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  1. Thanks for the advice. I think for now I'm going to go with the clarifier excel, since I really won't be having any new fish in the current setup parasites aren't likely to be an issue. The "ready to go" factor is tempting, too. Thanks for the links, though. When/if I ever upgrade, it will probably be for the 18W Turbo twist. If I bookmark this thread, I'll already know the pump that I need.
  2. I'm looking for a UV Sterilizer for my tank, since I tend to get greenwater in the summer and it wouldn't hurt to wipe out some of the bacteria while I'm at it. I have a HOB filter, and I'm concerned about creating too much current in my 29. I'd also like to get a unit that would work for a 55gal, in case I upgrade at some point. So far, my options are: - A cheap, "green-b-gone" internal system. Comes with a pump and is easy to install, but might not be effective and doesn't seem like it would last. - A turbotwist in either 9 or 18 watts. I don't know what pump to get for it, though. - The "Clarifier Excel" from goldfishconnection.com. It comes with its own pump and looks easy to install. I wonder if it's not powerful enough, though. I can't afford his 25W UV. Any ideas?
  3. Have you had them there in the summer? My tank were fine the rest of the year, but I couldn't control the greenwater during the summer months, even with the shades drawn. The sunlight sure does look nice, though.
  4. I boiled my rocks before putting them in. It was really so much easier than washing and rinsing all of them! Just put them in a nice, big pot of water, turn the stove up, and set the timer to 15 minutes when it starts boiling. I also ran carbon for 2 days after putting the rocks in, just in case. I took my old gravel out in 3 stages, and added the rocks afterwards. That was probably more than I needed to do, but it wasn't that difficult and I didn't have to spend time or worry dealing with complications from not being careful enough.
  5. Some of you might have read my thread about Blackberry (formerly Strider) and how she was sick from her transport to me. I thought she was at death's door, but she pulled through thanks to the help from everyone here. So, I thought I'd stop by to let everyone know that she's still doing well after more than a month in the regular tank. I haven't been around lately because my work schedule has been crazy, but things are fine. She's still definitely a needier, weaker fish than the others, but that might be because of her sickness and the release of eggs. She still sleeps in the corner with her head down, and is somewhat less active than the other fish, but she doesn't sit around for long periods of time, and her skin looks good. I'm pretty sure she's close to blind because of her wen, but I've finally gotten the hang of catching her by hand and putting her into a floating tub for feedings. That way I know that she's eaten without overfeeding the rest of the tank. I really don't want to trim her wen since she's been weakened by her illness and she probably picked up the columnaris bacteria (back when she was sick) from my water. I am planning to ask for a UV sterilizer for my birthday, though. Anyway, things are well here. I will try to get some pictures at some point to put them up. Of course my other two fishies are fine, too, but I don't worry about them as much.
  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I realized that I'd recently upped the bioload in the tank, and had increased my water change schedule but hadn't increased any of the filter maintenance. Since the cycle was pretty stable, I went ahead and rinsed the sponge thoroughly in tank temperature tap water and wiped down the filter box. I was very careful to leave the other media alone while taking such extreme measures, and there's not much chlorine in my tap water since it's filtered. Now, I just make sure to squeeze the sponge out at every water change and the problem hasn't returned. Thanks for the helpful advice, as always!
  7. I've had an aquaclear70 running for about a year now. For the last few weeks, one side of the media basket has been trying to come up out of the water, raising the lid off of the filter and drying out some of my biomedia. I haven't changed anything about my setup other than I did replace my coral a little bit before that. I rinsed and replaced everything at the last waterchange, and that seemed to work for a few days, but then it was back up again. Has anybody else had this happen or found a solution?
  8. You should probably check your water parameters and see what they say, then.
  9. Please don't take your old filter media out right now! Your old media is helping to keep your tank's cycle going, and without it you could be weeks without stable water parameters.
  10. He looks like a grumpy old man now, "When I was your age, we didn't have any of these new-fangled things like tanks! We had to swim to school uphill both ways!" He actually looks kind of cute that way, if you ask me.
  11. I have the coralife bio balls as a secondary biomedia in my aquaclear filter. I wish I didn't, though. They're really big, seem to have a lot of open area in them, and they float. It seems like something smaller would make more sense for my current setup, but since I already have them I use them. I think that most of my biological filtration comes from the aquaclear biomax, though. I think that bioballs might be effective in a larger system with more room for media.
  12. Well, from my mar-2 insert it says, "If an activated carbon filter is more than 6 days old, it may be left in place. However, fresh activated carbon and certain chemical sponges may reduce the activity of medications and should be removed."
  13. Hi Smilingfish! It probably wouldn't hurt to start a thread in the Diagnosis and Discussion forum, answering all the questions in the box at the top of the forum. That can help us to get a more clear picture of what is going on.
  14. She's about 4 inches with her tail, I think. Of course, half of that is wen.
  15. The only interaction my dogs have with the fish is that they beg for fish food at feeding time.
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