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  1. My laptop is quite near the tank, and my fish always swim upto the side im on as if to read what i writing. hehe!!
  2. This is a really good idea! I might get the local animal shelter to run a campagin for this too.
  3. Wow! Let us know what you find out i hope it goes well
  4. Make sure you post a picture hunny! hehe your fish is so cute!!!
  5. Goldfish can get lonely. I hate seeing them when one has died and they dont know what to do I agree with karla and that goldies should have a tank friend.
  6. I know jillian i was saying that your tank and freds are nice tanks I love blue's tank!!
  7. Awwww glitterfish that little guy is so pretty! His colour is amazing!!! Cute!!!
  8. Both of your tanks are very pretty! I have green gravel in mine but im slowly removing it,
  9. Moo moo is so cute!! I love his name! I have a teddy bear called moo moo
  10. i hope there is no goldfish eating!
  11. I think the orange gives the goldies a more stronger colour in their scales. Mine dont like them though teehee
  12. I think your picture is very nice but i understand what others are saying. Your fish is so cute!!
  13. My fishies do this all the time hehe! Its so cute isnt it dana?!
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