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  1. I agree. This is an experiment that makes me think of all the other pointless inhumane experiments that have been done to animals, i.e. screwing up birds sense of direction in a lab and watching as they die trying to migrate in the wild. Goldfish are ment to see sunlight, so they should see it. Forget how interesting something might be.
  2. yeah seriously, get ahold of the people at the top of that ladder and relate the situation.
  3. wow, I did not know about this! I even saw some at one of my fish stores. Some of the little clear tetras or whatever they were, bright blue, pink, and green and yellow. I thought it was a natural glow! Well now, that makes me pretty angry. Why must we always screw with things, living things at that? Our scientific curiosity is great and selfish and harmful at the same time. I am going to see if they know about that at the pet store, or if they think it was natural too. They are very well-meaning people, but I suppose capitalism rules eh?
  4. thanks for the site! Allthough I have kept snails for years now and I know a lot about them, I just moved last summer though and the water here is quite different with Ph. Just trying to get used to it all, Ive never had a problem such as this one until I got here.
  5. Allright, symptoms are starting to clear. Today is tuesday, second does was given yesterday. I think it's doing the trick now. Ill update a day after the 3rd dose and we'll see how its going.
  6. Sorry your fish died, at least it had some good time with you-a responisble owner. And again, I compliment you on the clarity of your photos! Remember in a past post of pictures of yours and I asked to use your photos in some art work of mine? Well I finished a metal etching of Mars and it has turned out REALLY good. I loved his pose! My professor really likes the prints as well. It was from the photo on this post: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=52831 Third one down. I am going to do some final prints tomorrow, and I will make a new post somewhere, probably goldfish disscussion, of it for you. I found another pic of Mars that Im also planning to do an etching of, if you don't mind of course. Thanks so much for the good inspiration material!
  7. wow somebody else who lives in WV! What part are you in? I am in southern WV, near beckley. Its been a recent thing, the ban on selling snails. One of the fish stores around here still carries them, but thats because the owner whom I know pretty well told me he bought a whole bunch of them before they were made illegal (and I think he may be breeding them.) I need to go get a couple. I thought about attempting to breed some myself so I would always have some, and I could use some of the little ones for feed for my various other fish. Who knows though. Oh I jsut read on your profile that you live in morgantown, are you going to WVU? We're both 20 also lol. AND we both draw and paint. I am an art student at Concord University. Did you do the drawing of this goldfish on your avatar? I'm working on several metal etchings of oranda's and fantails and have plans for a series of watercolors on each goldfish breed. Sorry to change the subject so much, its just weird how much we have in common.
  8. Ok I have two questions about snails. 1. I have a big male golden apple snail. His shell has seemed to be cracking and/or generally degrading lately. I suspect her has some kind of bacterial problem, would this be true? He is still otherwise eating and being active. He lives in a 10 gallon with a betta, two cherry bards, and an african dwarf frog. I have never had to treat a snail for anything before, how would I go about taking care of this? The ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite are all stable and at good levels. 2. Where can I get snails online??? I live in West Virginia and they are now illegal since some idiots have been letting them free and they ate important crops. Will I even be able to get them shipped to me? hmm...
  9. Well, a month or so ago they started breaking out (mainly the two white ones) with some kind of bacterial and/or fungus infection that was causing red streaks to appear in the fins. They were pinkish and inflammed under their chins and around their eyes and the bases of their fins. So I treated with a Jungle brand fungus only treament that the lfs owner recommended. It was working, and I stopped treatment as all visibal symptoms were gone. I went to my parents for a week during thanksgiving, (a knowledgable friend fed them while I was gone,) and when I came back they still looked ok, but then a week or so later the same symptoms started showing their ugly faces again. I have a sneaking suspician that bloodworms I feed them twice a week are the culprit, since the water levels have all been pristine and no new fish have been added. So no more bloodworms, and now I started this other treatment that includes bacteria AND fungus (just in case that it was bacteria as well, and this may have been the original infection that just wasn't finished off.) So I don't know. So far symptoms still persist. I just now changed 50% of the water and added the second treatment. I can do another one in 4 days. Water levels are still good and im keeping a clsoe eye on them since I am sure this treatment is killing some of my good bacteria. It is aggrivating though, and I was hoping somebody else had experience with this particular medication, must be a new one?
  10. Does anyone know of a small filter, 2-5 gallons or so? I have a little one by Whisper brand, but frankly, it sucks. It worked well for a few months, and now its done for. I like to keep my 2 gallon baby betta tank filtered. Know of anything else??
  11. hmm so would it be good and ok to vary between omega one and hikari? I have always wanted to try the lionhead pellets, but got in with omega and learned that it was such a good food I stuck with it. Would it be even better to creat variety between the two? Or will using two different pelleted food upset digective systems?
  12. wow, thats terrible. I believe I may cut them out of the goldfish diet then, because it did seem like I had gotten rid of that infection, and then poof, its back again after some more bloodworm feedings. Thats too bad the fish love them. You think I should stop feeding them to my bettas too? They aren't showing any problems, they might not be suseptible to it like the goldfish....
  13. Has anyone ever used Jungle brand "Binox: extra strength" for fungus and bacterial infections? I am using that on my tank since a previous fungal or bacterial infection started to come back after the last meds (that were only for fungus.) I am wondering if anyone has experience with is and if so how long it took their fishes symtoms to clear. With this you treat every 4 days. I have only done 1 so far, the 2nd is on monday.
  14. thats the way it was with mine! I have a white oranda and a white lionhead and they got red flushes on their tails which began red streaks, and the orande oranda hardley had anything at all. Well, I believe their bloodworm days are over, just tobe safe.
  15. Well Im glad for that! I feed omega one sinking pellets.
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