stage foam paddings. As for the exit stages with different compartments, ya can do the same for both or slightly different.
  17. Marineland is too expensive. Aqueon is best and I see it on eBay for $70, which I added to the Watch List to get later for my 55. As for the plant, that's plastic and appears to be pointy, therefore is a serious no-no for delicate bubbles.
  18. In all tanks. I have them in the 55. It seems like new growths on the bottom but not growing tall. Probably need to clean the glass lids.
  19. I don't have much luck with any Vals.
  20. How can you say this? Thunder I keep seeing you say things that are incorrect and in this case, potentially dangerous. What if the middle is weak? Over time it can crack, become warped, moldy, cave in, etc. It is just not OK to tell someone sight unseen that any tank on any dresser is safe. Its a fact that weight of tank is more on the corners.
  21. It will hold. The middle isn't important. Its the weight on all 4 corners.
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