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  1. get as much filteration as you can, more is better. you should fit two big or 4 small filters in that tank of yours! I can fit 1000gph of whisper filters in your tank!
  2. my fish often choose one side over the other, normal preference I guess. However they do use all of the tank but one side more often than the other. Maybe try moving your air bubbles to the other side for a few days. oh and your heater must be removed, goldfish are coldwater fish
  3. id buy two whisper 30-60 filters, is your 40g a high or a long? If its 3 feet long, it should fit two 30-60 even with the center bracket, I know cause my 34g has two of those for 600gph total filteration. If for some reason the center bracket is blocking(mine doesnt have that) get two 20-40 then, youll have 400gph and also be in the minimum. I love whispers cause their cartages are easy to find and cheap. a new tank is so exciting, I have 4 now
  4. so if a fish changes colors can he change again and again?
  5. green is algae, you need to reduce the lighting in your tank
  6. looks like the cat needs a punishment :mad
  7. I thought black fish turn orange and orange fish white but from black to white? thats a new one
  8. find out and get back to us. If it works youll have orange moors and black fantails id soooooooo want a black fantail and even more so, a black comet!
  9. you can score a 220g tank from pet supermarket for $650 or a 180 one for $499. I may just get that 220g beast if I cant find any super huge ~500 gal tanks for under $3000. $3 per gallon is a great price for huge tanks, many companies want $5-7 a gallon for super huge tanks.
  10. thats some wen development
  11. nice fish, appears to have 1 tail, zero dorsal fin
  12. wow some of you guys have HUGE fish! I have a mostly white common whos a scant 7.5 inches, ditto for my calcio common with fantail genes. Got a orange comet that may be a bit over 8" but alot of him is tail so hes not really that huge. Now that those guys are in bigger tanks, I hope they will hit the 12" barrier soon
  13. I dont give my fish any timer just as humans need to take their time eating, my fish do too. I just give them all they can eat, when they are full, they are. any excess food is removed later on. the more they eat, the faster they grow
  14. I feed them those pellet food that comes in a huge 10 pound bag, cheaper when you buy alot. My tank sizes are in my sig.
  15. "I got the newest Dandy Oranda DVD today, and I just ate that one up!" I wonder how that DVD is digesting, eh? I also love seeing pretty show fish
  16. my consolences for your losses. How many did you lose and what species were they? How is your blue oranda doing? Treating those fish are sure expensive! I remember years ago I had some kind of outbreak and they died one by one and most were dead after a few days. They had no sores and looked fine then dead! as for QT, I never did this before and had no problems except for ick one time which I treated and it cleared in a few days.
  17. "When you go fishing you can catch yourself a huge golden carp. I heard they taste terrible" I wouldnt eat one of those in the first place, at least not the golden ones, just the gray ones. "Not bettas because they have a shorter lifespan and would probably get stuck in a cup of water for a long time in a pet store." how true! "Not common goldfish because most end up being sold as feeder fish" how true but maybe ill end up in a pond or a big tank to grow out and live a long, healthy life " A lot of people with bowls seem to stuff them with single tailed goldfish or Orandas for some reason." single tailed, small fish, almost always feeders are what I see stuffed in bowls. I remember years ago some dude bought like 10 feeders for like $1.99 and I saw him fill a 1 gallon plastic tank from that tank and put the 10 feeders in there and went to the checkout. wouldnt be supprised if all died within a week, maybe one might live a few months after 9 die I bought 11 feeders a few days ago and NONE died! Thats a first too, I must be having luck
  18. common goldfish for sure. Id be able to swim fast, get to food first, grow big and live longer. Diseases and disorders are less common among the commons
  19. I cant be positive it was the cat and even so, he may just be hungry and did not know that those fish are your babies, to the cat its just food
  20. I think he means his calcio has patches of solid colors instead of all scattered over. Could be mostly orange like a regular goldfish or all white or mostly gray.
  21. My bicolored orange-white common which I last measured Sep 3 and I just measured Nov 26, Thats almost 3 months! hes a whopping half foot now! Remember my mostly white common? He stands long at 7.5" now! Ditto with my big calcio! My med. calcio is 6" both calcios grew an inch in less than 3 months! Finally my whitish calcio comet which used to be 6" is now 7.5"(measured last week too) of course I include tails in all measurments but give it time and I hope they all exceed a foot!
  22. wow almost 3 months before we finally finished building the stand! Dad used to only have time on the weekends but in the last 2 weeks he worked daily to finish up. We still need to make the hood and buy glass lids but for now theres a huge styroform temporary lid. The stands completely done except for one missing knob on one of the 4 doors which dad will buy another if he cant find. but anyway some of my fish now take residence there and my god, that tank is absolutely huge! when I sit down and look at the fish, the top towers over me! Now my goldies can complete their growing in that huge mass of water! The glass is 3/8" thick and the stands sturdy enough to hold ~1000 pounds of water plus 100 pounds of gaval(two bags!) as well as the tank itself. My 75g was also recently up again after being empty for a couple months while we worked on the 120g stand and moved the 75g table. I rescued 11 feeders a few days ago from vvvv at 12 cents each. Will provide pictures soon. supprisingly none died!
  23. doesnt seem to be the case to me, all my fish will refuse to eat when full. sometimes they make a half heartedly attempt to eat another bite but he just spits it right back out. They eat till full then spit the rest or ignore it.
  24. buy the biggest tank you can afford and have room for, no such thing as too big. also buy him a friend
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