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  1. That's weird. Hope the long boil will stop it.
  2. Fungus? How long was the wood in the tank? Some wood release harmless fungus early on. Wipe them off. It it keep coming back, boil it thy kingdom come.
  3. My dining room when I move to an apt (pending waiting list) will be the fish room. I never use the dining room. When selecting an apt, the dining room will be the main layout to decide.
  4. Forgive me for posting here. I just want to say the Oranda was really cute and special. It was very much aware of your divine love and did not suffer under your care.
  5. Some fish are just really picky. Bluey gets floaty with Omega One while everyone else behave. Ya just gotta find the right balance.
  6. I used to have a alot of Barbs in a 100! Nice blue lobster! =-O
  7. CONGRATULATIONS on winning a Goldfish!
  8. I wasn't aware the rule is outdated. I see it still popular basic guideline. Its something I view it for beginners only. What's the new basic guideline?
  9. OMG! I see the Blue Ryukin the wide tank shot!
  10. I needed a sick fish for a science project so I thought hey let's go to Walmart! And well now he is cured and thriving! He was only $5.00! You are so lucky!!! Now that I know Blue Ryukin exists, I'm gonna hunt for one!!!
  11. I can look up the show on Wiki. :-)
  12. Yay an Oranda!!! OMG BLUE RYUKIN!!! Where did you get it?! =-O
  13. I have not seen one episode of that show. LoL
  14. What's their names? My two Orandas tend to be together. The calico Ryukin is a upper level kind of girl. The small Ryukin is all over and kinda warming up to the big Ryukin lately going up to her tummy.
  15. I have only one acceptable use for algae, both brown and green. Only on holey rocks for Malawi cichlids. The brown are so annoying! They have been a lot less for The Gube, tho, but still scrape them off. They're still rampage in my Malawi tank, but should be slowing down soon as I've added back in Marimo balls again.
  16. You may ask a friend or someone to volunteer with shipping.
  17. That's so *sniffs* beautiful! I need a tissue. *cries* Oh gawd, mine never come out good like that. *sniffs* You needa fly out and take pix of mine!
  18. Yeah, there are many to choose from. Nice tank. I'm having a hard time with mine.
  19. Where did you get that strip? I'm considering removing the Fluval Spec 5 lid to add a different, more powerful LED strip for the hairgrass.
  20. What is the big one in upper right corner of 2nd pic?
  21. I see an Oranda!!! Can you post closeup of it, plz?
  22. Love the pix! There's a forum glitch sometime. The last pic, I can't Like it. Doesn't always appear.
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