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  1. btw have been goldfish fanatic for these last 40 years and have done some judging in local fish shows. I can assure you that the Maltese goldies are quite similar to Asian and American specimens
  2. Tnx for your warm welcome Ranchugirl. Sorry but do not have any pics at the moment. The ryukins used for the batch mentioned above are in fact quite new. I just got them from Thailand about 6 weeks ago; aa grade; approx 2.5" (I hate buying large fish) with a very nice distinctive hump and a high erect dorsal. In fact I used a red & white female and the milt of two red males. As said, these Thai fish, although a bit expensive, are quite nice. I actually bought 12 - 7 are great, 1 is very nice but will not be using 'him' for breeding since he has only 1 anal fin and the other 4 are Calicos. The Calicos are also nice specimens to look at, but in my opinion they lack most of the true Ryukin characteristics. Cheers John
  3. Hi all, I currently have some Ryukin fry, 20 days old. Hatched about 800 (I use handspawning) and now decreased the total to around 200 through hard culling. (I believe that you have to be cruel to be kind, otherwise you will never establish grade fish). Am quite happy with the growing rate; feed 3 times daily + daily 20% water change. Started off with squeezing egg-yolk for the 1st 3-4 days and then to newly hatched brine shrimps. Just started to add a little of my gel recipie (mainly based on greens & mussels), finely crushed and some soaked powdered fry food. At 20 days fry ranging between 5/8" - 7/8". Best regards JohnF - Malta
  4. Hi Dave Aus, Try to avoid ramshorn and pond snails. I keep some pea-size apple snails in my fry tanks to hoover any uneaten food or dead brine shrimps. Always keep a watchfull eye for any dead snails since they can contaminate the water in a jiffy. Cheers JohnF - Malta
  5. Well Fishcrazy, I don't actually name all my fish......... But considering that it's a Black Moor, I'll go for CRUSADER or SHADOW. Regards from Malta & Good Luck. JohnF
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