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  1. mmmmm... rest - sounds like a good idea. it's 3:30am now, and i have to get up with the kids in 4 hours to get them off for their last day of school before summer holidays. it may be a bittersweet day for all of us. sigh. well, just did the 4th waterchangeof the evening, i'm still reading some ammonia levels, but they are getting a little better. the melafix is out. i tripled the prime, and added a dose of cycle. he still has some gill movement. i don't have much hope, but this is the fish that survived a head explosion, so you never know. i'll let you know his status when i get up. dana.
  2. ok - back from 7-11, no epsom there . will remove the melafix, right away. have already tripled the prime, so we're good there. ditto the extra bubbles and splash at surface. waterchange now. thanks again trinket - it's always nice to hear that you are doing the right thing. dana.
  3. thanks for being here, trinket! he's not eating at all, i have no epsom salts ( its 1:30 am) and i've never seen any ammonia chips in our pet store, but if The Benno Fish makes it through the night, i will certainly go and look for both. I'm sad. We've had this guy for a little over 2 years now, and he's got such great personality. The kids both gave the tank a hug and said good-bye before they went to bed. We don;t think he'll make it through the night. I'm exhausted, but can't go to bed - i keep thinking - maybe, just one more water change will make all the differnce, and i couldn't rest eas thinking that i hadn't done all i could for him. yes, i agree that my cycle has crashed. here's what i have on hand: prime melafix cycle nutrafin waste control marxy maracyn just checked on him, and his gill movement is getting slower. it all happened so fast - i haven't had enough time to react quickly enough. i'm going to run down to 7-11 and see if they have any esom salts there. back in 10 minutes. dana.
  4. ammonia: 1.2 water temp, 72 10 gals, running for 3 years. Aquaclear 150 change 90% water 1x/wk 1 celestial goldfish prime flake frenzy, soaked, every other day, peas have aded melafix today only last 24 hours, bottom sitting, eating, poop long, thin and Clear in colour last 6 hours, floating around tank, not swimming, not eating, scales a little bit raised. dear friends, this may be too late, ubt as a last-ditch effort, i'm asking for some help. our feisty little Benno Fish is pretty far gone, andi'm afraid it may be too late to save him. 2 days ago, he was perfectly fine. yesterday i noticed that he was bottom sitting in a quiet spot, but saw some activity when we dropped food in the tank. Last night his poop as long, thin, and colourless. today he has given up on bottom sitting, and is currently being buffeted around the tank by the bubbles and the current from the filter. He has developed a bit of a "C" shaped curve, which i reognize as a sign that the end is near. He eems as though he is already dead, but when i watch him closely, i still see some gill movement, and his mouth does open every once in a while. He is no longer interested in food, however, even peas, which are his favourite. considerig that the ammonia levels ar at an unacceptable 1.2, i have been changig his water every 2 hours. The levels refuse to go down, however, which is why i'm asking for help. why is this happening? i have tested the water fom the tap, and there is no evidence of ammonia from the source. yet, when i pour the water into the tank, even 10 minutes later, i am reading the ammonia levels at 1.2 again. The Benno Fish and i are both on the verge of giving up, but i'm holding out for ideas, and would love to hear from you. thank you for your time and consideration, dana.
  5. Hello all - the beno fish continues to be doing well, however my water quality issues continue to be a struggle. I have resigned myself to the fact that my cycle has crashed for some unknown reason. That's ok - i've cycled a tank before, and i'm sure this won't be the last time either! I guess it's back to the buckets for me! Thanks again for your assistance and concern! Dana & The Beno Fish
  6. thanks for checking in you two! The beno fish is still looking good, so i guess you could move me out of 911, if you want to. I am still testing with some low level ammonia readings, but i know how to handle that. The salt seems be ok - nothing negative, anyway, so i'll keep up with it. I definately will not medicate unless he takes a turn for the worse again. I just don't understand how he could have looked like his head was exploding one minute, and perfectly normal the next - without me doing anything! Of course, i'm grateful, but I'm also a little worried that it might happen again. This may sound ridiculous, but i can't help wondering if he had some sort of giant zit that gradually came to a head, and then fully popped right out and closed back up again after it popped. it's the only thing i can think of that makes any sense. and it doesn't even make sense, really. Anyway, thank you all for your encouraging words, thoughts and advice. I did, at one point know all this stuff by heart, but it's been so long since i've had any issues that i've gotten a bit rusty! I'd welcome any further insight on the issue, and of course i'll be back if his head begins to explode again! thanks again, dana.
