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  1. LOL, I know the feeling of wanting and wanting more and more goldfish and more tanks. I think that I have been cured from that psychiatric condition years ago. Today I have limited myself to a small pond (9000 litres) and about 10 tanks. I have learned that sticking to one or two varieties is a healthier mental situation. Unfortunately you get cured of one condition and fall prey to another. That's when you get 'mentally ill' of wanting and wanting top quality goldies, whatever the cost whatever the sacrifices...... I think that my condition is now uncurable And Hi dickey's_assistant; if you would like a name for your Moor, I will go for AZIM - the Moor that escaped prison with Robin Hood
  2. Hey hey people, are you insane? You are all mature people and must be goldfish lovers with some brains! ....btw, I think I've got some white tubercles on my chin. Do I qualify with you???
  3. I love RYUKINS and RYUKINS it will be. I would enjoy a violet ry., an aquamarine blue ry., a turquoise ry., a green ry.......... with natural melanin!!!!!! Definitely a NO NO to artficial dyed fish. They all should be banned by LFS worldwide!
  4. Hi annie_spayne & a very warm welcome. Rest sure that this forum offers the best advice to most goldfish questions. Coldwater fishkeeping needs much more space per fish than keeping tropicals to run a healthy setup. G_golem and LuvMuhFred has given you the best possible advise. And surely I would rule out the company of a Ghost in a 20 gallon! Take care & good luck.
  5. Informative and educational. There are great dvd's on Koi such as - Breeding Koi The Japanese Way Springtime in KOI Land The Yamakoshi Trilogy Hiroshima Dreaming Living Jewels Niigata Secrets Project Koi Pond Successful Water Gardening The All Japan Show The Koi Keepers Volumes 1-5 something spectacular ...........
  6. Hi All, During these last years we have seen a number of good Koi DVD's. Has anyone ever come across or suggest some good Goldfish DVD's ? Tnx
  7. Unfortunately yes. A 'twintail' without or with one anal fin is considered as a defect. The anal fin/s serves to stabilize the fish while it is swimming. I would say, that Silver will grow like most other goldfish. The dorsal fin serves to help balance the fish while swimming; yet again Ranchus have learned to balance without a dorsal
  8. Usually young Ryukins may not show the distinctive hump but has a shorter, rounder body. I'll say that they are all fantails.
  9. Most Pearlies imported by local LFS (usually from Singapore & Thailand) look like the ones in this pic. Do they fall under a specific subcatergory or are they simply "Commercial Pearlscales" deriving from the Chinese Chin Choo Yu?
  10. Yes I agree that they look like Orandas, and is a great disappointment since I've ordered Calico Ryukins (and paid good money!!). Here is a closer shot of the same fish - And these are 2 of the Red & White Ryukins from the same Thai wholesaler -
  11. A few months ago I got some Ryukins from Thailand. Stock was said to be AAA Grade. The Red and Whites are beautiful specimens but the Calicos are far from being graded! They do have compressed bodies, but they also carry dermal growth on their head. [/img]
  12. Would a fused tail and a web tail actually mean the same?
  13. WOW.........EXCELLENT THANKS for sharing your pics. TIKUS are at first sight
  14. I know what you mean d_golem. Some months ago I ordered some AAA Ryukins from Thailand. The red & whites were ok, although the best 2 fish had a missing anal fin (!!!) and the Calicos are very poor specimens with broad heads. Can you please suggest some good pics/sites of pretty Pearlscales?
  15. Our local lfs usually import gf from Thailand and Singapore and their stocklists' Pearscales are usually the veiltailed variety. Which would be the best option to specify when ordering (between Crowns & Tikus) and maybe get some grade specimens? Thanks
  16. Which are the most beautiful and hardy Pearlscales, the Crowns or the Tikus?
  17. Hi Dreamgoddess, I've been keeping GF since I was 5, some 40 years ago Due to loads of work I had to abandon the hobby for 3 years and always felt that there was something missing in life During these last months I have been back, and am now convinced that goldfishkeeping is part of my life Regards and good luck. JohnF (Malta)
  18. Clown loaches are tropical; and are very sensitive to temp. fluctuations. Tank water temperature is about 24 deg. C in summer, but goes down to approx 15 deg. C in winter. Some literature point out Botia superciliaris, but am not sur if it will bully the WCMM.
  19. Hi to all, Two months ago I set a 200 litre coldwater planted tank. All I have are 40 White Clouds. Although I have been very careful not to introduce any snails or snail eggs, I am having an infestation of Ramshorn. Can anybody suggest the best "coldwater snail-eating loach" that does not disturb the substrate (or damage the plants) and will not harass the White Clouds? I have 8 weather loaches in another tank - they enjoy disturbing the substrate and are not that good in controling snail population. Many thanks. JohnF
  20. Hi Andrea, M. opercularis is quite a hardy fish, which I would not reccommend keeping with goldies. Incidentally males tend to fight between themselves when kept in small tanks and the only thing to do is either seperate, or the fittest will probably chase the others to death. Re. Tank 1. I guess you're keeping your fish at room temp. They will definetely spawn in spring; you might condition your pair with live or frozen food. The female will look plump when she's ready to spawn. Make sure that you put lots of floating plants or hiding places since the male will chase the female after spawning, just like bettas. He will guard the bubble nest all by himself. Re. Tank 2. I have to say (unfortunately) that you have to eliminate the males, or else you will end up with lots of mortalities. Nevertheless, I wish you luck with your fish. btw, have a soft spot for Paradise fish since this was one of the first fishes I owned at the age of 5, some 40 years ago! Cheers JohnF
  21. There seems to be lack of info re. the breeding of Sarcocheilichthys sinensis sinensis (Amur Sucker / Scarlet Carp / Chinese Lake Gudgeon). Literature found state that this fish has never been bred in captivity. This peaceful species is an unusual addition to any coldwater aquarium. I have introduced 6 specimens (approx 10cm) in my pond and was lucky enough to collect 24 young Amur Suckers this summer. Apart from Hornwart, the pond is occupied by freshwater mussels. I cannot really tell wheather the mussels played an important role in the breeding since the pond is a bit deep. I have experienced many species for these last 40 years but the breeding of S. sinensis sinensis is still a mystery to me. I would surely appreciate any advice.
  22. Hi Karla, Sorry for being a little rough on you re. your little goldie. Sadly, I myself have tried to be a good Samarithan on many occasions and ended up loosing many fish related to Dropsy or Matsukasa. And the usual first signs are related to swimbladder problems. Btw, I work with persons with developmental disabilities, so to a certain extent I know what it's like......... Re. feeding peas, you can either boil the frozen peas, dispose off shells and squeeze between your fingers or you can include them in any home-made recipe using a blender. Keep a little syphon pipe handy to clean out uneaten pieces asap. Cheers JohnF
  23. Dear Karla80, I might sound as if I'm the most cruel person on earth to you right now. If you love the rest of the fry, you should discard the disabled one. Or else, if you want to give him a chance, isolate in another tank. Deformed specimens are easily susceptible to a number of diseases and may be a threat to the rest of your brood. Regards JohnF
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