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  1. Ah yeah I read about that... stork. *shakes head* Some people. So cute and teeny those baby pearlies!
  2. Ahh so I went to a lfs today, usually a pretty good one, I walked through all the aisles of fish (some looked pretty roughed up... as I said usually a pretty good one but today not so much), and of course checked out some of the goldies. A lot were pretty messed up unfortunately, many bottom sitters on the bottom being lifeless, it was sad... But then to my joy I found a pearlscale with 10 or so teeny cute little pearlies swimming around! I love them so much, waddling around so wobbly in the water. They were probably about half an inch long, all so ROUND and FAT. It was excruciatingly tempting, however I am fully stocked so I had to hold back the urge... I just had to think of the consequences, especially considering that some of the pearlies were a bit roughed up, and that it just wouldn't work for me. But MAN do I want a pearlscale one day! I never knew how cute they were!
  3. It looks like an upside down lightbulb with decoration :|
  4. AAAH LOL the one pic with the little teeny guy with the hugeee fella. Oh it just made me laugh lolol. Such awesome fish! Very lovely...
  5. Hahaha nice story! Fish sure has a nice owner
  6. Oooh those red eyes are really neat! Great name, I loved that show too... Too bad it was cancelled. They always cancel the good ones
  7. Oooh celestials I love them!! SO cute! I like the name too
  8. Aww so cute! I like Valentine too, or if you're going with that V-day thing Cupid or something?? Whatever strikes you first you should name
  9. Hahahahaha that 2nd pic made me laugh. Cupcake is so cute too!!
  10. You could use photobucket, it's handy. I love the first pic! So cute
  11. Heh I agree with JohnF on the color variations of fish. It'd be amazing to see a NATURAL goldie with those kinds of colors. Dyed ones however... Too evil. I've actually seen a few before in this small lfs dyed a bunch of odd colors, and while they were neat they weren't very... you know lively looking Mostly just floating around. It was a shame. Same store had "tattooed" oscars. Ickk. But ones with some natural crazy colors would be neat
  12. It's slight but with a ryukin you'd definitely see that large bump, especially when they get bigger their humps are huge XD
  13. You can find some here... http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Product/Prod...&N=62728+113885
  14. Goldfish need 10 or more gallons of water (preferably more since they grow very large), so you're well off
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