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  1. ok so heres the problem... whilst watching my fish i see a white cloud zip past one with an unusually large bump on its head (just above its mouth and drooping down over it) i thought it was just nothing but everyday it seemed to get bigger and now even preventing him from eating properly so what is this? how do i get rid of it? can i get rid of it?
  2. ow! I havent seen such bad fin rot since my fish got attacked by my newt ( come to think of it my one was a black moore aswell!) yeah i agree you should get some treatment for that and fast because as you know fin rot is a massive killer ( still mourning over my commons death )
  3. bbbbzzzz!!! get that thought out of your head yoko! wow what a fish! must be specialy bred to have TWO bubbles! but $1000 how many yen is that!?
  4. wow hill stream loachs look a lot like borneo suckers dont they?
  5. yes but it is not reccomended because if its a massive shake and boom gos your wall boom gos your fish!
  6. yeah people say im pretty low to be a goldfish fanatic they say "why goldfish? With all that money you WASTED on the goldfish you could have bought something good!!" But i always say to myself " who are they? They probably keep a dead goldfish in a food bowl " gggrrr some people...
  7. latlty i have purchased 2 borneo suckers!! they are soooo cute1!! so can anyone gimme any tips??
  8. sorry i cant give u any pics.. but guss what!? As you know loachs tend to dig and one day i look in my tank and hes gone!!! buuuut when i look at the back of my tank and gess what slippery little creture was trying to scare me by digging a um seeable hole!!!
  9. wow! I like i like! i think the first one is better! I'll probably be able to get one over here in japan! ( har har in your faces!!! )
  10. mmm.. Japan is the best place to live..ahhhh the summers and winters... i love the cicades, trinket an cyote will agree with me
  11. i have ummmm... 2 black moores! Ones black snd hes called moon and the other ones goldy caramel with black patches and he is called voldermort (whoops i said the name! )
  12. wow! i have the exat same make of tank
  13. yes i know i have been doing this loads of times but i have sworn to my self.. NO MORE FISH! Anyways the fish i have bought is the fab weather loch at first he was a bit shy but now he is as happy as a pig in swill ooooh man i love him sooo much
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