  7. Good morning all - woke up this morning and the beno fish is still looking good. tank still showing some ammonia levels though, so am doing an 80% waterchange, am replacing 8 tespoons of salt, and will retest for ammonia levels in an hour or so. Has anyone had any experience with this type of infection before? i am truly puzzled! Dana.
  8. VERY strange phenomenon: i went to the beno fish's tank to test ammonia levels, and his poor head was gaping even more. i tested for ammonia, and was still getting some levels there, so i fed the beno fish and while waiting for him to finish eating, went to get all my waterchanging supplies - i was gone for about 3-5 minutes. when i came back, he was happily eating, and THE GAPING HOLE IN HIS HEAD WAS GONE! upon closer inspection, i could still see a thin line where the rupture had been, and there was still a tiny bit of white stuff at the seam, and there is still swelling beneath the surface. but if i didn't know what i was looking for - i wouldn't have noticed a thing! How can this be? In any case, i've decided to keep treating it as if it was still there - who knows? in another 5 minutes, it could be back! So i did another 80% waterchange, and dosed the tank with salt to 0.01%. I'm going to bed, will check params in the morning, and keep you posted. i look forward to hearing your insight! dana.
  9. ok - i have gone through my medi-kit, and i have: maracyn maracyn 2 maroxy melafix aquarium salt with some of your expert guidence, i am willing to try any or all of these to save our goofy little guy! thanks again for your consideration dana.
  10. Thanks toadie - i actually meant 0.3%. i have a 10 gallon tank, and will add a dose of 10 level teaspoons (dissolved completely in tank water before adding) every 12 hours for a total of 3 doses. sound about right? dana.
  11. Just to let you know - i have reviewed how to salt the tank to 3%, but will wait for a go ahead from someone who knows better than me whether this would be a good first step. i will, however continue to monitor the ammonia and nitrite levels and get them down to 0. dana.
  12. Thanks for responding, chrissy bee - no, strangely enough, nothing has changed. I have 2 sponge blocks plus a bag of bio-something-or-others that i keep in the filter basket, and i change out one of the sponges every once in a while, if it seems like it's deteriorating. I also alternate gently squeezing one out in old tankwater every other week to get the gunkies out. Maybe once every 6 months or so i clean out the filter tube. but i haven't done any of these things recently. The beno fish has historically been a very tough fish - i adopted him from a friend who lived in a house shared by many young people who thought it was funny to torture the poor thing. They put all sorts of stuff in his tank - beer cans etc - and my friend thought he'd be better off with me. But that was close to a year ago now, and he's been a real trooper all this time. He is such a goofy guy - at feeding time, because of the direction his eyes are facing, he swims upside down to find his food! It's so amusing to watch. And if you sit next to the tank for any reason, pretty soon you'll find yourself being joined by a silly little head-wagger - just begging for attention! We'd sure hate to lose our little friend, so i truly appreciate all your help! Dana.
  13. http://s90.photobucket.com/albums/k273/dan...fishhead005.jpg http://s90.photobucket.com/albums/k273/dan...fishhead003.jpg there - thanks again for taking a look! dana.
