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  1. Yeah, there's never been any white/grey edging, the fins just slowly rotted away little by little His caudal and pectoral fins look like they may be a little affected but its barely noticeable unlike the other fins (so hard to get him to stay still for a good look LoL)... and in my last pic, I meant pelvic fin not pectoral fin I keep getting those names mixed up! If it's not bacterial does it mean it's parasitic?? As for food, I'm feeding Wardley Total. I've tried some of the other flakes that have been recommended as even better because of their superior ingredients but my fish never took a liking to them But.... I think he's constipated It's hours before he poos... it's the color of his food but there are air bubbles in it... hoping it will all clear up soon... problem is I'm not sure how many peas should I give him? And how often? He's a 7 inch comet.
  2. Sorry for all the posts here LoL but well, I'm just hoping someone will post again with some more advice for me The more I stare at my goldie, the less I'm sure if the rot's gotten better or not... but I'm pretty sure it hasn't gotten any worse this past week... Should I just continue with the salt treatment and forgo trying the Maracyn one?
  3. ktinal900

    New Betta!

    He's adorable! He especially looks stunning against the red!!
  4. ktinal900

    New Girl

    Thanks everyone!!! Here's a pic of her when I first brought her home... you can see the speckles on her fins (they're mainly on her caudal and dorsal fins) a bit better although I must say it's still not a very good photo LoL... Most of my pics of her turned out terrible anyways! The shot I first posted was very lucky out of over fifty pics that's the only one that turned out good
  5. ktinal900

    New Girl

    Well, the other day I was at the pet store and seeing the display of bettas kept in their tiny containers, just had to save one (wish I could have saved the whole lot LoL!) so I got a new little girl!! She is really pretty, a beautiful blue (even though half the time she looks greenish in photos) with pink accents and small speckles on her fins (hard to tell in photos though LoL). Anyone know what kind of color she'd be classified under? I just couldn't resist!
  6. Another pic.. I outlined it in yellow so it's easier to see what one of the pectoral fin looks like... and there's a couple of small holes I circled and yes, thank goodness, my drawn circles are way larger than the actual holes but still!!!
  7. None of my pics turned out very well but here's a pic of his dorsal fin... not looking good
  8. Yeah, they look like small needle holes... barely there. His water quality is good and none of my other bettas have these weird holes so I'm hoping they're just there for no apparent reason. They've never spread (there's like two or three and always been there) and I've had him for over two years now
  9. I medicated the fish with Maracyn 2 for the whole time recommended and then again for another round, as the package said the process could be repeated once if necessary. I haven't tried Maracyn one yet... would you recommend that? Um... does a white edging to the fins means the rot has stopped? I've been looking at my fish and it seems a bit darker orange around his fins... not sure what this means if anything I'm hoping it's not a parasite... there's really nothing that could have affected my fish except when I tossed in some live plants without disinfecting them first. After reading something on this forum about live plants, I kind of panicked and took my fish out and cleaned everything 100% and disinfected the plants (this was when I first set up their new 30 gallon home)... but I dunno... since I have done this in the past as I didn't know any better.... And danish fantail, you're not intruding LoL. I appreciate anyone's input... any thoughts to get rid of this fin rot once and for all is very much appreciated
  10. Yeah, it's at 0.02% (2 tsp salt per gallon). My goldie seems okay otherwise... his behavior is normal.. he looks normal to the eye minus his ragged fins.. his dorsal fin, pelvic fins and anal fin have taken the most damage.. Just curious... what'd you look at when you used the microscope and ended up diagnosing a parasite? And where in the world do the parasites come from??
  11. It's been about two and half weeks since I started the salt treatment and well, I'm not really sure whether the fin rot has gotten worse or what but today I noticed some small holes rotted away in his lower fins I'm doing everything I can but I haven't really seen much improvement if any yet I've been doing frequent water changes and monitoring the water params but have been fighting this fin rot for over two months now. Does anyone have any idea what else I can do or should I give the salt treatment a couple more weeks? I don't want my fish to lose his fins I just feel so bad... like I failed my fish...
  12. One of my bettas I've had for several years now and he's in pretty excellent health... However, I've always noticed he has a couple of tiny holes in his fins... it's not fin rot... They've always been there and have never gotten bigger or anything... just wondering if this is normal??
  13. Actually nevermind He seems fine now... no more tilting to the side!!
  14. I've had this happen to me when I set up new tanks too!! I don't think it harms the fish, it just looks kind of weird. The bubbles (they're tiny little bubbles, right?) should eventually drift away from the body and float upwards and pop at the surface. Although... I do wonder why this happens. Have any of the bubbles come off yet??
  15. Umm.. I just added the second dose of salt to the tank... and now everytime my big goldie looks at me, he's kind of tilting to the side... should I be worried?? You don't think all that salt is too much on him, do you?
  16. From your story, I am guessing your fish is likely to be a comet? Do you know?
  17. A lot of this depends on what type of goldfish you have. Most things I've read on this forum recommend 10 gallons per goldfish BUT if you have a common or comet, 15-20 gallons per fish is ideal. So for two goldfish (not common or comet), minimum 20 gallon tank OR for two common or comet, minimum 30 gallon... of course, the larger the tank, the better. And for a filter, I'd recommend a power filter (such as Aquaclear, Biowheel, etc.) rather than an underground filter. You'll want a filter that pumps 10 times the size of the tank, for example, if you have a 30 gallon tank, you'll want a filter that pumps 300 gallons per hour. I have a 30 gallon tank with fluorescent lighting hood and that cost about 80 dollars. A good filter for this size tank is bound to cost around 30 dollars or more, depending on where you buy it. If you can, it's always good to do a cost comparison between the different major pet stores (I leave out the smaller pet stores since their prices are generally higher). There's not always a huge difference in price but sometimes there is!
  18. Let's hope they provide you with a good explanation! (I just love when companies that have written back to me say they have no idea what I am talking about, or just give me vague answers LoL)
  19. I too have read a lot of positive advice about Aquaclear filters which is why I now have one. Luckily, I haven't experienced any problems with mine, the Biomax is still very much in tact... How long have you had your filter? The Biomax portion is supposed to be replaced every three months.
  20. LoL... okay, I've been reading all these posts about Prime and testing your water... what in the world does it mean that it shows what is free in the water?? "The two bottle ammona test kits will give you a reading that shows the total free ammonia in the water, not registering what has been detoxified by prime or amquel+." I use the freshwater master test kit and it has the two bottle ammonia test... I've just recently started using Prime... and my water readings used to be okay... but I just tested the tank water and the ammonia read 0.25 but everything else is fine... nitrites 0, nitrates 10, pH 7.5 So this means there is still ammonia in the water or what?? Should I go do a water change?
  21. I heard it takes a while for the fins to grow back... how long do you think it might take if the treatment does work? His fins aren't looking that great... there's ultra skinny little pieces of fin (maybe a millimeter or two long) sticking out among the parts between that have rotted away Any way I can tell if it is working? Just as long as it doesn't get worse? Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it
  22. Thanks Glitterfish! I think I will try that... just wondering how much salt do I add to make it 0.02% and do I add salt everyday or just once or a few times? And should I continue with my water changes? I know I read somewhere about doing salt treatments but just can't remember anything they said...
  23. Should I maybe try a medicated food (since he's still eating)? Or maybe try a different kind of medicine?
  24. Babies all the way They're so adorable when they're really tiny LoL
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