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  1. Good luck! Hope its done in time.
  2. LoL!!! That's the first time I see a bg like that. :-)
  3. I got enough for one fish to last 14 days. I got it from Alex. Do u think it will arrive in time? PO are closed now.
  4. It is scary. I just hope I don't have an accident.
  5. Drain them and take everything out. Get a fresh set of substrate. Better safe than sorry. Ya dont want to see lines ripping and blood spilling out.
  6. Yup, they change colors. I found a tiny orange spot on Razzy's tummy that I don't know if was already there or caused by Omega One per Alex declaration.
  7. Those are great pix. I have a hard time with mine always moving. Turn off room light and don't use flash. That's how the best pix comes from.
  8. I see a naked dude in the background! =-O And they are super cute and perfect pair. What will be their names?
  9. That would be very bad seeing glass sticking out of Goldfish and a sliced head floating around with its mouth still moving. =-O
  10. Yeah, they are expensive. Petsmart seems kinda cheaper.
  11. I would suggest to leave it alone. Mine is so high, it never registers on any charts. I got $30 on me and don't know if I should get the kit. Its snowing heavily now.
  12. What size? Would you like me to send you one?
  13. You don't agree with the 20, 10, 10, 10 rule? Odd. 4 in my tank is do-able. Each tank is different. I know my tank. Not saying others should do the same. Only saying others should follow the basic guideline and then advance when they feel more confortable and confident with their tanks as they progress to know more of their tanks' limits.
  14. #7 is out? :-( Get the #2!
  15. Wow! All of that is so complicated! Is this required for pond?
  16. The keyword, clean, is the reason as all stated above. Now, barebottom tanks work best with black silicone. You can also spray paint the bottom (outside, not inside) black to help with reducing reflection and glare. Or you can keep it clear to allow light into the stand for easy access without a need for flashlight, etc. Ya can find tanks with black silicone anywhere. Plants will go into pots and vases. One side effect with barebottom tanks is the job to scrape the bottom clean of alage.
  17. Ok, go for the #7 now! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
  18. It won't work. The impeller are not strong enough for it. For example, my Emp280 has the intake tube all the way down to the snuggly fit bottom. Even tho its at the very bottom, it is too far/tall/long for water to be sucked all the way up. When I reach about half level of the tank, the filter stop taking in water. It really depends Jesse. I have run a tank with very little water in it due to a fish with swim bladder issues. Neither of my filters had difficulty keeping suction going with reduced water level. Many others here have done this in the past without issue as well. I am surprised that your Emperor stops working at a half full tank, but I don't want to get off topic here. It's fine to speak from your experience and offer insight, but lets try to avoid definitive statements when you are only referencing one type of filter. How can I make them keep the suction? It happens on all; Emp, AC, Fluval Canisters, Whisper, etc. Been that way for years. Suction stops at around half. I dunno how to keep any filters going during water changes. If there is a topic for tricks/methods for that, can ya plz link them?
  19. Okay, what background is on it? Or are you planning to change the background?
  20. Is the tank setup already? Show us the pix of the tank!
  21. They say that a person conforms to their name. Ya know, like mommy and daddy name their baby without knowing the future-person-to-be and personality. Babies grow up into the kind of persons according to their names. It is weird, I know. LOL! Even a person's appearance conforms to their given name. Anyway, whenever you name the Betta now or later, its fine. My favorite color is blue! BLUE!!! But I've just bought a red 'n gray Betta dude. LOL!!! Okay, I'm gonna look at the pix and cast in my vote. (Jeopardy Music Plays) I pick #2 and #7!!! I can't pick between the two of them! OMG!!! If you are going to have a black/dark background, I'd go with #2. Hallelujah! If you are going with a white/cream/tan/beige background, I'd go with #7. Hallelujah! You should've added another option to the poll, "Other: Read below comment." Which one are you leaning toward now? How much do they cost?
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