  14. http://s90.photobucket.com/albums/k273/dan...fishhead006.jpg
  15. ok - having trouble loading pictures. the images are too big when i try to upload them from the computer. i get an error msg when i try to upload from photobucket - dynamic tags not allowed? i'll keep trying
  16. Amonia - 1.2 Nitrie - 0.1 Nitrate - sorry, i don't have a test for this PH level, tank - 8.2 PH level, tap - 7.8 Brand of test kit - Nutrafin (drops) Water temp - 68 degrees Tank size - 10 gallons Running for 3 years Filter - Aquaclear 30, 3 years old Water changes - 1x week, 80% Fish - 1 celestial GF, 3inches Additives - prime Food - HBH Goldfish flake frenzy - soaked Medications - none Unusual findings - swelling under skin over left eye, skin ruptured, white material in center of rupture Unusual behaviour - none I hope that your experienced fish experts will be able to help me help my funny little friend. I discovered this morning that our celestial gf, the beno fish, has an alarming issue with his head. There is some distinct swelling under the skin over his left eye, which culminates in a section of skin which has split open and seems to be erupting with white stuff. It's pretty gross, but through it all, he seems to be as blissfully happy and goofy as usual. I thought that i would start with a salt soulution, but can't remember the steps to do it properly. I think i have some other medications in my arsenal, but will have to check for expiry dates. I think i have some Maroxy. I have attached some pictues, although they are kind of blurry, and not too good. hope they are of some help. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider our beno fish's poor goofy head. Dana.
  17. Hi All - i've been searching the forum for info that i know is here - i've seen it before, but can't find it now. It's a page all about fish poop, and what it can mean. Such good info! I'd like a refresher on the subject. If any of you can readily find the page i'm looking for, would you mind posting a link for me? I'd appreciate it ever so much! Thank You!
  18. Hi! Glad to hear fom all you guys! It's nice to be back. At first, after we lost our nemo, i tried to keep our tank running with a couple of guppies and some corys, but my heart just wasn't in it. I even found it difficult to cruise around koko's. But now that i have a reason to be back - i'm glad to be here, and so happpy to hear your welcomes! A celestial huh? With bubble sacs? What a bonus! And yes - he is very chunky, shiny and healthy looking! I've had him for about a month now, and he has recovered nicely. He seems quite deep-bodied, so i have been feeding him peas for dinner to help aviod sbd. I also soak his food before feeding him. And he seems interested in the algea wafers. He is a ravenous little guy, and would eat all day if given the chance! Such a piggy-wiggy!. I'll have to refresh my memory about other foods for gf. Thanks again for such a warm welcome!
  19. Thanks for the type suggestion - had not considered that he might be a celestial. He does however appear to have a small bubble sacks - one a bit larger than the other. Hard to tell, really. What else might distinguish the two types of goldfish from one another?
  20. last one! thanks for indulging this new fish mama! dana.
  21. and another (i may figure out how to shrink the pics enough for more than one per post eventually!!)
  22. couple more pics of The Benno Fish for you to enjoy (ok - by enjoy, i really mean "get a chuckle out of") dana.
  23. Hello all my dear old friends! Well, i'm back again with a new fish friend - you are all going to love this guy! It was tough for me to get back into the goldfish scene after losing our nemo, but i just couldn't say no to this totally goofy goldie! A friend of mine, who was living in a house with a bunch of mates, brought home a gf from the lfs saying that as he passed by the tank, he saw this guy - and his heart just reached out to him. he thought there was something seriously wrong with this fish - his eyes could only look up, and one was bulgier than the other, and he had no dorsal fin - he thought that the little guy was seriously deformed, and that the other fish in the tank were going to pick on him - so he saved him and brought him home. i set him up properly with the right sized tank and filter, etc, but everytime my friend would leave the house, he would return to find that his roomates had dumped alcohol, beer cans, candy wrappers, etc into the tank! So he finally begged me to come to the fishes rescue, and keep him myself. Of course, i couldn't let this poor "deformed" fish live in such squalor, so i took him in. once i saw him, however - i realized that he was not deformed at all - but i'm not quite sure what type he is. My best guess is that he is a bubble eye, whose bubbles became torn at some point. All i know for sure is that he is a truly loveable, goofy looking PIG of a fish! He's so friendly, has hilarious habits, and eats non-stop. We adore The Benno Fish, and i hope to be here sharing stories about him lots! It's great to be back! dana.
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