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  1. Anal fin (this spot is sticking out a bit) Pectoral and pelvic fins (in my first post, I meant pelvic fins and not pectoral) The pics aren't very good and he had just been recovering from a second bout of fin rot and his fins were growing back when all this hit (the light colored part of his fins is new growth)
  2. I made the gelfood and stuck it in the fridge to harden a bit. Reminded me of jello so I made myself some strawberry jello. Just gotta make sure not to eat his little bowl of gel
  3. Wow. If I had a tank open like that, my fish would be jumping out lol.
  4. Aww, cute vid/pics. So... did you ever feed them? LoL.
  5. Congrats! I know getting a new fish is always exciting!
  6. His fins are looking worse today... the blood streaks are now in his pectoral fins too. And the spot which is on his anal fin close to his body is more of a lump that has been getting bigger. Aughh! I tried giving him the Gel-Tek this morning... squeezed a drop into the tank. He knew it was feeding time and was swimming around excitedly but of course didn't see the red droplet floating by. I tried a few more times but the same thing happened. I'll try the gelatin thing... it should at least hold up better then. I had been planning on giving him about 10 drops. And yep, the 7 inches includes his tail. I hope as long as he's eating, he's got a decent chance of recovering? Darn it, where is my Medigold?? haha I remember you mentioned how a poor start off lowers a fish's immunity. Will it always be like this? Will it ever build back up its immunity? I feel horrible about my former fishkeeping habits...
  7. Gorgeous fish! And beautiful pics! I haven't gotten a decent shot of my fish in ages... I think it'll only take a few more hundred times
  8. Yes, your posts are very fascinating! At first I thought your little shell dwellers were some kind of crustacean lol. These are very interesting fish; I've never heard of them before. Where are they native to?
  9. I found the Gel-Tek at the store today and got the Penicillin one since it's red and the Ampicillin one was blue. Since when would something blue make a fish want to eat it? Plus, my fish probably would never think twice about a blue glob flying into the water, as their gravel is also blue. Still, this stuff is kind of weird. It seems so liquidy and the label says "at least 5 drops per fish" -- very vague. So if you have a tiny fish like a guppy, give it 5 drops or if you have a huge goldfish also give it 5 drops? There ought to be a recommded dosage for different size fish... It says to only feed the Gel-Tek so I guess my comet won't be getting his beloved flakes in the coming days... I hope he sees and eats the gel when I drop it into his house tomorrow... I suppose it won't matter too much if some of the stuff should dissolve away before he gets to it? He does have a little trouble seeing his food because of his cloudy/swollen eye, it seems...
  10. I don't suppose it would be of any use to try any more medicines that you add to the water if I shouldn't find any gel food, do you? I know I have found them not to be very effective in the past but who knows... I am getting desperate I really hope I can find some antibiotic gel food... if I don't, I'm going to throw a fit! haha Oh and you had mentioned if the red spots were raised... I just a closer look at the spot on my fish's anal fin and it is kind of sticking out, especially as the fin should be relatively "flat." All the other red spots/streaks are not though...
  11. Oh, whew, well that's a relief... I'll drop by the fishstore tomorrow to see if I can find some of that food. I think I saw some of that before... My Medigold should be coming in a few days... I'm waiting anxiously. Thank you so much for all the help; I really do appreciate it!
  12. What drives me crazy is that ever since I moved my fish to the 30 gallon tank, I've been experiencing rashes of problems... before finding this forum and better ways to house/care for my goldfish, I never tested water parameters and did 100% tank cleanings every other week (and I had an undergravel filter! and a too small tank!). Now I do weekly water changes, test the params, watch the water temperature, etc and have only run across problem after problem. Cloudy eye... Fin rot... Fin rot again... Another cloudy eye... blood spots... Is it possible that they are used to 100% tank cleanings?
  13. Wow I love those bright colors -- very stunning!
  14. I did a thorough gravel vac yesterday. I'm going to clean the large rocks and fake plants. You wouldn't recommend a complete stripping down of the tank, would you? Just a thought... I'll do anything I can... I just noticed a small red spot on his side and the spots on his fins have darkened in color... they're not raised but rather just spots on his fins as though part of his fin (sorry, can't describe it very well), small -- about a few millimeters. The spots on his fins haven't gotten bigger.
  15. Congrats! That's so wonderful to hear!
  16. Yes, when I first noticed his eye cloudy and swollen, I did a thorough filter cleansing. And a day or two ago, I rinsed the filter again... I have had the biomax in the filter ever since i got the filter (over a year now)... it's still in tact though brownish... should I ever change this? I do have a new biomax insert but never used it due to reading that many don't change it since it'll get rid of the good bacteria... but perhaps it's time?
  17. I'd freak out if I had to trim a fish's wen myself... which is exactly why I don't have any goldies with wens.
  18. I would have never guessed the finished product was actually that tank/stand in the first photo. Incredible transformation! Looks fabulous!
  19. I did read something a while back that sudden light changes are a bit of a surprise to goldfish especially as they lack eyelids, and that a gradual increase in light is better. I get up early when it's just starting to turn light outside and since I don't have any kind of timer to turn on my tank lights... I open the blinds to let any light outside in and turn on the main lights for a while before turning on the tank light... I used to not do this and I think I ended up shocking them a bit (oops) because they would suddenly jerk about and hide under a plant... (kind of like when I wake up in the morning when it's dark and turn on the lights and it's sudden brightness... I always want to hide back under the covers lol).
  20. Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level? 0 Nitrite Level? 0 Nitrate level? 10 Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? 7.4 Ph Level out of the Tap? 7.4 Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 30 gal, over a year What is the name and size of the filter/s? Aquaclear (don't remember the model; it is the recommended 10X the tank amount) How often do you change the water and how much? right now, because of health issues and trying to keep bacteria levels down, every 4 or 5 days, usually 30% How many fish in the tank and their size? 2 comets, 4 inch, 7 inch What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime Any medications added to the tank? no... just salt... right now back at 0.1% because I'm wondering if the salt may have aggravated the 7 inch fish's condition? Add any new fish to the tank? no What do you feed your fish? flakes (Warldey, Omega One), ocassional peas Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? YES... blood spots on anal on pelvic fins.. and 7 inch's eye still cloudy and swollen Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? no... still eating and relatively active As I've written in a previous post, my 7 inch comet hasn't been doing too good as of late. One of his eyes is cloudy and has fluid buildup. I was advised to salt the tank to 0.2% and increase the temp slowly to around 80 degrees. Today I noticed there are bloody spots on his anal and pectoral fins; they appear as bright red spots near the edge of his fins; there's one on each fin. Right now the salt level is 0.1% as I have just changed about half the water and have not added back any salt... Is it possible the salt has aggravated his condition or is it safe to increase the salt back to 0.2%? What might be the cause of the blood spots on his fins? My poor fishie I really hope he gets better... I've sent an email to Rick at Goldfish Connection about my Medigold order, so I'm hoping that will come within the upcoming days... Meanwhile, what can I do for my fish? Water params have been good and I've been doing filter rinses (not tap water but water that's been sitting for a few days) once a week
  21. lol... *cough cough* I've still got a 2mp camera... Great tank! I think white gravel would look great with that background... I've never had much luck with white gravel myself though haha
  22. Beautiful fish! I too especially like your pic of Kurt!
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