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  1. here is a useful link http://fins.actwin.com/species/anemone.html it tells you about everything from the easy types to the most difficult how to feed etc anemones don't need clown fish to survive and thrive the same goes for clown fish majority of the time now alot of clown fish are captive bred and never seen an anemone in their life and wouldn't know what an anemone is there are lots of hobbyist that keep anemone only tanks but be forewarned do not mix different species of anemones if you decide to just keep anemones only as different species of anemones will sting each other it becomes a battle of dominance with 2 different anemones in a aquarium and believe me you don't want that cause if you have a well established system all it takes is one dead anemone to crash your whole system then you will have to start all over again. here is another link all the anemone keepers use this site she has alot of great info http://www.karensroseanemones.com/
  2. I agree with everything koko has said also depending on what size reef tank you plan on getting it may not hold the anemone very long as anemones can get very large esp the haddoni carpet they also require metal hailde lighting, and they can eat your fish. I say that if and when and your tank is stable after a year the best anemone to start out with would be rbta(rose bubble tip anemone)they only require t5ho this is a rbta http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2037/167549...6874d85.jpg?v=0 they can split too into clones and you tank might end up like this http://www.reefland.com/gallery/files/2/5/5/6/IMG_4988.JPG as for corals you can add them like 3-4 months but again it depends on what type of coral you want to do you have sps,lps,soft coral and zoanthids sps requires high lighting metal halide even though I have seen fellow reef hobbyist keep sps under under t5ho with out a problem but i think metal halide is actually better IMHO
  3. I painted my aquarium backs black I think it makes the color stand out on the fish I have never painted the bottom of my tanks though
  4. opps forgot to add subi is svr I got one svr I will have to get another svr for subi
  5. yeah I have a not so good one he is still small yet I have to start green water culture but here is a side shot
  6. yeah I have found that as well they are very gentle. I also think lionheads are as well here is another top view from earlier
  7. yeah subi is friendly I haven't tried picking subi up yet though
  8. wow koko they could pass as twins mongo is handsome
  9. thanks koko~ I am loving this guy
  10. hiya~ I have a question as I have been thinking it over and decided to that I would like to set up a half barrel indoor pond how do I go about setting one up I have seen at lowes that they have the 19 inch whiskey half barrels I am wondering what is the total gallons for that
  11. Oh I forgot to add I named my ranchu subi
  12. thanks smilingfish~ this guy is still small yet but I see potential with him I am actually getting ready to set up green water for him
  13. hiya sue~ well there is a place in South Philly hat I got him from but that was the last one I know the owner personally and the next time he gets some in I actually get to go to the place they have them all in and get first dibs before they move them to the store there is another place in the Chinatown area but I never got to go there I am hoping to go there this week to check them out I haven't found any other places yet but these places
  14. well after being out of the hobby for a long while I have gotten back into it this is first purchase I did a top view shot I was cleaning the tank and put him in the extra large bin and thought this was an opportunity to take a top view shot of him
  15. lol I agree it is hard to just stop at one and I know this as I am completely addicted to bettas I had spent 300 USD on bettas from thailand for only 7 betta and shipping once you start it is hard to stop I am saying this and 30+ betta now not including fry spawn 2 spawns I have 300-400 betta fry from one spawn and another few hundred from another spawn I am going to have to ask koko to change my nn to swimminginbettas
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