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  1. When I clicked this topic to open and read, I first saw the poll. I went thru the options and had no clue what to pick. It was like so, so hard to just pick one. And then I, then I, oh yeah, and then I scrolled down and saw the pix. Yahoo!!!! They are all just as great. It comes down to your preference. Do you like long flowing Bettas or short cut? What's your favorite color, red or blue? And one more thing, have you decided on a name yet? Answer these questions, please, and I'll cast in my vote. :-)
  2. Next time, add your name on the bottom and maybe KokosGoldfish.com, too, that way you'll always get credit.
  3. Kool. We can always find great deals on eBay. Gotta love the divine invention of eBay!
  4. Yay!!! More Orandas!!!! Orandas!!! Ya can post as many pix as you like. None of us will ever get tired of seeing lots of pix and vidz. In fact, I've got more to post soon!
  5. Yes, they are all so cute. I don't see a thing wrong with them. I'd also like to know what their special needs are?
  6. Heaters are always shown vertical on the package, but they can be set diagonal and horizontal anywhere in the tank. :-)
  7. There was something you can do. You can stop them. I've stopped many people before. Once when I clocked into work at Walmart and just in time I saw a customer getting Goldfish and different kind of fish and a new tank in the cart. I stopped them and did not allow them to take any of the fish home and explained to them. They decided not to chance it and didn't want to get the tank and other stuff. We all always have that option to stop them.
  8. It won't work. The impeller are not strong enough for it. For example, my Emp280 has the intake tube all the way down to the snuggly fit bottom. Even tho its at the very bottom, it is too far/tall/long for water to be sucked all the way up. When I reach about half level of the tank, the filter stop taking in water.
  9. I do my water changes with a few degrees warmer from tap. It cools like a degree or two as I add in Prime and walk toward the tank. I add the water within the area of mercury temp thingy to observe. Its like warm spring showers. They love it. Then water temp stablize within short time.
  10. You can use sponge filters in the QT tank/tub while the water level is low. Sponge filters are different shape, mostly round, and black that goes on bottom with clear plastic pipe where the airline goes thru with airstone on bottom.
  11. Never happened to me unless sick a d weak like Murtis was. Yesterday, had a healthy new Betta but he is sort of dumb. He got stuck to the top inflow of the Fluval Spec 5. He just stayed there like an idiot until I scared him to swim away. Rarely I see them attached to filter (any fish) unless dead.
  12. Is it possible for you and hubby to put together all the pieces and graphic instructions for us? We be willing to pay. I wanna try this.
  13. Was there an earthquake? Fish can act strangely with an earthquake. We've been having increased amount of them.
  14. Yes a member here recently made it and posted it here. Hope that spreads the message!
  15. Reminds me of the Ryukin I had years ago with same coloration. Cute!
  16. You still don't get it. *sighs* Alex, is there a way I can hide her posts?
  17. You need to stop and chill. I caught that name calling before edit. You are so wrong in many ways. Of course she isn't gonna be talking about a mini tiny dressers. Most dressers are large. She never said the size tho. And you are not understanding how she was asking like in general term. Back off.
  18. Yeah people say all kinds of things. However, you seeing one persons tank once and hearing something they said does not equal it being the truth forever. Of course corners are important, but so is the middle, and we aren't talking about cinder blocks, were talking about a dresser. What if she had an old, thin pine dresser? One with a crack in the center? You just can't tell people any tank on any surface is OK! Its really unsafe. 1) A tank that's on a desk. 2) Not a big tank 3) Said nothing about damage. 4) Dressers are generally solid. My opinion that placing a tank on a desser will work was justified. And the person asked a "general" question more along the line of "can dressers be used as stands" which the general answer to that is, yes. That's it. That's all they wanted to know. Move on. To the original poster, yes, a lot of furniture are used as aquarium stand every day. Its common. Its not weird or wrong. Ya be amazed how creative people can be. If ya have any further questions, feel free to ask.
  19. That's kool. I have a Spec 5. Where did you get those gadgets for refill? Mine doesn't evaporate quickly, tho. Its empty now and thinking what fish to add.
  20. All together. It raises the toxins more quickly. And it can stunt their growth. And fish release a specific hormone into the water that stunt their growth when exposed to it too much/long. Its best for 20, 10, 10, so on. But many of us do push the limit like I do with 4 in a 33. Ya just got to really keep up with 50% weekly change and have way over 10x filtration if you want 3 in 29. Each case is different, tho. I have a friend that grew out 4 in 29 to adult size and only add in new water...rarely change it...lucky her. But, yeah, basic guideline to be safe to have some leeway. Its all up to ya like its up to me.
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