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  1. get as much filteration as you can, more is better. you should fit two big or 4 small filters in that tank of yours! I can fit 1000gph of whisper filters in your tank!
  2. my fish often choose one side over the other, normal preference I guess. However they do use all of the tank but one side more often than the other. Maybe try moving your air bubbles to the other side for a few days. oh and your heater must be removed, goldfish are coldwater fish
  3. id buy two whisper 30-60 filters, is your 40g a high or a long? If its 3 feet long, it should fit two 30-60 even with the center bracket, I know cause my 34g has two of those for 600gph total filteration. If for some reason the center bracket is blocking(mine doesnt have that) get two 20-40 then, youll have 400gph and also be in the minimum. I love whispers cause their cartages are easy to find and cheap. a new tank is so exciting, I have 4 now
  4. so if a fish changes colors can he change again and again?
  5. green is algae, you need to reduce the lighting in your tank
  6. looks like the cat needs a punishment :mad
  7. I thought black fish turn orange and orange fish white but from black to white? thats a new one
  8. find out and get back to us. If it works youll have orange moors and black fantails id soooooooo want a black fantail and even more so, a black comet!
  9. you can score a 220g tank from pet supermarket for $650 or a 180 one for $499. I may just get that 220g beast if I cant find any super huge ~500 gal tanks for under $3000. $3 per gallon is a great price for huge tanks, many companies want $5-7 a gallon for super huge tanks.
  10. thats some wen development
  11. nice fish, appears to have 1 tail, zero dorsal fin
  12. wow some of you guys have HUGE fish! I have a mostly white common whos a scant 7.5 inches, ditto for my calcio common with fantail genes. Got a orange comet that may be a bit over 8" but alot of him is tail so hes not really that huge. Now that those guys are in bigger tanks, I hope they will hit the 12" barrier soon
  13. I dont give my fish any timer just as humans need to take their time eating, my fish do too. I just give them all they can eat, when they are full, they are. any excess food is removed later on. the more they eat, the faster they grow
  14. I feed them those pellet food that comes in a huge 10 pound bag, cheaper when you buy alot. My tank sizes are in my sig.
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