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  1. Anyone know what might've caused this? Just wondering, as I still have a couple of little guys and some girls and I hope I can prevent it from happening in the future. Sammy's water was heated and it did have a little bit of salt... how many of you add salt to your bettas water? I don't usually... it's just that it seemed to help Sammy when he got older... he was the only one who had salt added
  2. It is so painful watching him. I feel so useless, I don't know what to do! The poor little guy, now he keeps diving headfirst into the gravel, then lying on his side. He was fine yesterday. I've been having so many problems with my fish these past few months (after many many years problem free), I am getting discouraged, especially since I'm always doing regular maintenance and still, something terrible always happens! Maybe I should just stick to dogs
  3. Thanks, Sunnygirl! Lukcily, the little guy perked right back up the next day and they're all doing pretty good now. I'm medicating with Maracyn-2 and I can see some growth on his fins so I think they're going to make it Yay!
  4. ktinal900

    Sammy Dying?

    I've had Sammy for about three years and today he suddenly isn't doing very well Usually he eats with gusto but today he ignored the food and now he's acting weird. He's darting about the tank like he's agitated, and he swims up and then drops down like a weight. He lies down on his side then gets up and darts about, drops back down... and the cycle goes on. I tested the water, water params are fine (ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 5, ph 7.2). He's in a five gallon planted tank, Prime water conditioner, water changes every few days. Anyone know what might be wrong?? I love this little guy so much
  5. ktinal900

    Massive Betta

    Huh. I saw a betta the other day at the pet store and his body size was just massive! Especially compared to the other bettas around him. Other than that, though, he looked like a regular veiltail. Has anyone ever seen bettas like this?
  6. I treated her with Maracyn for the full five day treatment. It looks like it may be working but I haven't seen much fin growth yet. I suppose I shouldn't expect a miracle regrowth in a week LoL. How long will it probably take to grow back? Do you think i should go for another round of Maracyn? The package says the treatment can be repeated once if necessary. And Bettaqueen, I also have an old betta who has to be kept in BettaFix ever since I started using it.. after I stopped, the little white fuzzies would come back. I think he's just addicted to it LoL j/k
  7. Maybe you can get a 25 watt heater? They're recommended for tanks 2 to 5 gallons. I've got several AquaClear 25 watt heaters for my bettas and they work great! So far, anyways LoL
  8. I've got five fancy guppies in a 12 gallon tank (my goldies' old tank). I've had them about a month now and suddenly they aren't looking so good. Water temp 78 degrees, pH 7.4, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10, Prime water conditioner, salt. I change 30% water weekly and test it weekly as well. I feed them a variety of different tropical flake foods. One of the guppies' tail fin suddenly looks all bunched up, whereas before it was all spread out, and it's gotten darker. Another one looks like it may have the beginnings of fin rot or something eating away at its tail. They're still active little guys, still eating. What kind of fin rot readily eats away at the fin within a couple of days? I initinally had 6 guppies but one died and appeared to have suffered through a really really bad case of fin rot. I had treated with Maracyn but to no avail. I hope none of the others still have it. Arghh.
  9. Hmm, well, seeing as it's my friend's fish, I'll answer everything to the best of my knowledge... Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level? 0 Nitrite Level? 0 Nitrate level? 5 Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? 7.4 Ph Level out of the Tap? 7.0 Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 10 gal, 2 wks What is the name and size of the filter/s? I think it's a Whisper filter How often do you change the water and how much? He told me he's been changing 20% every day since it's a new tank and he's trying to keep the ammonia down How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 one-inch fantails What kind of water additives or conditioners? Aquasafe Any medications added to the tank? No Add any new fish to the tank? They are the new (and only) fish What do you feed your fish? Omega One flakes Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Yes, frayed fins Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? Continually opening mouth, one pectoral fin not moving and just sticking out
  10. I have a friend who recently bought a fantail. It's been about a week and the other day the fish stopped eating, started swimming using only one of its pectoral fins (the other one just sticks out), keeps opening its mouth, and now it appears its fins are rapidly disinegrating. My friend asked me what was wrong but I have no idea so I'm hoping one of you might know. I checked the water params for him and they were good. The fish is about one inch long and in a 10 gallon planted tank. Its dorsal fin looks shredded and its tail fin has gotten worse in a matter of only hours, also looking shredded. The poor fishie
  11. Hey, thanks everyone for the advice! I was thinking of stopping the salt and give her fresh water, since it didn't seem to be doing much and actually may have affected her anal fin Her tail fin is receding in curves so now it looks spiky. The edges are normal colored, no redness. I'll try the Maracyn and see how that works.
  12. About a month ago one of my female bettas starting getting fin rot. I've been salting her (1 tsp per gallon) as well as using BettaFix but to no avail. Her fins are still rotting away! It's terrible, but it's been slow enough that I'm hoping one of you with more betta experience can help me find a way to stop the rot for good so her fins can start growing back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Oh, yeah, about her tank: She's currently in a 2.5 gallon tank, water params are good (ammonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 5-10, ph 7.2), live plants, no filter, 25% water changes every few days, Prime water conditioner. She has a very healthy appetite and is very active. She's such a feisty little girl (more than so than all my boys! who would've thought?! LoL), I would hate to lose her to fin rot.
  13. Just wondering if other betta keepers might be able to help me out... Recently, one of my little girls suffered a temporary bout of floating problems. A couple days of fasting and she was back to normal... What I was wondering is how often do you feed your bettas? I used to do two feedings (their regular amount split in two meals) daily but switched back to one... which is what I originally used to do until I read about others splitting their food into two meals a day... Shouldn't they poop soon after they eat (like goldies)? Because now I only see poop every few days and I am wondering if they are constipated or because of their new feeding schedule? Ack, so many problems. Maybe I should go back to the twice daily? Or will it take a few days to get back to normal?
  14. Just had to say WOW! Amazing artwork, Man Yu!
  15. they're cute! Congrats! I've been looking for guppies but all the local stores have been out of them grrrr LoL!
  16. Oh, wow, you lug that 5 gallon tank all the way to the sink? Maybe like Kissy mentioned, you could use a bucket and siphon... or even if you prefer cleaning the tank 100%, emptying the tank first before moving it is generally recommended, as carrying the tank with water can put stress on the tank's sealing, not to mention the difficulty of carrying it to another room
  17. I was just reading my last post and I meant the water temp was 80 degrees (the room temp is 76... but the bowl's temp is always about 3-4 degrees higher)
  18. I actually just got this betta from a friend who was moving and couldn't keep her so she's been temporarily in an unfiltered gallon bowl. I was going to buy a 5 gallon tank for her this week. Water temp is around 76 F constantly (no heater.. house heater is always on) and I've been careful to match the water temp when changing her water, about every four days. I know it's a bit stressful which is why I need to get the larger home. Is it swim bladder problems? Now she's floating on her side and having trouble righting herself. Her belly seemed a little puffed out. I do soak her food before I feed her (pellets). She ate this morning.
  19. One of my little girls is suddenly showing signs of illness... I don't know what it is. She seems to be breathing harder and is floating a bit. I did a water change. It's very sudden, she was fine this morning. Help!
  20. Mine hate oranges. They ended up getting scared of the little pieces I've tried giving them LoL.
  21. Ah, yes, I was going to say something about this too. Especially since many things, including some mugs, are made with lead paint.
  22. Your betta is beautiful!! I just love how these little guys act so ferocious LoL. Just curious, do you have a filter for your container and how often do you change the water? I'm thinking of getting a larger home for a couple of my bettas and am looking for ideas.
  23. Aw, those little guys are so adorable!
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