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  1. ahh, so i can probably assume that my Petsmart orandas likely dont have too much potential lol. need to save up and order nice ones online.

    This is incorrect. I've seen many giant wens there! Both of mine came from a LFS and they have smaller than normal wens. Just feed them and keep up with the water conditions.

  2. What they said. Go to Petsmart and approach the freezer section next to the Goldfish. Get the Hikari brand frozen cubes. Bloodworm, Brine Shrimp and Krill are great for them. It will encourage the wennies! I dunno how long it takes for the growth to start. Both of mine started on them recently and I hope it will help them be large. Just scoop up water, put a cube in, microwave 30 seconds and let set for several minutes then pour in. The Bloodworm should be fed once every two to three days. Don't forget to visit the Orandas when you're at the store! They like to say hi.

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