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    Slimey Algae

    Is there adequate flow throughout? Oh, do you see like lil air bubbles on them?
  2. Thats a cute fish. How long will he be there?

    Slimey Algae

    That's Cyanobacteria. Not the kind of algae ya want. Clean them out gently or they scatter all over. Suction with hose. After that, do a total blackout for 3 days, completely covered and no feeding. Cut down on the lighting. If ur feeding high Spirulina, cut down on that.
  4. YES!!!!! Start the Hikari frozen Bloodworms!!!!
  5. I was really sad it wasn't an Oranda, but that one looks really nice. Maybe it will grow a wen! I can't think of a name... Do u think its a dude or a girlie?
  6. Canisters are suppose to be totally silent. If it doesn't stop in a few days, take it to your LFS to have them inspect and fix the scary hums.
  7. me too! that's probably Deleted all quotes and accidently deleted part of yours to me. My mind is like 14. It goes up and down. I forget a lot then remember then forget. But I can drive. Many time people get mad at me and it be like confusing. But I still can do stuff when my mind get it like I love making websites but only when my mind is like maybe up to 18 and remember. I dunno. Its hard to explain. Sometime I look at my fish but don't think to feed until I'm told maybe notes or ph calendar appt times or mom tell me but I can remember sometime. How big is the tank?
  8. My fav LFS is Wet Pets by Steve in Norman, Oklahoma, Earth. At their old location, all of their tanks had Emp400s and they had to constantly do water changes. Now at their new place, they have shocking setup that all waters are constantly exchanged.
  9. They do have growth spurts. Gurtis is very similar. He is getting more rounded deeper body.
  10. Maybe I can't promise. I forget my age often. :-(
  11. c'mon dude, it's the 3rd time you've asked. he's physically disabled. I don't remember. :-(
  12. OMG! Is that custom made or where can I order? What kind of filter is that? I got a perfect spot by the backyard patio.
  13. Cement blocks can be done inside the house, not only the garage. Ya can spraypaint them. Then use the holes in them for storage and get a lovely sheets to over them. So e people add thick plywood for center level for storage and filterz. Really cheap. Home Depot and Lowes can cut them to size free.
  14. I thought they only have them on the gills? Do they really look like stars like twinkle twinkle lil star?
  15. What's wrong with the fish in the right front corner?
  16. I wouldn't worry to much. Bettas are much more tougher and tolerate. :-) May he arrive in peace.
  17. Rehome Chaplin to me!!! That's an order!
  18. I like the facial expression. LoL
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